FOX has announced that Forever Eden, its new series that's breaking ground as American television's first "open-ended unscripted soap opera," will debut in a two-part premiere event immediately following American Idol on Monday, March 1 and Tuesday, March 2 at 9-10 PM ET/PT.

Beginning Thursday, March 18, Forever Eden will air in its regularly scheduled time period at 9-10 PM ET/PT (versus both CBS' CSI and NBC's The Apprentice -- good luck!)

As previous reported, created by the producers of last summer's similar Paradise Hotel limited run reality series, Forever Eden follows a small group of real people willing to take an "indefinite break" from their everyday lives to experience the opportunity of a lifetime by living together in a luxurious, tropical-resort-setting. These single men and women are ready to trade in their cell phones for suntan lotion and business suits for bathing suits, in order to bask in the sun and soak up the fun -- and the longer they stay, the more money they can earn.

Each week they remain in Eden, contestants will accrue more earnings, but the only way to keep their winnings is to remain in paradise, which has a price. They need to avoid eviction and their desire to return to civilization. Meanwhile, surprises and twists are around every corner. Secrets may be revealed and former flames and in-laws may show up unannounced, making waves in what they thought would be peaceful waters.

Additionally, from time to time, some residents forced out and replaced by new contestants armed with knowledge gleaned from having viewed the series at home. And although the residents will be earning money throughout their stay, those who throw in the towel and leave on their own volition could go with empty pockets.

If they can handle the unexpected, avoid being evicted and live without their friends and families back home, these contestants could potentially spend months or years as residents of Eden, forming relationships and creating their own storylines to ensure that they remain on-air as docu-soap stars and live the life of luxury they crave.

Will they spend forever in Eden? Only time (and the show's ratings) will tell.

Forever Eden is produced by Mentorn in association with A. Smith and Co. Tom Gutteridge, Arthur Smith, Charles Thompson, Bruce Toms and Kent Weed serve as executive producers.