Ty Murray has no hard feelings about home viewers letting him know that his time as a Dancing with the Stars participant had come to an end.

"That's the good thing about a show that America votes you off," said Murray during a Tuesday night Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance that followed his Dancing with the Stars ouster. "That way you know it was time for you to go and everything's good."

The Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding star and his professional partner Chelsie Hightower became the tenth couple eliminated from Dancing with the Stars' eighth season during last night's live results show broadcast on ABC.

"It feels nice to get out of the rhinestones," Murray told Kimmel.

While Murray was originally cast as a Dancing with the Stars eighth-season celebrity participant along with his real-life wife Jewel Kilcher, she was subsequently forced to withdraw from the competition before it even premiered after she suffered fractured tibias in both of her legs during training with professional partner Dmitry Chaplin.

"Obviously it was really important for us to do it together," said Murray, who added he was still able to achieve him main objective on the show.

"My main reason for doing it was the publicity that it was able to give to the [Professional Bull Riders organization] and the sport of rodeo.  I think it's great.  You don't realize how big the show is -- that 25 million people a week watch -- until you're a part of it.  I feel like it did bring some awareness."

In addition, Murray said he made much farther in the competition than his friends thought he would.

"You know it's funny, my friends, they voted unanimously that I wouldn't get passed the first show," he said.  "They've seen me dance."

Murray also thanked Hightower -- a former So You Think You Can Dance finalist -- for helping to teach him his moves, but added it was his time to go.

"I've learned about all the dances I can handle," he said.