Maybe Bob Guiney, the star of ABC's The Bachelor 4, has already had his fifteen minutes of fame.

Bob's new CD, 3 Sides, which was picked up by Wind-Up Records after its independent release, was re-released on November 26 and debuted at #114 on the Nielsen SoundScan U.S. Album Sales chart for the week ended November 30, with sales of about 21,000 copies. However, for the week ended December 7, 3 Sides narrowly dropped out of the Top 200 on the Nielsen SoundScan chart.

With total sales after two weeks of just a little more than 30,000, it appears that the CD, recorded by Bob and his band Fat Amy, hasn't received much of a boost from Bob's appearances on The Bachelor 4 or his trip around the post-show celebrity talk-show circuit with maybe-girlfriend Estella Gardiner.

Perhaps that's because of the quality of 3 Sides, derided by the Washington Post as "lackluster at best." Or, perhaps, it's because Bob's behavior on The Bachelor 4 appears to have dented his pre-show popularity. Or maybe it's just a result of releasing a debut album during the highly competitive holiday sales season. In any event, considering the recent fate of American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini, who was dropped by RCA Records after selling 134,000 copies of his debut CD, it looks like Bob and Fat Amy have their promotional work cut out for them in the coming months.

But Bob may still have another TV option open to him. According to Television Week, Bob is being considered by Bachelor producers Next Entertainment and Telepictures to host a syndicated daytime talk show. Other potential show hosts are motivational speaker Jessica Weiner and former Moral Court host Larry Elder. If the show is launched, it will begin in fall 2004.

Bob's problematic relationship with Estella could work against him with regard to the new show. A rumor being discussed on the Reality TV World message boards is that the only reason Estella and Bob haven't publicly announced their split is that they had to sign a contract to appear as a "happy couple" for one month after the finale of The Bachelor 4 aired.

Such a contract would be consistent with what we know about previous Bachelor couples, such as the breakup between Bachelor 2 star/egomaniac Aaron Buerge and his chosen mate, Helene Eksterowicz, which supposedly took place five weeks after the finale at a Starbucks Coffee outlet. Although we have no idea whether this alleged contract is real of fictional, we tend to believe that it won't take much more than a month before Bob and Estella confirm that their relationship is "kaput" -- freeing Bob to focus on determining whether the fate of his newfound recording career may soon follow.