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Survivor: Guatemala - Episode 2 Summary

'What a Bunch of Losers' By strid333
Original Airdate: September 22, 2005

Previously on Eco-Challenge, er Survivor, but for all intensive purposes, it could’ve been EPMB’s other show, the show started off with a twist of reintroducing last year’s losers Stephenie and Bobby Jon to the new cast of Guatemala. Jiffy Probst told the tribes that the show was going to start off with a race to the better camp and a piece of flint. This race was going to consist of an 11 mile (17.7 km) hike across rough terrain in intense heat. Nakum’s men started dropping like flies. And though Nakum won the better camp, Yaxha seemed to be in better health and won the immunity challenge. Nakum sent the badly injured Jim (who ripped a bicep in the immunity challenge) home. Roll the credits! On a note of interest for all the people who try to spoil and analyze the order that people are going to be leaving the show, Bobby Jon and Stephenie’s pictures were inserted into the credits this week. Stephenie was after Morgan and Bobby Jon was after Cindy.

So four minutes into the show, we begin at Nakum on day three. Bobby Jon has the first confessional mentioning how he seems to live at tribal council. Yep, so far his assessment seems pretty good. Ulong sucked. But then we go to Margaret, a nurse – not to be confused with a certain winner of Big Brother 6, talking about how tribal council was an emotional hit and they already had a physical hit. You know EPMB. Kick ‘em while they’re down.

The sun rises to day four at Yaxha. Yaxha is discussing Nakum and who they think was voted off and the qualities of the other people. Brianna, there’s a Brianna?, has the first confessional of their tribe. “We have an amazing tribe.” Ok, that explains why she is so forgettable. Saying fluff like that doesn’t really stick in people’s minds.

Jamie has the next confessional and summarizes the professions and lifestyles of the tribe. The great mixture comes together to form a brilliant tribe. So after another shot of camp life and describing a big tarantula, Gary has a confessional admitting that he is a big liar. He is telling the truth of being a landscape artist but he is also lying by omission that he was a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Stephenie starts braiding Morgan’s hair and then we see Stephenie have a confessional of how camp life is better here than at Ulong and this tribe is more like a family. But, you could argue that anything could be better than at Ulong.

Day four at Nakum, we get Tree Mail. It went something like this:

Blah, blah, blah, compete.
Yadda, yadda, yadda, eat.

No one ever said these poem things were ever any good.

Blake was unhappy to hear that this is going to be a physical challenge. He was one of the males who dropped like a fly. He was also the one hit by that thorny branch. Blake said that he is having difficulties breathing properly and can’t get enough oxygen. Hmmmm, could this be the first season of Survivor where somebody actually dies? How much would SeeBS be sued by the FCC for showing that on television? Margaret has a confessional showing great concern for Blake. Though I don’t care for Blake yet (but that could change at any time), I admit that I’m a little worried too. I wouldn’t wish his problems on anyone. Brandon seems to be showing concern for Blake as well. Brandon also says that Blake should “Man up.” Brandon said that he is a tougher guy than Blake because he can go through hurting. I admit that there is something to “Suck it up, big boy.” I’ve worked with pansies and it drives me crazy. My feet hurt all the time, yet I still carry on.

So it is time for the reward challenge. The rules are simple. Run across a net, climb upside down on a rope web and untie a bag and bring it back. Everyone must go at least once. If you fall off, you must go back to the start before someone else can go. The prize is fishing gear and worms. Amy sits out for Yaxha.

Jamie and Bobby Jon are first and do well. Ryan and Cindy are next and also do fairly well. Blake and Stephenie are next and also do well. Gary and Brandon are next, and keep the race close. This is proving to be a very close match. Margaret is next and Rafe is too. Margaret does well, and Rafe doesn’t. Rafe fell into the water without a bag and couldn’t climb out. He looks like a stereotypical nerd during this whole sequence. Judd takes off before Rafe can even get out of the water. Rafe finally got back and Morgan went onto the course. As Morgan was getting onto the rope portion of the course, Judd fell into the water. Judd, unlike Rafe, seemed to get back in good time and not lose a lot of time. Danni took over for her tribe. Morgan gets her bag and ties the game again. Brianna takes over for Morgan, climbs the rope and falls in. Lydia takes over for Brianna and hopes to keep the tie. Danni got a bag and gives Nakum a lead. Brooke takes over for Danni. Lydia gets her bag and ties the match again. Jamie goes for Lydia. Brooke gets her bag. Jamie got his bag. Whoever gets the next bag wins the reward. Blake and Brian go onto the course to determine the winner. Blake and Brian both got their bags. It is a race to the finish line. Blake won the race and Nakum won reward.

It is day five at Nakum. Brandon tells of how his tribe got up at the crack of dawn to get some fish. Blake said he is feeling quite better. As long as he can remain competitive, he is in good shape. Nakum caught a couple of fish – one decent sized one and a minnow. By the time they pull the guts out of this fish, there won’t be anything left. Sardines, anyone?

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