90 Day Diaries featured Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi moving to Tunisia together, Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina revealing a change of career and moving plans, Angela Deem undergoing a serious dental surgery, and Brandon's parents beginning to downsize their farm during the Season 4 episode that aired Monday night on TLC.

The eighth episode of 90 Day Diaries starred Angela, a 56-year-old from Hazlehurst, GA, who starred on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6; Brandon, a 29-year-old from Dinwiddie, VA, and Julia, a 29-year-old from Krasnodar, Russia, who starred on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6; and Rebecca, a 51-year-old from Atlanta, GA, and Zied, a 29-year-old from Tunis, Tunisia, who starred on 90 Day Fiance Season 8.


90 Day Diaries follows former 90 Day Fiance cast members navigating their lives after the show, providing viewers with an intimate view into their homes, plans and daily struggles.

Some of the footage is self-shot, similar to how cast members filmed themselves for 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined.

90 Day Diaries chronicles not just successful 90 Day Fiance couples but also numerous 90 Day Fiance alums who didn't see their original 90 Day Fiance relationship work out. The cast members have attempted to begin new romances after the failure of their prior overseas relationships.

The season will feature more cast members in the coming weeks, but below is what happened on Episode 8 of 90 Day Diaries' fourth season.


Angela said she met her husband, Michael Ilesanmi from Nigeria, on social media back in 2017.

The couple's relationship has been a roller coaster, and Michael was denied a K-1 visa. Angela and Michael therefore decided to get married in Nigeria so they could apply for a K-3 spousal visa.

"Unfortunately, Michael and I have been waiting on this spousal visa for two years, and we still haven't got approval. The wait is tough, so I just decided in the meantime to focus on my health," Angela explained.

Angela therefore underwent weight-loss surgery as well as a breast reduction two years before filming this special. Angela said she lost 110 pounds in eight months and the surgery kickstarted her desire to take better care of herself.

Angela said she had a lot of surgeries over the past few years but she really wanted to get her teeth done. Angela apparently got into an accident at age 18 and two of her teeth got knocked out. Her teeth then started to deteriorate, both from smoking and menopause.

"Before you knew it, I didn't have any," Angela shared of her teeth. "When your teeth are breaking and visually being seen, it gave me an insecure feeling."

Angela's last appointment with a dentist, which aired on TLC, took place six months prior. She was told they could clean out the decay and infection in her mouth and then put in as many dental implants as possible.

Angela admitted that she was in pretty constant pain in her mouth, which prevented her from being able to function normally. She had been wearing dentures ever since she was 18.

Angela said Michael loved her just the way she is, but she admitted that if Michael's teeth were in the same condition, she would be grossed out. Angela looked forward to smiling more and "not b-tching as much."

Angela was then shown meeting with her dentist again, and the dentist said it was going to take a lot of hard work and some "help from the dental gods" to give Angela the smile she envisioned.

Being a smoker also put Angela at higher risk of infection and the dental implants not taking to the bone. Angela was shown undergoing a 4-6 hour procedure under the care of several specialists.


Angela had been hesitant to tell Michael about the dental procedures because he wasn't supportive of the weight-loss surgery and breast reduction, but she said he was being more supportive this time around -- which she really appreciated.

The dentist removed six teeth from Angela's upper jaw and seven teeth from her lower jaw while also removing the infection. Once everything was cleared, they put in dental implants.

As the dental surgeons were screwing in Angela's bottom teeth, she started to wake up and bite the dentist, trying to close her mouth. Angela was given more anesthesia as a result, and the experts attempted to align her bite.

After a five-hour surgery, they woke Angela up and clapped for her. Angela was a little loopy waking up, but she was ecstatic when smiling into a mirror for the first time. Her bottom dentures were fixed but her top ones would be removed before bed at night.

One week later, Angela was experiencing some post-op issues, including pain, especially a burning sensation in her lower jaw. Angela couldn't totally stop smoking, but she insisted she had cut back a lot.

"The pain I've been experiencing is something I've never had," Angela said.

The dentist needed to bring her top teeth in more due to an extreme overbite, and he told Angela it was going to take about eight weeks to heal. Angela also had many canker sores.

It was going to be a process to get Angela her perfect smile, and so she acknowledged that the pain was "worth it."

"I just can't wait for the spousal visa to get approved so that Michael can see my new body, my new smile, and wrap his arms around me like I've been wanting him to do for the last two years," Angela said.


Brandon met Julia through his best friend AJ, who is deployed in another country, where Julia was also. AJ thought Brandon and Julia would be compatible, and the couple first spoke on videochat.

Julia spent one week with Julia in Korea, and then he returned to the United States and the pair stayed in touch. A few months after that, Brandon proposed marriage to Julia in Iceland.

The couple then filed for the K-1 visa and Julia moved into Brandon's family farm house. Brandon and Julia had a small wedding amid the coronavirus pandemic, and after living with Brandon's parents for a year on the farm, they moved out and got an apartment for themselves in Richmond, VA.

Once their lease was up after a year, Brandon and Julia moved back in with Brandon's parents so they could have a little time in determining their next move.

The couple visited Florida and fell in love with the state, and so they planned to move. Brandon even quit his job as a pest-control specialist. However, after Brandon quit, he was offered a promotion, which Brandon couldn't turn down.

Brandon began a supervising position managing other technicians, and he said it was a great opportunity that he just couldn't pass up. Julia was a little bummed about not going to Florida, but she apparently understood it was a smart move and the best thing for them to do.


The pair therefore decided to move to Norfolk, and Julia wasn't exactly excited about it. She said she didn't really like Virginia and wished she could live somewhere warm.

However, Julia acknowledged how she was very proud of Brandon. The couple also cooked Brandon's parents dinner, Ron and Betty, as a thank you for putting up with them for a few weeks.

Betty was very proud of her son's advancing career, and the pair planned to live with AJ for a couple of weeks while they looked for a new apartment of their own.

Brandon said their time on the farm was over and he and Julia were either going to live in Norfolk or somewhere else. His parents took the news well, and Betty and Ron were thrilled about not losing their son and daughter-in-law to Florida.

Ron and Betty were so excited Brandon and Julia were going to stay fairly close to home, and then Julia and Brandon were shown packing up their belongings on moving day.

Brandon and Julia took off on their next adventure.

Viewers later heard from Ron and Betty, who had been married for 30 years. Their farm began when they were breeding German Shepherds, and it grew overtime with vegetables and livestock.

Ron received a cancer diagnosis, but Betty said he was doing well. Ron had been hoping to turn the farm over to Brandon and Julia, but the couple didn't want it -- and they didn't want to live on the farm.

Ron and Betty knew the farm was a lot of work and they wouldn't be able to do it forever, and so they began imagining life without the farm.

Ron and Betty determined they must downsize the farm and maybe even sell it altogether. The couple didn't have the freedom to travel or pursue other hobbies.

Ron and Betty were therefore shown selling off a majority of their sheep and goats. Betty wasn't quite ready to sell the farm just yet, but she and Ron decided they should focus on enjoying their lives and having more fun. They thought about purchasing an RV, traveling across the country, and visiting old friends.



Rebecca and Zied met online in 2019, and after talking for about nine months, Rebecca flew to Tunisia to meet Zied in-person for the first time.

They had to navigate several obstacles, including a big age gap and language barrier. However, they fell in love and got engaged.

Once year after that, Zied moved to the United States on a K-1 visa, and they had been married almost two years by the time this special filmed.

A few days after Zied got his travel papers and work permit, he booked a month-long trip to Tunisia to see his family. Zied had promised Rebecca that everything was going to be okay and nothing would change, but he decided to drop a bomb on his wife that he wanted the both of them to move to Tunisia.

Zied said he was going to move to Tunisia regardless and if Rebecca didn't follow him, he was going to be "so mad."

A few days later, Rebecca still had no idea what she was going to do.

Rebecca said their life in Atlanta was up in the air with Zied's job and their living situation. The couple was having financial struggles, but she didn't understand why Zied was so set on moving halfway across the world.


Rebecca didn't feel good about what was happening and the fact Zied had been saying he planned to move back to Tunisia with or without her. Rebecca said Zied had handled that situation poorly and she was very hurt and upset by it.

Zied recognized a move to Tunisia would not be easy for Rebecca, but he didn't believe they had another solution.

"Why would you tell your wife, 'It's either my way or you're by yourself?'" Rebecca asked Zied.

"If you not want to go with me, I don't know what you're thinking," Zied replied. "I go to Tunisia."

Zied wanted Rebecca to join him in Tunisia, but Rebecca said the fact she could was a separate issue from her actually wanting to go. Rebecca pointed out how Zied could also stay in America, especially considering she had put two years of work into getting him to the U.S.

Rebecca didn't feel like she had a choice, and Zied apologized for how she felt bad.

Rebecca realized she didn't really have a choice and she should go to Tunisia because the alternative was being alone.

"I'm going to go to Tunisia. I think unfortunately that's what we need to do right now," Rebecca said.

"Good," Zied replied.

Zied promised Rebecca that if he couldn't make her happy in Tunisia, they'd move back to Georgia, and so she agreed to the plan. Zied gushed about their decision being "so cool."

Two weeks later, the couple was shown packing their bags in preparation for their trip. They only had 10 days to pack up their entire life and say goodbye to family and friends. Rebecca and Zied even found a way to re-home their animals with loved ones.

Zied predicted the couple's life in Tunisia was going to be good because his parents had two apartments in their building. The couple would have one of the apartments, and Rebecca revealed she'd be able to keep her job since it's remote.

Rebecca also believed Zied would be able to find a new job in Tunisia.

The couple then flew to Tunisia but Rebecca was nervous because she didn't know the language and wasn't used to the culture. She had no idea what the future was going to hold, but Rebecca and Zied agreed that they loved each other and would work through all future obstacles.


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