The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik's relationship with the bachelorette he proposed to during last fall's filming of the ABC reality dating show's sixteenth-season finale is reportedly already over.

(SPOILER ALERT: Please stop reading immediately if you don't want to know the identity of the bachelorette Flajnik reportedly selected at the conclusion of his currently-airing The Bachelor edition.)

Just three months after Flajnik offered his final woman standing an engagement ring which she gladly accepted, the former seventh-season The Bachelorette bachelor and his fiancee -- who has widely been rumored to be Courtney Robertson -- are "over already," Life & Style reported Wednesday.

"They have totally cooled off," a source close to the winner told Life & Style.

"They often go five to six days without talking. He doesn't call her, he doesn't text. She keeps saying, 'What kind of a fiance is this?' In her mind, he's pretty much dumped her."

Another source told the magazine that Ben sincerely wanted to marry the woman he chose but has since changed his mind as a result of watching the footage of his season -- which has featured drama and trash talking amongst many of his bachelorettes, including Robertson -- unfold on The Bachelor's broadcasts every week. 

"Ben started to feel like he got played," the source said, adding that he intends to move forward in his life as a single man again.

The Bachelor star has also discussed moving to New York City and buying a place with his friends, according to an additional source.

However, Flajnik apparently hasn't been the only unhappy and dissatisfied partner in the relationship.

"[The winner] thinks Ben's cheating on her," the source close to the winner told Life & Style. "She knows he's been running around New York with other girls and not calling her. She thinks he's a coward. She just wishes he'd end it already -- otherwise maybe she'll do it herself."

Next week's episode of the The Bachelor will feature Flajnik's four remaining bachelorettes -- Robertson, Nicki Sterling, Kacie Boguskie, and Lindzi Cox -- introducing him to their families during the hometown dates.