90 Day Fiance featured Mursel Mistanoglu choosing to return to America after receiving his parents' blessing to marry Anna Campisi, Mike Youngquist contemplating canceling Natalie Mordovtseva's K-1 visa, Michael Jessen marrying Juliana Custodio de Sousa, and Emily Larina walking down the aisle to Sasha Larin during Sunday night's Season 7 episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance has featured Americans and their foreign fiances looking to wed within 90 days in the United States or else the American individuals would risk losing love and having their significant others return to their home countries.


The twelfth episode of 90 Day Fiance's seventh season featured Anna, a 38-year-old from Bellevue, Nebraska, and Mursel, a 38-year-old from Antalya, Turkey; Mike, a 34-year-old from Sequim, Washington, and Natalie, a 35-year-old from Kyiv, Ukraine; Michael, a 41-year-old from Greenwich, Connecticut, and Juliana, a 23-year-old from Goiania, Brazil; and Emily, a 28-year-old from Portland, Oregon, and Sasha, a 31-year-old from Moscow, Russia.

The following couples also made an appearance in the episode: Robert, a 41-year-old from Winter Park, Florida, and Anny, a 30-year-old from Santiago, Dominican Republic; Blake Abelard, a 29-year-old from Los Angeles, California, and Jasmin Lahtinen, a 27-year-old from Helsinki, Finland; Tania Maduro, a 29-year-old from Colchester, Connecticut, and Syngin Colchester, a 29-year-old from Cape Town, South Africa; and Angela Deem, a 54-year-old from Hazlehurst, GA, and Michael Ilesanmi, a 30-year-old from Lagos, Nigeria.

Below is the latest on each couple currently starring on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance:


Juliana was very sad she hadn't heard from her family on her wedding day, but she wasn't going to let that ruin her big day considering she was marrying the man she loved. She therefore wiped her tears and walked down the aisle in her beautiful long-sleeve, lace ballgown with a tiara and veil on her head.

Michael felt he and Juliana had conquered so much together, and he was emotional because they had remained in love through it all.

"You look amazing. Oh my gosh, you're a princess," Michael told his bride.


The ceremony was officiated by Michael's ex-wife Sarah, which was a little "weird" for Juliana, but the girls had become great friends. Sarah gushed about how Juliana had treated her two kids, Max and Cece, like they were her own and Juliana had made it clear her relationship with Michael was sincere.

Both Max and Cece gave adorable speeches at the wedding, saying they loved Juliana and she's a great person.

Michael was so proud of his children and to have them participate in the wedding made him so happy they were moved forward as a family and "all in this together."

Sarah said it was an honor to officiate their wedding.

"Of course I'm supposed to be the bitter, resentful, 42-year-old stay-at-home mom whose husband got a newer, better model, you know? But that's not really what it is, and I'm saying this with all honesty and sincerity," Sarah told the cameras.

"My kids have never been happier. My kids have never felt more secure in their lives than how things are right now."

The wedding reception included cake and dancing, and Michael noted in a confessional, "It's more perfect than I could ever picture perfect being."

Juliana was also on Cloud 9, telling the cameras Michael was "even better" than the man of her dreams and he was stuck with her forever. Juliana said even if Michael wanted a divorce down the road, she wouldn't allow it.


Angela didn't like what Michael's brother Yekini said at the dinner table. Yekini suggested if they couldn't get the K-1 visa approved, Michael should just move on and start a family with a new woman in Nigeria.

Michael didn't say much in reply, so Angela was pissed.

Michael explained he was tired of being alone in Nigeria, but Angela insisted she continued to sacrifice for Michael as well.


"If we love each other, nothing should separate us, especially being alone," Angela told her fiance.

The dinner went from a fun gathering to a "disaster," and Angela admitted she was ready to go home.

Michael assured Angela he wasn't leaving for anything and had already made the decision to be and stay with Angela, even during difficult times. Michael promised he was going stick by her.

Michael's family ultimately convinced Angela they wanted the couple to be together, so Angela felt relieved and comforted. Seeing how supportive Michael's relatives were, Angela also revealed she'd think about getting married in Nigeria so they could apply for a spousal visa instead.

"I came on this trip thinking, 'I am not getting married here in Nigeria,' but I'm going to give it a chance and be open-minded and discuss the spousal visa," Angela said in a confessional.


With 30 days left to wed, Robert admitted he and his brother Kenny had been "out of line" during their trip to a brewery, and he regretted how he had acted and treated Anny. Robert therefore took Anny shopping for new shoes to make it up to her.

Anny picked out a pair of red heels, and Robert didn't even care how much they cost. Robert apologized to Anny for making her feel bad, and he insisted that he loved, cared for and respected her.

Robert said he hated watching Anny cry but his mind, eyes and heart were focused on her and no one else.


Robert told the cameras his goal was to keep Anny happy, as they were "one team" and "one dream." Robert said he wanted Anny in his life, but Anny pointed out his loved ones didn't really accept or like her.

Anny said she wanted the negative people out of her life, but Robert said, "Who cares?"

"It's us against the world," Robert noted.

Anny was grateful Robert apologized to her, and they decided to move forward with the wedding and be happy together.

Later on, Robert and Anny met with Ben and Stephanie again in attempt to find some peace. Anny didn't want bad energy around her, but Ben at least approached the conversation with a happy and sweet tone.

Ben apologized to Anny for coming across "aggressive and hard" during their first meeting, but Anny didn't have much to say.

Anny revealed Robert's son Bryson was very attached to her and loved her, so Ben was worried about whether she'd stay in the picture long-term and Robert was satisfying her needs and desires.

Anny insisted she loved Robert and Bryson, but Ben didn't think they looked in love.

"Better to end it now than to end it in two years," Ben told the cameras in a confessional.

Ben told Anny there seemed to be an underlying financial problem in her relationship with Robert, and so Stephanie took out her checkbook and offered to buy Anny off -- as well as a plane ticket back to the Dominican Republic.

Anny was shocked and called Stephanie "crazy," but Stephanie was trying to give Anny a legitimate "out" in case she was unhappy in the United States and in her relationship. Stephanie went as far as to offer $15,000, but Anny told her to shove it up her ass.

"Call Donald Trump to send me to Dominican. Go do it!" Anny shouted.


Robert couldn't believed Ben and Stephanie had acted that way. Robert said if he wanted Anny to return home, he'd be the one to pay for it.

Anny accused Ben and Stephanie of not truly caring for Bryson or calling him to check up on him, and then Robert argued the couple could have offered to pay for Bryson's school or something if they really loved him.

"You can go f-ck yourself," Stephanie told Anny. "You're over here in America to get a Green Card."

"You don't have quality moral to talk to me... You are so nasty," Anny replied.

Robert said Ben and Stephanie should be thanking Anny for taking care of Bryson and being a great mom.

Ben claimed he and Stephanie just offered the money "out of love" in case Anny wanted to leave the country.


With 21 days left to wed, Syngin met up with a friend of eight years from Philadelphia named Tjaart. They had previously lived together in South Africa, but Tjaart had moved to America three years prior to their visit.

Tjaart told Syngin that South Africa and the United States are "two totally different worlds."

Syngin said Tania didn't really seem to grasp what he had given up -- friends, family and animals -- just to come to America and see if their relationship could work out. Syngin was also still upset Tania had admitted her first love was her true soul mate.

Syngin told Tjaart he felt Tania was his soul mate, and so it clearly crushed him Tania believed otherwise.


"It's stressful," Syngin said, before Tjaart asked his pal whether Tania was "really worth it."

"You're giving your whole world up for this person. Are you sure it's the right decision?" Tjaart asked.

Later on, Tania went wedding dress shopping with her mother, sister and best friends. Tania was looking for a red, black or champagne gown, saying she wanted to "push the norm" and not go with the typical "princess vibe."

But Tania's sister begged for her to try on an off-white dress "just for fun" after they didn't like her in a black lace gown, and Tania seemed to like the sparkly, strapless dress.

Tania told her relatives and friends she thought her first love was her soul mate, and they all appeared concerned. Tania said it was "a rough" conversation and they didn't even sleep in the same bed that night.

The girls felt bad for Syngin, saying he must have been crushed and Syngin probably didn't take that well.

The girls assumed Tania was just nervous and worried about being a bride, which is why she didn't even want to look like a bride.

However, Tania insisted she loved Syngin and wanted to be with him. She also thought it was a possibility someone could have two or more soul mates in his or her life.

With all that being said, Tania decided not to buy the sparkly wedding dress since there were bad vibes in the room when she had tried it on.


Blake and Jasmin had 27 days left to wed during Jasmin's stay in America, but the pair was trying to get over an argument. As fans recall from last week's episode, Jasmin chose not to attend Blake's friend Everett's 30th birthday party.

Jasmin wanted Blake to spend more time with her rather than his friends, and she admitted she didn't like it when his friends were around all the time.

When the pair reunited after their fight, Jasmin acknowledged it was "awkward." Blake said all his friends asked where Jasmin was, but she was more concerned with how much her fiance chose to drink at the bar.


Blake responded by saying, "I didn't keep count," and then Jasmin admitted it felt like he was choosing his friends over her. Blake, however, argued Jasmin never would have missed her sister Janette's 30th birthday and it was a big deal to him.

Blake was disappointed in Jasmin because she wasn't showing any commitment to building a relationship with his friends and loved ones, but Jasmin didn't think she had done anything wrong.

Blake insisted they had to blend their two different lifestyles or else their relationship would never work. Blake reminded Jasmin their wedding was "right around the corner."

"I'm just trying to figure out if this is the right thing," Blake told the cameras.

Jasmin apologized for walking out on Blake and leaving him in a restaurant, but he replied, "I get it."

"I just don't want it to happen again in the future," Blake said, adding that they needed to implement better communication in the future.

The couple therefore patched things up and seemed fine again. Jasmin was all smiles.

Later on, Blake and his mother Kerline met up with Jasmin's parents Mirja and Markku, whom Blake had met before and liked a lot. Blake hoped his parents would get along great with Jasmin's parents or else they'd have a big problem.

Blake revealed he and Jasmin wanted to have a simple wedding ceremony in a park next to where Blake grew up right before sunset, and Jasmin agreed she liked small weddings.

Jasmin said she didn't want to hold down a 9AM-5PM job and would rather work on her inner self instead, but that worried Kerline because she noted it's very expensive to live in Los Angeles and a young couple would need to sources of income to feel comfortable.

Jasmin acknowledged she's not a work-oriented person and would rather not work at all if that's possible. Jasmin thought it was rude Kerline was asking those questions in front of her parents.

Jasmin said Blake was going to be the breadwinner and he had no problem with that. She also insisted Blake was making enough money to support them both.

Blake told the cameras it made him nervous to have to provide for the both of them, but he was ready to "hustle" for the woman he loved.


Emily and Sasha were in Portland, OR, and they were driving to a cute beachside condo they had rented for their wedding, which was the very next day.

Emily complained Sasha drove their car like "a maniac," but her frustration didn't last long once they arrived at the condo.

Emily's sister Betsy still didn't think the wedding was a great idea, but she decided to support her sister and give Sasha a chance to earn her trust. Betsy just hoped history wouldn't repeat itself and that Sasha was "in it for the long haul."

The night before the wedding, Betsy asked Sasha to promise to love her sister forever, and Sasha said, "Of course I promise to love her, if she will not stop loving me."

Sasha vowed to love Emily and do his best, and he told Betsy he's not the type of guy who cheats on his wife. Betsy hoped Sasha would prove her wrong and he'd be a wonderful husband and father who takes his marriage very seriously.

On his wedding day, Sasha was sad his parents and children couldn't attend his wedding. Before the ceremony, Sasha therefore checked in with his parents as well as his son. Sasha promised his son they'd be together again someday and he loved him.

Meanwhile, Emily was a little nervous because the wedding was so rushed and details were not well-planned out. However, she was excited, and Sasha and Betsy were finally getting along.

Sasha was glad he and Emily were having a small wedding after his two previous marriages ended in divorce, but he said he was convinced he had finally found the love of his life.


Anna was shown waiting for Mursel's phone call, which was apparently an hour late.

An on-screen graphic then revealed the following to viewers: "Anna called the production crew last night. Mursel told her that he wants to return to America... Mursel has an interview with the U.S. Embassy, requesting his K-1 Visa be reissued."

Anna said she was really heartbroken when Mursel returned to Turkey, but once he arrived to his home country, his parents apparently changed their minds and gave Mursel their blessing to marry Anna -- despite the fact she has three children from a previous relationship.

Anna said she was in "disbelief" upon hearing the news. While she was angry at him, she still loved him at the same time.

Anna believed it was a long shot Mursel could return to the United States on the same K-1 visa, but she was so grateful for the opportunity. Anna maintained high hopes.

Suddenly, Mursel called Anna and revealed his visa had been approved. Anna expressed how she was so happy, and then Mursel shared he'd leave Turkey in two days. In fact, Mursel had already bought his ticket to America.

Anna and Mursel exchanged professions of love, but the couple would be in a race to wed within two days or else everything they had worked for in the last 90 days would be for nothing.

"I don't know how the boys are going to react to Mursel coming back, but I'm happy and excited we're going to get this second chance," Anna explained in a confessional.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, Mursel was shown packing up his suitcase again. Mursel was happy to return to America.

Mursel said his parents were angry with him at first but then he explained he had lied about Anna's sons because he's so in love with Anna and knew they wouldn't approve of his romance.

"We argued for a very, very long time," Mursel admitted. "So I was in total shock when they told me I could actually marry Anna."

Mursel said it was probably his mother who changed her mind first and came up with the idea because she felt sorry for her son.

Mursel gushed about how he's "very lucky with official documents," but if he missed any of his flights to Nebraska, everything would be ruined and he wouldn't have time to marry Anna.

Anna then brought her three sons to a restaurant for lunch and shared the big news of Mursel's return and how she intended to still marry him. Anna's middle son, Gino, was happy because he could tell Mursel made his mother happy.

"I just hope Mursel is really in love with my mom," Gino told the cameras.

Anna's eldest son Joey said he didn't care, but Joey told the cameras in private he thought going through with this wedding would be a mistake.

Anna knew the last 90 days had been a crazy whirlwind for all involved, but she said they both knew what to expect going forward. Anna said once Mursel returned, they'd wed within hours -- before midnight.

Joey didn't really want to attend the wedding because he didn't like how Mursel treated his mom or reacted to her sometimes. Anna said she'd really appreciate Joey being there to support her, but Joey didn't like Mursel being the groom.

Anna was upset because she had been there for her sons for their entire lives and this was the one occasion she really needed their love and support in return.


Mike and Natalie weren't in the best place. Natalie was ignoring his phone calls, but Mike decided to meet with a lawyer to learn more information. He wanted to know how to proceed if his relationship didn't work out.

Mike admitted he and Natalie had a falling out, so he wondered if he would still be responsible for Natalie if they didn't end up getting back together. He was also curious whether she could still come.

"Are you thinking of canceling the request for the fiance visa?" the lawyer Michelle asked.

Mike hesitated in answering and then said, "I don't know."

Michelle explained Mike could easily put a stop to the visa but he'd have to be really sure because if Mike ultimately changed his mind, he'd have to start the K-1 visa process from the beginning again.

Mike said he was just trying to figure stuff out, and Michelle said since Mike couldn't find details on the status of Natalie's visa and documents were supposedly "classified," there could be something "pretty serious out there." Michelle advised Mike to factor that possibility into his grand plan.

Michelle said this pending visa was actually advantageous for Mike because it afforded him some time to think.

Michelle explained Mike should be careful because if Natalie's K-1 visa got approved and he and Natalie got married within 90 days, Natalie could apply for a Green Card and then, if granted, Mike would be financially responsible for her, potentially for the rest of Natalie's life.

Mike didn't plan on making any rash decisions, and he said there was a lot he had to process.

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