90 Day Fiance: The Other Way featured Jen breaking up Rishi, Debbie calling Oussama her "worst nightmare" and leaving Morocco, Kris and Jeymi having a heated confrontation in Colombia, Gabriel receiving heartbreaking news on his wedding day, and Daniele showing Yohan the door during the Season 4 episode that aired Sunday night on TLC.

The show's returning couple, Daniele, a 42-year-old from New York, NY, and Yohan, a 32-year-old from the Dominican Republic, first appeared on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise.


Fresh from the 90 Day Fiance spinoff set in the Caribbean, Daniele left her home in New York and attempted to convince Yohan they should spend the rest of their lives in the Dominican Republic.

In addition to Daniele and Yohan, Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars Jen, a 46-year-old from Stilwell, OK, and Rishi, a 32-year-old from Jaipur, India as well as Kris, a 40-year-old from Haleyville, AL, and Jeymi, a 30-year-old from Venezuela who currently resides in Bogota, Colombia.

The TLC series also stars Gabriel, a 32-year-old from Margate, FL, and Isabel from Colombia; Nicole, a 38-year-old food delivery driver from Los Angeles, CA, and Mahmoud, a 26-year-old from Cairo, Egypt; and Debbie, a 67-year-old from Sugar Hill, GA, and Oussama, a 24-year-old from Khemisset, Morocco.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way follows American citizens moving to or living in foreign countries for the sake of love and their future spouses and experiencing culture shock.

Below is what happened on Episode 14 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way's fourth season.


Jen noted how the reaction from Rishi's family about their engagement was more positive than she had been expecting, and she could tell Rishi felt relieved that the burden about sharing the news was finally off his shoulders.

Jen was happy to have seemingly received a blessing to wed Rishi, but she admitted she didn't want to live in his parents' household as a joint family. Jen didn't like the idea of Rishi being "on lockdown" and taking care of his entire family financially.

Jen was concerned about Rishi -- who had previously told Jen that they wouldn't have to live with his family -- possibly changing his mind and wanting that joint living arrangement with his parents, and so Jen planned to have an honest, open and serious conversation with her fiance.

"I hope to open their minds to some type of compromise... but he has to make that happen," Jen said.

Rishi then paid Jen a visit in her hotel room, and Jen asked what Rishi's parents had said once she left their house. Rishi was apparently very nervous to tell her the truth, that his parents were not going to accept her as his future bride.

Jen told Rishi that she could tell he wasn't ready to move out of his family's place, and then Rishi revealed how his preference was to be in a joint family.

"To me, that feels like a prison," Jen confessed. "I like my personal space."

Rishi said that was his big concern because his mother needed him, and then he suggested that instead of living in his parents' house, they could compromise and live close to them in the same city.


Jen worried that Rishi was "completely delusional," because she didn't think his parents would ever budge on their desire for Rishi to live with them.

Rishi then shared with Jen, "But the big thing is when they asked about your age. When I told them, they were totally [opposed to it]."

"Did they say, 'No, we don't approve?'" Jen asked.

"Yeah," Rishi responded.

Jen called the news "ridiculous" and seemed shocked. Rishi said his parents' change of heart happened very suddenly and his mother flat out said "no" about them pursuing a relationship.

Jen said Rishi should've gotten all of this information before proposing marriage to her. She complained to the cameras about how Rishi never did his homework.

"Stop wasting my time," Jen snapped at Rishi. "I'm done."

Jen then gave her engagement ring back to Rishi, saying she didn't want to be in a relationship when the man couldn't stand up for her. Rishi had allegedly told Jen that he'd always choose her over his parents.

Rishi admitted to the cameras he had told Jen that he'd choose her over his family to convince her that he'd put effort into their relationship. However, Rishi decided that he couldn't go against his family and he would choose them over Jen.

"But I'm also not ready to lose [Jen]," Rishi told the cameras.

Rishi asked for more time to talk to his parents, but Jen clapped back about how he already had three years to figure things out. Jen wanted to cut the conversation short because she felt "insulted," and so she told Rishi that they probably shouldn't be together.

"It's not going to work out," Jen told Rishi. "I really would like you to leave."

"I'm sorry," Rishi replied.

"I'm sorry, too," Jen said.

Jen admitted that she felt "numb," and Rishi cried because he didn't want to lose his fiancee. Jen asked Rishi to let her go because she needed some time to herself.

Jen explained through tears how they had impossible things to work through and being together just wasn't realistic. Jen cried about how she'd always love Rishi but he had his own issues to deal with.

Even though she was going to leave India with a broken heart, Jen apparently didn't have regrets. She said there can be no reward if no risk is taken.



Gabriel was shown getting ready to marry Isabel, the love of his life, when he learned that his sister Monica wouldn't be attending the wedding.

Gabriel felt accepted and loved by Isabel and her family, and he called his situation "a fairy tale," so he really wanted his mother and sister to be by his side for the wedding.


Gabriel revealed how he had hung out with Monica and her boyfriend and Isabel was supposed to meet them. However, Isabel was late doing last-minute wedding planning, and so Monica wanted to leave.

Gabriel told Monica that her leaving prematurely would probably create a problem, and Monica allegedly said Gabriel shouldn't marry a woman whom he's afraid to talk to.

"I got upset, so I told Monica that she's the one that creates problems in my relationships," Gabriel revealed. "And I think that's what made her upset, but I can't believe it's turned into such a big thing -- for her not even to come to my wedding."

Gabriel said Monica had sent him "nasty text messages" after the outing, and he said he wasn't going to try to convince his own sister to attend his wedding, which was the biggest day of his life.

"One little fight and you're not even coming. Support me on the one day I really need you to support me," Gabriel vented in a confessional.

However, Gabriel was clearly disappointed and deflated that his sister was ruining his "too good to be true" wedding day. Gabriel's mother comforted him as he cried, and then Gabriel stormed away about the "hurtful" situation. Gabriel didn't understand how his sister could act this way.

The morning of the wedding, Isabel had a special moment with her father in which she got emotional. Her dad said this was a very special day for them and giving his daughter away was going to be a beautiful thing.

Isabel was running a little late for the ceremony, and so was Gabriel, which made her feel a little stressed. She said Gabriel was nowhere to be found and so she didn't know what was happening. The night before, Gabriel had told her that everything was fine.


Debbie apparently packed her suitcases and left after the couple had a big fight over Oussama wanting a visa to move to the United States, and so Oussama met up with his sister Asmaa at a bakery for some advice.

Oussama explained how Debbie was essentially nagging him about the future, which made him angry and stressed out. He therefore got mad and blurted out how she was "crazy."

"I lost it... to the point I wasn't aware of what I was doing... And I regretted it later," Oussama explained. "I couldn't control myself."

Oussama had told Debbie that if she wanted to go, he wasn't going to stop her. The argument escalated to the point where Debbie started to believe Oussama was only with her for a visa, but he insisted that wasn't true. Oussama said he loved Debbie because they're both artists and she valued his poetry.

Oussama claimed that when Debbie said she'd move to Morocco, he didn't think her move was going to be permanent. Oussama apparently thought they'd live together for a while and then move to the U.S. together.

Oussama told his sister that he couldn't afford to live in Rabat and had little money to his name. Oussama said despite his financial situation, Debbie kept insisting they should look for an apartment in Rabat.

Oussama said his dream was to become a painter and a poet and he simply wouldn't be able to support Debbie and their relationship in Morocco.

Asmaa said Oussama can be harsh with the people he loves and cares about, but she was certain that he cared for Debbie's interest before his own.


Asmaa advised Oussama to show Debbie how much he loved her and that their relationship was real and authentic, and Oussama was hoping to clear up the misunderstanding about his motive for wanting to move to America.

Oussama said he intended to apologize because he had said many things that he didn't mean.

Oussama texted Debbie and asked her to meet up at a cafe, but she said it would take "an act of God" for her to forgive him. She also acknowledged he was the master of apologizing.

When the pair reunited, Debbie said Oussama had made her feel "despised" and really hurt her. Oussama said when he's angry, he doesn't focus on what he's saying or doing -- and Debbie called him "a ticking time bomb."

Debbie said Oussama had put a huge crack into the foundation of their relationship and she wasn't sure if he could right all the wrongs he had done to her.

Debbie told Oussama that he should've told her about his plans to move to the U.S. much sooner, and she felt Oussama had lied to her about being in love with her.

Debbie said that when they had talked about going to the U.S., she meant just for visits so that Oussama could see her kids and spend time with them. Oussama claimed Debbie had made a mistake and caused the misunderstanding, but Debbie said she was focused on the idea of them marrying and he was just focused on the visa.

"You don't have a strong enough love for me to accomplish a life here, and so you never had unconditional love for me. And I'm glad to know that now," Debbie said.

"You never believed in my love," Oussama countered.

Debbie disagreed, saying she had moved to Morocco to be with Oussama because she thought they were in love.

Oussama told the cameras that he believes love is pure and forever and so Debbie threatening to leave him made him love her less.

Oussama explained how poetry and artistry was dead in Morocco and he couldn't afford to live there, but Debbie reminded him how she had money and could've taken care of them. Debbie accused Oussama of tricking her and being her worst nightmare coming true.


Debbie was getting ready to leave Morocco, and she said she was angry at herself and at Oussama. Debbie said they had spent three years talking and professing their love to each other, only for Oussama to throw their relationship "into the trash."

"He was a totally different person than how he presented himself to be," Debbie complained. "Somehow, someway, I'll recover from all of this craziness. But you've got a wiser Debbie now. I'll have to work on myself to be able to trust again... but I'm a tough old broad."

Debbie insisted she was never going to communicate with Oussama again and she also wouldn't let him get the best of her.



Kris was shown landing in Bogota, Colombia after five months away from her wife, Jeymi. She claimed she had to stay in Alabama longer than she had anticipated due to family issues.

Kris hoped to work things out with Jeymi, but the couple had a lot of things to talk about. Kris pointed out how she and Jeymi hadn't dealt with many of their issues, some of which had cut them both deep.

"I spent 40 years looking for this love I have right now. I don't want to lose that," Kris said.

Jeymi also had mixed feelings about her reunion with Kris. She said she was so happy to be reunited with the love of her life, but she also felt angry because things had been very difficult between them. Jeymi intended to confront Kris -- but not right away.

When Kris arrived at Jeymi's apartment, they hugged and then sat by a fire for a conversation. Jeymi confessed that she felt very alone for five months and had doubts about whether Kris was ever going to return.

Jeymi said she felt happy to have Kris back, but Kris admitted that she felt like she was kissing a stranger. She wanted them to be on good terms, relax and have a good time before hashing out their problems.

Kris and Jeymi had a great time dressing up in matching unicorn costumes, dancing and celebrating Jeymi's birthday -- which Kris had missed while she was in Alabama -- but then it became time to talk.

"I feel you lied to me," Jeymi told Kris. "I'm trying to understand your problems... [But] you married me, and I don't feel that."

Kris explained how she was a mother first and her son was very important, but Jeymi accused Kris of not helping her with money.

Jeymi said Kris had asked her not to worry about money, only for Kris to allegedly turn around and stop paying her rent.


Jeymi started shouting at Kris, and Kris told Jeymi to lower her voice or else they'd stop talking.

When Jeymi wouldn't listen, Kris stormed out of the room swearing.

"That's not okay!" Kris lamented.


Yohan's first meeting with Daniele's friend Taylen didn't go well or as planned. In fact, the gathering ended with Daniele in tears, feeling humiliated and betrayed by her husband.

Yohan therefore planned to see Taylen again to make it up to Daniele and also to apologize to Taylen for his offensive and insulting behavior. Taylen was apparently open-minded and grateful that Yohan was willing to give him a chance and get to know him better.

After Yohan and Taylen played a little basketball at a local court, Yohan apologized for his rude questions, which had included asking Taylen about the size of his penis.

Yohan asked Taylen if Daniele had been controlling in their former relationship, and Taylen said "yes" because Daniele is not a submissive woman. Yohan admitted he lacked some control in his marriage, and that clearly bothered Yohan because he was used to the man being in charge in a relationship.

"I see it as disrespectful to our relationship. If you're going to do whatever you want, why did you get married?" Yohan explained in a confessional. "Each person has to sacrifice something to be good for the other."

Yohan admitted he was tired, but Taylen warned Yohan that Daniele wasn't going to change for anyone. Yohan then said that if Daniele wanted to stay in their relationship, she'd have to change for him.

After spending some time with Taylen, Yohan returned to his wife at the beach. Yohan shared with Daniele how he had a good time with Taylen and thought he's a good person.

Daniele told Yohan that their relationship needed to change because she didn't want to fight all the time, and Yohan said he was doing his best to accept her friends and be supportive of her other relationships.

Yohan told Daniele that she didn't respect him because she had wanted to see her ex-boyfriend only a day before his birthday, and he said he was concerned that she put her friends before her own husband.

Daniele said that when Yohan felt powerless, he did some really disrespectful things. Daniele recalled Yohan saying inappropriate things to Taylen that embarrassed her, but Yohan complained about how Daniele always needed to be right and do things her way.

Yohan asked Daniele what type of relationship she wanted, and she responded by saying one with trust. Daniele had no desire to change, and so Yohan claimed he wasn't going to change for her either.

"I don't know how the relationship is going to work out," Yohan said in a confessional.

Daniele said she didn't need her husband's permission to have friends, and then Yohan repeated how Daniele's friends were clearly her priority.

The pair went back and forth bickering about the same thing, and Daniele said, "I'm not doing this anymore. Enough! Leave me alone."

Daniele and Yohan had done nothing but fight since they arrived in the Dominican Republic, and she said she didn't want to be married to an angry and jealous man. Daniele said she knew what she deserved and she wasn't going to change who she is.

"You can either stand by me and be a part of my life, or you can find the nearest door. [Changing] is not even a question at this point in my life. Maybe I was meant to live in the Dominican Republic by myself for a year," Daniele vented to the cameras.


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