With high U.S. ratings making "Flavor of Love" VH1's top-rated original series, the network plans a spinoff based around a series contestant.

Daily Variety reported the cable channel is set to begin filming 10 episodes of the as-of-yet untitled dating show based around one of "Flavor's" contestants, hoping to cash in on the immense popularity of the Flavor Flav-driven reality series. The rapper eliminates the contestants, and the winner gets a prize.

Executive producers Cris Abrego and Mark Cronin will head the new series and will attempt to draw in as many eccentric contestants to their show as have been present in the two seasons of "Flavor of Love."

"We're able to cast guys you wouldn't normally see," said Abrego of the new series, which is expected to debut next summer. "We've got investment bankers, lawyers, rappers, unemployed guys living at home ... The best part is each one believes they have amazing game."

Despite a third season of "Flavor" seeming unlikely, Abrego said Flavor Flav's tenure with VH1 is far from over.

"We are developing new show ideas with him," he told Daily Variety. "We think it's time for him to do something new. He's funny and a likeable character."