90 Day Fiance: The Other Way: Tell-All Part 2 featured Armando and Kenny unveiling emotional surrogacy struggles, Daniele calling Yohan a "sociopathic" scammer who had allegedly used their apartment for sex, Wayne feeling "drained" by Holly, and Kirsten accusing Julio of a betrayal during the Season 5 episode that aired Monday night on TLC.

Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way starred returning cast members Daniele, 42, and Yohan, 33, as well as Kenny, 60, and Armando, 34.


The show also starred Brandan, a 23-year-old from Oregon, and Mary, a 23-year-old from the Philippines; Holly, a 44-year-old from Utah, and Wayne, a 40-year-old from South Africa; Tejaswi or "TJ," a 33-year-old from India, and Kimberly, a 30-year-old from Alabama; Kirsten, a 24-year-old from the Netherlands, and Julio, a 27-year-old from New York; and Sarper, a 43-year-old from Turkey, and Shekinah, a 41-year-old from Los Angeles.

Daniele and Yohan originally appeared on 90 Day Fiance's Love in Paradise: The Caribbean before appearing on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's fourth season.

Kenny and Armando previously starred on Season 2 and Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way followed American citizens moving to or living in foreign countries for the sake of love and their future spouses and experiencing culture shock.

The Tell-All was hosted by Shaun Robinson.

Kirsten, Mary, Brandan, Yohan, Sarper, Armando and TJ all participated in the Tell-All via Zoom from their respective countries.

Below is what happened on Part 2 of the Tell-All special for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's fifth season.


Julio played the recording of when Kirsten allegedly locked herself in a bathroom. In the recording, Julio asked why she had deleted a video of her talking to another man on his phone, and Kirsten explained how she thought it was weird and it seemed like Julio was out to expose her.

"Deep down inside, you know who's the horrible person," Julio says in the recording. "And it's you because this whole time, you've been talking to some other f-cking man."

"I blocked him," Kirsten responded.

Julio asked Kirsten, "You know you f-cked up, right?"

"Yeah, of course," Kirsten replied. "At least I admit it."

Julio accused Kirsten of having sent videos of herself to another man, and he vented about how he wanted to marry her -- only to be talking to another man behind his back.

Kirsten insisted at the Tell-All this mystery man -- whom she called "Papi" -- was just her friend.

Kirsten admitted to having sent this man one photo of herself trying on a dress, but she didn't think it was a big deal because it wasn't sexual or her in the nude at all.


Daniele suggested that Kirsten's behavior wasn't innocent, but Kirsten had this man labeled as "homie" in her phone.

Kirsten called the guy on her phone and put him on Speakerphone, and when Kirsten asked him if they had sex, he said no. This man also denied flirting with her, and he said speculation she had cheated on Julio with him was "a big joke."

The cast accused Kirsten of setting up the questions so that the man would answer accordingly, and so Julio told her to hang up because it served no proof of her claims and was "pointless."

Kirsten then clapped back and announced how Julio had found another girl and he was being unfair.

"You have a relationship with her now, right?" Kirsten asked. "In September, he met... a makeup artist, and I saw that they're in each other's pictures."

Kirsten claimed Julio and this woman had gone on vacations together and their relationship was the real reason why Julio broke up with her. Kirsten said in tears that Julio was the guilty one and he was trying to blame their split on her and make her look bad.

"That's why you broke up with me -- because you fell in love with her!" Kirsten claimed.

Julio said he had served as the DJ at a wedding in September and that woman was there, but Kirsten said Julio started following her on Instagram and liking all of her photos.

"Then, two months later, you broke up with me, and then you suddenly went on vacation. Then you want to say I hooked up with a friend who I literally did nothing with," Kirsten lamented to her ex.

Julio insisted he only found -- and followed -- this woman after his breakup with Kirsten by looking through some of the wedding photos and their mutual friends, but she called him "a liar" and recalled how that's why he was so "cold" to her via FaceTime.

Julio went on to confirm that he's currently dating the woman in question.

Kirsten told Julio that, deep down, he knows the truth, but Julio wouldn't admit any fault in the situation.


Armando shared how he's been loving Mexico City but he's still a little afraid of crime and dangerous locations.

Armando said he was just worried about his daughter Hannah's safety but he had Kenny pay for a nicer apartment for them -- with a guard -- so that he'd feel safer. They committed to a two-year lease.

Hannah also apparently loves school and had made new friends.


When asked about the surrogate they had found to have their baby, Kenny shared, "Well, we've had some bumps. [Our surrogate] went through the whole process, and the day she was supposed to come in, she ghosted the clinic and never showed up, never did anything."

Kenny started to cry and revealed how he and Armando had to go through the whole process again.

"I did a lot of pushback because I was in fear over it," Kenny explained. "There were two things in my life that I almost didn't do, and one was being with [Armando] and one was starting a family with him -- and they were both due to my age."

Kenny added, "Could you imagine if I didn't? What I would've lost out on? So, I'm very thankful that we did this surrogacy process, because I would've lost out on something else."

But Kenny was proud to announce that he and Armando had seven embryos to use.

Kenny said he and Armando were at odds over whether to implant two embryos or just one. Armando wanted to do two, but because Kenny had triplets, he didn't want to risk that happening again.

Armando and Kenny had to make a decision in the next 15 days. Armando explained how the success of one embryo would be around 70 percent while the success of transferring two embryos would be more like 80-90 percent.

Daniele pointed out how if it didn't work, they could do the process again. Armando, however, already felt like they were behind.

"I want him to change his mind on it. This was $74,000," Kenny announced.

Tim Malcolm, who was watching the Tell-All from the sidelines with other 90 Day Fiance alums, pointed out how Kenny's love for Armando is so big that he's going to dedicate his life to a child just to make his partner happy.

"I feel like he's doing it more for Armando than himself," Tim stated. "That's a very serious commitment, especially when hearing the possibility of having twins. That's even scarier to me!"

Armando explained how Kenny doesn't want to just sit in a rocking chair and that Kenny wants this baby too. Kenny said he tended to put other people first but he didn't consider this surrogacy plan a sacrifice on his part for Armando.

Kenny said Armando let him take the lead early in their relationship but Armando became increasingly more demanding, dominant and vocal over time. Kenny said he liked this side of his partner, but it was clearly a big change for them both in their relationship dynamic.

Kenny shared how Armando gave him a new lease on life and their life together has been exciting and adventurous.


On the topic of their sex life, Armando said he enjoys role playing and acting out his fantasies. They've done cop and robber as well as the "daddy."

Armando then asked Tim if he had hooked up with Kenny in New York because Tim has called Kenny "daddy" via text. Kenny said his texts with Tim were all in good fun and they liked joking around, mainly because many people question Tim's sexual orientation all the time.

Armando concluded that he trusted Kenny and everything was fine.


Daniele said she had dinner with Yohan and his family just two weeks prior. They were still separated at the time, but Daniele explained how she values Yohan's mother and sisters.

"When we broke up, we made an agreement that we don't need to be enemies, that we can get along," Yohan said.

Daniele explained that while it sounded crazy, Yohan's family means a lot to her and she's managed to stay friendly with all of her exes in the past. Daniele wanted to keep that pattern going.

Daniele was surprised to hear that Yohan had called their marriage "a horror story," and she said she put up with Yohan's antics because the majority of their life was really beautiful together.

Daniele started to cry, and she vented about how Yohan cared too much about money and now he's living at his parents' house with nothing.

"He spent all of this time worrying about money, and he'll never have it. He'll never have it, and it makes me sad for him," Daniele shared.

Yohan said he knows people who have been blessed to marry American women who apparently wanted to change their lives for the better.

Daniele said Yohan clearly thought she was "a cash cow" but she just wanted to pay for expenses together. Yohan claimed that his family didn't have money to eat and Daniele wouldn't help them, but Daniele called that a lie and said the women in Yohan's family all hustle and work multiple jobs.

Yohan insisted that Daniele had told him that he could stay at home while she worked, but she said there's no way in hell she ever said that.

After watching back footage of Daniele finding out about Yohan's alleged affair with another woman, Daniele said Yohan had sex with this woman a month before they got married and he wanted cash from the both of them.


Daniele said Yohan never paid for much and so she wasn't sure where the money was going that he had received from "woman after woman after woman." Daniele said Yohan had sent this woman a picture of his penis and she had about 50-60 screenshots to prove he was a cheater.

"[He'd write], 'I want to see you, I love you.' He doesn't realize that I can see every message on this site. He has multiple women that he's in a relationship right now that think they're the only one," Daniele alleged.

Yohan argued that Daniele had been the one to ruin their relationship by bringing her ex-boyfriend into their lives and that Daniele had reached out to these women, friend requested them, and possibly paid them to say negative things about Yohan.

"She was the one who messed things up. Now she wants to clear her name and act like a saint," Yohan said.

Daniele, however, said that she once walked into "a very unfortunate situation" in her apartment -- pool floats that had been brought out and used -- and so she made "that" friend "her" friend. Daniele said she paid attention to the women in Yohan's life and when they blocked her, she'd dive deeper.

"I'm very smart. I'm not the type of person you do this to," Daniele boasted.

Daniele thought Yohan had brought another woman to their shared apartment, but Yohan denied it.

Yohan said they lived in a gated community with a reception desk and people who knew them both and so it wouldn't even make sense for him to try to cheat on Daniele with a woman at their place.

Daniele argued how that was a crazy story because Yohan could've easily brought a woman in through a side door.

"You've been bringing women there the whole time you worked at the hotel. That was your whore hotel... That's why you wanted to live there. That's why you picked that as our home!" Daniele announced.

Daniele said it was a "sanky-panky" home, implying that Yohan is a Dominican man who uses foreign women for financial gain.

Daniele admitted, "I am so floored by how stupid I was! I clearly did not know who my husband was."

Yohan confessed he had sent women pictures of his penis but not while he and Daniele were still together. Daniele, however, insisted she had screenshots and evidence that Yohan was lying.

Yohan then repeated how he had never cheated on Daniele or stolen money from a bunch of women.

Daniele said Yohan needed to take out a loan because he's lost all of his women now that Daniele has outed him, but Yohan said he had to take out a loan due to the problems Daniele had left him with.

Yohan went on to show a picture of something Daniele had posted online that "defamed" him.

According to the post, Daniele had written, "This is Yohan from Villa Hermosa! He is currently recruiting women from Europe, Argentina, and Canada to send him money for 'businesses' so please be careful! I'm happy to have private conversations with anyone who thinks they may be 'dating' him."

Daniele claimed she had posted that on a sanky-panky page in order to protect women from Yohan's alleged games. Daniele acknowledged it was a "petty" move on her part but even more women reached out to her at that point claiming to have had a relationship with Yohan.

"It's scamming, it's cheating, it's all of that! It's sociopathic because he's telling everyone that he loves them!" Daniele announced. "I could've handled that better, but I'm done with this man!"


Armando told the cast that he had always been on Yohan's side but now it appears he had used her and allowed money to corrupt his marriage. Yohan shouted about how no one's opinion mattered to him, and he told Daniele to go to hell.

"Yohan, you acting this way is proving our point about who you are," Armando noted, which prompted Yohan to tell him to go to hell as well.


TJ's brother Yash joined the conversation via Zoom from India, and he shared how he found Kimberly's outbursts and anger "shocking."

Kimberly thought she had handled herself well in arguments with Yash and set her boundaries because Yash allegedly spoke down to her and in a condescending manner all the time.

Yash said he wished Kimberly would stop clashing with his family, but Kimberly pointed out how she and TJ are always going to face bumps in the road.

Kimberly apologized for her "tone" at times, but she also insisted she did what she had to do in order to feel heard and seen.

Kimberly also suggested that she and Yash clashed because they both have similar, aggressive deliveries when speaking their minds and opinions.

Sarper declared how Kimberly's temper is "too much" and would be way too much for him. Sarper said that a woman needs to be the calm and soothing person in every relationship to create some balance, and his comment rubbed many of the women in the cast the wrong way.

TJ said Kimberly mingled with his family once every two or three days, and Yash revealed that Kimberly was, in fact, making more of an effort.

When asked if he likes Kimberly being his sister-in-law, Yash hesitated for a moment and then replied, "Yes. We are family, and ultimately we have to heal everything."



Holly shared how she returned to the United States because her mother was really sick and she had accumulated some debt in South Africa, where she couldn't get a job. Holly said she was able to work and pay off her debt quickly in America.

When asked if she has plans to return to South Africa, she admitted, "Not really. [Wayne and I] haven't spoken in two or three weeks."

Wayne clarified how he and Holly had been in touch but their level of interaction was brief and not normal. Wayne claimed that his phone kept dying, and so the cast advised him to buy a new phone.

Holly explained how she got depressed in South Africa and Wayne didn't like her depressed. She claimed that Wayne liked the happy person that she used to be.

"I was struggling with everything," Holly said. "I texted him this morning and asked, 'Are you with someone else?' I'm so confused. What do you want?"

Wayne said Holly hadn't visited him for five months, even though he had offered to buy her a plane ticket. Wayne lamented about how he was living without his wife.

Shaun asked Wayne if he felt like Holly had abandoned their marriage, and he replied, "Yes, I do."

Wayne said he would've happily sorted out Holly's credit card debt and paid it, but then Holly clapped back, "You're not working!"

Holly explained that when Wayne's business was falling apart and he needed materials, she offered to put the purchases on her credit card. She said she couldn't make enough to pay their bills in South Africa and Wayne also didn't have a steady income.

"So how am I the villain in this narrative?!" Holly questioned.

Holly said she'd have the debt paid off in about two more months and she had done everything possible to make it work with Wayne. She apparently didn't understand why he didn't trust her.

Holly also pointed out how Wayne was supposed to visit her in America but never came.

Wayne admitted visiting Holly in America wasn't a possibility for him because he's used to South Africa and America simply isn't for him.

Wayne said he didn't begin dating Holly with the intention of moving to the United States, but the cast wondered why Wayne can't give America at least one chance. Wayne also told everyone that he had supported Holly while she was in South Africa and so her comments suggesting otherwise annoyed him.

Holly confirmed that Wayne had paid the rent and bought her food for almost a year.

"I gave up everything to go there and it seems like you don't even want me back, so I'm super confused," Holly told her husband. "If you don't want to be with someone, just break it off and cut ties."

Kenny told Holly that it seems like she needs a lot of emotional support and Wayne isn't the type of man to give her that. Kenny said it appeared Wayne was just annoyed with Holly, and she looked very upset.

As Holly spoke about her feelings and cried, Wayne rolled his eyes at her. And Holly lamented how Wayne shouldn't have married her if he didn't love her and want to be there for her.

"Yeah, I don't know," Wayne responded. "I didn't say that I don't love her."

Wayne shared with the cast how he had created a backup light system so that Holly would always have lights when the power went out, and he reminded viewers that Holly was the one who said she wanted to leave.

Holly explained how she just didn't want to live in danger and that Wayne had depicted her as a drama queen. Holly insisted her stay in South Africa was traumatizing.

Mary told Wayne that it seemed like he didn't love or care about Holly, but Wayne said she was wrong about that. The cast agreed how Wayne wanted to present himself like a macho hard worker and provider but Holly was in debt and needed more comfort and emotional support.

Wayne announced how Holly's mother was fine after one day in the hospital and he'd listen to Holly cry on the phone for three hours sometimes.

Shekinah advised Holly to give Wayne emotional support and be more compassionate, but Holly said she was always there for her husband whenever he needed her or called her.

"It's always about your problems, problems, problems. You do dwell in your issues a lot, and he's shutting down because he can't handle it," Shekinah said.

"I think he's purposely avoiding her," Julio added.

Wayne repeated how he was having phone problems, but Tim argued that any doting husband would find a way to reach his wife if necessary.

Wayne shared how Holly is a very emotional person and so listening to her talk about her issues all the time was "draining" for him and hard to deal with.

When asked if he was thinking about ending his marriage, Wayne replied, "I don't know... We haven't spoken about it and I don't know what's going on between us. I don't feel, even from her side, that there's the connection there used to be."

Holly continued to cry and sob, but she assured Shaun that she was okay.

Wayne said he thought he and Holly were still going to have a future together about three weeks prior but things changed.

Holly's breakdown then became intense, with her essentially hyperventilating. Wayne asked Holly to calm down, but then she stood up and walked off the stage.


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