Confirming a story first reported on Reality TV World on May 21, ABC and Stone Stanley Productions announced today that filming has completed on the upcoming Celebrity Mole Yucatan. The series will air "later this year" on ABC.

Although the press release only states that the competition took place in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, we previously reported that the actual site was the luxurious Occidental Grand Flamenco Xcaret Resort & Spa in Playa del Carmen, about an hour from Cancun.

The tipster also correctly identified five of the eight contestants on the show, as Celebrity Mole Yucatan brings back two of the "losers" from Celebrity Mole Hawaii: actors Stephen Baldwin ("Usual Suspects," "One Good Cop") and Corbin Bernsen ("L.A. Law," "Major League"). Joining them in Mexico are comedian Mark Curry ("Hangin' with Mr. Cooper"), sitcom star Tracy Gold ("Growing Pains"), and legendary basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman, all of whom were identified previously. The tipster said that they were joined by "two women," but there are actually three others: former VJ and talk-show host Ananda Lewis, former sitcom star Keisha Knight Pulliam ("The Cosby Show") and supermodel Angie Everhart (who had also been previously identified by another subsequent tipster.) Onetime NFL star Ahmad Rashad returns as host.

During this special seven-episode version of The Mole, each of the eight celebrities tries to figure out who among them is The Mole, a person planted by the producers to sabotage their efforts to win money. The celebrities will use all their guile to uncover clues that could lead the winner to a pot of up to $250,000, which the winner gets to keep. In Celebrity Mole Hawaii, the winner, comedienne Kathy Griffin, took home $233,000.

"We learned from 'Celebrity Mole Hawaii' that performers play this game very, very well because their acting abilities raise their level of deception," said Scott A. Stone, executive producer of the series along with David G. Stanley and Clay Newbill.

This is a nice statement, but keep in mind that the other contestants (if not the viewing audience) were stunned to learn that Bill was The Mole in The Mole 2. After The Mole 2, Stone Stanley apparently decided not to include accurate clues in the broadcast, making it almost impossible for viewers who were playing along to guess the identity of The Mole, as they had done so successfully with Bill.

We do have a ***SPOILER ALERT*** below:

Since our tipster was unable to identify only TWO women in the competition, and yet we now know that there were THREE women who were not identified, it appears likely that one of those three women -- Ananda, Keisha, and Angie -- is the first to go. Beyond that, your guess is as good as ours about the outcome.