"American Idol" judge Paula Abdul has revealed she suffers from a rare and painful physical disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Her disclosure followed a wave of speculation she may have drug or alcohol problems, E! Online said Friday.

Abdul told People magazine the RSD started after she suffered a disc injury some 25 years ago. Two car wrecks and a plane crash made the problem worse, she said.

"If people only knew what I've gone through with pain and pills. I'm dancing for joy at the fact that not even a year ago I was in so much pain I could barely get up," she said in response to the rumors.

"It was getting ugly with the lies people were saying. It was time to set the record straight. I want America to know that I have never been addicted to anything, no chemical dependency, nothing for recreational purposes."

Abdul said she is taking the prescription drug Enbrel to deal with the pain.