90 Day Fiance alum Juliana Custodio de Sousa has welcomed her first child with boyfriend Ben Obscura in a natural home birth.

Juliana took to Instagram on Tuesday to announce her baby boy, Benjamin James Louis, has arrived.


"All my friends that have known me for years know how much I waited for this moment, to have my own child, it was my biggest dream to become a mother," Juliana captioned a slideshow of pictures and videos of her newborn, one of which revealed that Juliana had an at-home water birth.

"Today was the most incredible amazing day of our [lives]. I'm such a lucky woman for having you @ben_obscura in my life, an amazing father and husband to be. I couldn't have asked for a better partner and father to my child, you have been what I expected and more."

Juliana continued, "I can't describe the feeling of finally having my baby in my arms and finally feel that I am a mother. With all those feelings comes the fears too. Now it's time to learn and grow with this little one."

Juliana said having a son and being a mother is "beyond a dream come true."

"I'm so blessed with this beautiful family I have. I can't thank enough all the support I have been having," the model concluded.

Juliana's new little bundle of joy was born weighing nine pounds and four ounces in the morning hours of July 19. He measured 21.6 inches long.

Juliana also confirmed in her post that she had a "vaginal birth with no epidural."

Congratulatory messages poured in from 90 Day Fiance alums -- including Anny Francisco, Yara Zaya, David Toborowsky, Miona Bell, and more.

After Ben announced Juliana's pregnancy on Instagram, Juliana confirmed the news in November 2021, just one month after she and her ex-husband and former 90 Day Fiance co-star Michael Jessen confirmed their split.

"So excited for our new adventure. Words aren't enough to tell you how wonderful you are, I'm forever grateful for the happiness and joy you have brought into my life, and for [making] one of my biggest dream come true. We can't wait to meet you," Juliana wrote.

"I am the luckiest woman to be able to call you mine @ben_obscura. Pls: if you have nothing good to say, please just leave."

Juliana first made her relationship known when she commented on one of Ben's Instagram posts on October 7, 2021. Michael -- who appeared on Season 7 of 90 Day Fiance with Juliana -- proceeded to announce his breakup from Juliana on October 12 of last year.

Juliana filed for divorce from Michael on Valentine's Day in February 2022 in Bridgeport, CT, and she revealed the sex of her baby that same month.

Juliana and Michael's divorce was finalized on May 19 with the dissolution being uncontested by either party, In Touch Weekly reported.


"Tomorrow two people will be celebrating that I am finally out of their life for good," Michael reportedly wrote on Instagram Stories one day before a judge made the ruling.

"And they will move on... And will I... Myself, I will not be celebrating, but I will continue to live life with many new lessons learned and much more wisdom gained."

Reports swirled in January 2022 that Juliana had cheated on Michael with his ex-wife Sarah Naso's husband Sean Naso, an aspiring hip-hop artist, while the entire family lived together during the coronavirus pandemic in September 2021.

A source previously told In Touch that an eyewitness allegedly caught Juliana "making out" with Sean "in the kitchen" of the Connecticut home they had shared with Michael and Sarah and the former spouses' two children, Max and Cece.

The alleged kiss reportedly happened during a farewell party for Juliana, who was still married to Michael at the time and was preparing for a trip to Europe.

Given Juliana announced her pregnancy with Ben in November 2021, shortly after she and Michael confirmed their split, the In Touch source claimed Sarah had questioned the baby's paternity and whether Ben is actually the father.

Sarah "thought the baby belonged to Sean" because of the alleged affair, an insider told the magazine.

Juliana allegedly announced her new romance and pregnancy only 24 hours after Michael had attempted to win the Brazilian model back.

"[Michael] asked her to give their marriage another chance and asked for six months of therapy," the source said, adding that Juliana's public announcements were seemingly "in response" to Michael's phone calls and efforts.

Michael was reportedly "in shock and devastated" to find out Juliana had allegedly cheated on him.

"He didn't want to believe that Juliana would stoop that low and betray his trust," the source said.

It also reportedly hurt Michael to have learned about Juliana's pregnancy when "everyone else in the world did" on social media, according to the insider.

"Michael was physically ill and wept," the source claimed about his reaction to the baby news.

And the insider added that Michael was "stunned" and "felt dizzy with confusion and disbelief."

However, Juliana has firmly denied both cheating on Michael with Sean and speculation her baby is Sean's child.


Juliana told In Touch earlier this year that she has "confirmation" that Ben is the father of her child.

"It's really sad that this family has nothing to use against me and they are using my baby and making these stories about me," Juliana said in a January statement.

"I hope I never have to hear or see these people again."

When Michael first announced his breakup with Juliana on Instagram and how they were divorcing, he said his heart was "broken."

"A quick break from my social media break to say... #HappyAnniversary @julianacustodiooo," Michael began. "Today is only our second wedding anniversary and, sadly, our last."

The Connecticut native described his split from Juliana as "a COVID-19 casualty" but said Juliana was emerging "healthier and stronger than ever."

"Some of the rest of us will likely be staying in intensive care for quite some time," Michael wrote on social media.

Michael complimented his then-estranged wife by calling her resilient, independent and strong, but then he added, "I understand how our situation throughout the pandemic could slowly, and eventually completely, drain you of these qualities."

"All of us were completely drained by the end of it and I did not maintain the strength of mind and the fortitude to be the husband that you wanted me to be."

Michael admitted he was under great "stress" and "pressure" to take care of his family the previous year and he did not recognize at the time just how much Juliana had been there for him.

"I do not blame you for wanting to leave and for desiring a new start. You are more suited for the life that you had before we met and I can understand why you would want to return," Michael wrote.

Michael insisted Juliana's happiness was "more important" to him than being a part of her "unhappiness."

"My love for you remains true and will always be there for you. I am happy that you have moved on and have quickly found someone new," Michael revealed, suggesting Juliana had already found a new boyfriend.

"I hope that you will have lasting love and happiness and achieve every dream that you set out upon. If anyone can do it, it is you, and I will always be rooting for you. I will remain with you in the wonderful memories that we shared together."

Juliana subsequently posted a statement of her own, claiming Michael had lied about why they were divorcing.

Juliana insisted she had been the one supporting Michael financially and she "felt like a maid" in their house.

Juliana wrote to Michael, "You pointed [out] the COVID-19 as one of the reasons we are [no] longer together, but we all know that there are more than that."

"I am grateful for all the lessons and the moments we got to spend together and the beautiful memories with your family. As [you well] pointed out, we went through a lot together, the Covid was a hard time but the hardest part for me was to picture you as someone that would be by my side, and unfortunately, you showed something completely different."


Juliana insisted she had done everything to keep Michael's family afloat during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to In Touch, the home Michael and Juliana had shared in Connecticut when they were married was under threat of foreclosure prior to their split. Michael was later approved for the Foreclosure Mediation Program in July 2021.

As shown on a May 2020 episode of 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined on TLC, Michael and Juliana began quarantining in March 2020 with Sarah, Sean, Max and Cece.

Sarah had been diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer in February 2020, and so the blended family decided to support one another -- although the living situation was a little hectic and became overwhelming at times, especially for Juliana, who confessed she was "frustrated" about constantly having to stay home.

"As everyone, we went through a hard time financially, but it was not a problem for me to help you, the kids, ex wife and her husband financially because I was the only one working at the time, but we all know how the situation wears out," Juliana wrote in October 2021.

"I wasn't part of the family anymore, I was feeling like a maid. It was toxic to a point. I was not living the life I wanted to live."

Juliana, who moved to the United States in Summer 2019 and married Michael in October of that year, apparently lost sight of her own wants and needs in the relationship.

"I needed to leave because I wasn't recognizing who I am anymore. I left my life in Europe and career to live with you, because I loved you. But I love myself more, to the point to recognize I am important, and I want to be happy," Juliana explained.

Juliana, however, refused to acknowledge she had already moved on and begun dating "someone new" at the time.

"You say I have found 'someone new,' but the truth is, I found happiness within myself. I am happy with the new phase, and I ask you to let me go," Juliana insisted.

She continued, "Stop making me feel guilty to put myself as the most important person because this is how we [are] supposed to do [things]. I apologize for the way this happened, but we talked multiple times about it and you never seemed to listen or try to understand me."

Juliana went on to tell her followers that you must be happy in a relationship and stand up for yourself.

"Don't [be] afraid to live your best life because you're afraid of what people will think," Juliana explained.

"You are the only person that [knows] what you've been through. Everyone deserves respect, protection, understanding, love and kindness. Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth."

Juliana insisted that someone who values you would never put themselves "in a position to lose you," and no one should ever be afraid to start over.

On September 30, 2021, Michael posted a picture with his daughter on Instagram and answered a few questions about his relationship status at the time.

When an Instagram user asked if it was true Juliana had cheated on him, Michael replied, "I hope not!"

And another follower asked Michael, "Did you divorce or not?"

Michael firmly replied, "No."

Juliana was previously married once before. She said on a 90 Day Fiance episode she had felt pressure to enter an arranged marriage at age 19 and the union only lasted for one year.

As for Michael, he had been married to Sarah for 20 years prior to Sarah officiating his wedding with Juliana. For Sarah's part, she tied the knot with Sean in November 2019.

Juliana and Sarah ultimately became very close friends and got along well, and they made sure Michael's children were being raised in a loving environment with no hostility or resentment.

During an April 2020 broadcast of Tamron Hall, Tamron videochatted with Michael, Juliana, Sarah and Sean, while they were all quarantining under one roof in Greenwich, CT.

Sarah said she was planning a move to Los Angeles, CA, with Sean soon, and Michael shared how there was no jealousy or rivalry between Juliana and Sarah.

Michael did make it known, however, how COVID-19 had a negative impact on Juliana's blossoming career.

"Juliana is just on the cusp of getting modeling jobs. She signed with a really great agency in New York City, and then suddenly, this happens and it's frustrating for her," Michael said.

But Juliana and Michael agreed at the time their marriage hadn't crumbled under the stress of quarantining because Juliana was being "very patient."

When asked to share the most difficult part of self-isolating together, Juliana joked, "Him having to see my face every day."

"I love that!" Michael responded with a laugh, before Juliana admitted the hardest part was having to do all the housework solo.

Michael appeared in distress based on Juliana's comment, so she kissed him on the cheek and assured him, "I love you. It's okay! I know you do everything, like pay the bills."

Juliana also shared at the time how she didn't miss her old life in Brazil.

"To be honest, not really, because I always wanted to work to have a family in the future," Juliana told Tamron. "And now I have a family, so it's my dream come true."


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