Has Bob Guiney, the star of the ABC's just-completed fourth The Bachelor series, already broken up with Estella Gardinier or not? According to Guiney, no.

In an email rebuttal sent to his local Detroit News newspaper, Guiney denied the recent published reports that he's already broken up with Estella Gardinier, the woman to which he gave a "promise ring" during the program's November 19 series finale.

Stating that the couple is "nowhere near splitsville," the paper reports that Guiney says he and Gardinier were having dinner at a Los Angeles-area restaurant on Monday evening when they were surprised by several strangers who came up to the couple professing their belief that, based on last week's New York Post report, the couple had broken up.

"We are still dating and making efforts to develop our relationship in spite of all the garbage that seems to follow us around" Guiney emailed the paper, while apparently not bothering to address the aspect of the Post report that claimed that comments made by Gardinier herself were the source of the initial report.

In the email, Guiney also took the opportunity to shoot down another rumor that's been dogging him for some time -- that he and Bachelor 2 bachelorette Gwen Gioia had been involved in a clandestine relationship. Despite the multiple photos available on Gioia's website that show the two of them hanging out together, the two are apparently just good friends.