Tori Spelling has revealed she almost died while pregnant with her new baby boy. 

Before Spelling's fourth child, Finn Davey McDermott, was welcomed into the world on August 30, the reality TV star overcame life-threatening obstacles and a lengthy hospitalization period in order to get both her son and herself out alive, Us Weekly reported in its latest issue.  

"My doctor kept telling me that at any point I could have a big bleed where they'd be forced to take me to surgery and deliver the baby. If that happened before 24 weeks, they said the baby wouldn't survive but they would do it to save my life," Spelling told Us.

"I was like, 'No! You have to save the baby!' He told me, 'You don't understand: If you lose enough blood, you could die.'"

Spelling was recalling the incident in which she was hospitalized at 20-weeks pregnant with Finn in May. She said the worst of her problems began when she woke up one morning at 6AM to something extremely alarming.

"There was blood streaming down my legs. I stumbled to the bathroom, screaming for Stella," she told Us, adding that her daughter Stella then found her sitting on the toilet surrounded with blood.

"I told her, 'You have to go get Daddy.'"

Husband Dean McDermott then reportedly rushed Spelling -- who had experienced numerous frightening bleeding episodes prior to that climactic moment -- to Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai medical center.

Doctors told the couple Spelling had been suffering from placenta previa, a condition in which a woman's placenta covers her cervix, according to Us. The condition was most likely a result of her three previous caesarean sections and conceiving Finn only one month after giving birth to daughter Hattie.

Spelling's medical issue reportedly required immediate hospitalization, and she was told she couldn't leave until the end of her pregnancy. The magazine reported that Spelling was also warned she may potentially need a hysterectomy following the pregnancy.

During the time of her hospitalization, doctors told Spelling she was at risk of having a "massive bleed," and if that was to  happen, terminating her pregnancy and removing her entire uterus may be the only way to keep her alive.

"It was surreal. I just remember thinking, 'I can't leave three children behind,'" said Spelling, who had another bleeding incident while 25 weeks pregnant where doctors believed they'd have to deliver her baby right away and Finn would only have a 30% percent chance of survival.
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Besides the fear of leaving her children without a mother, Spelling's other greatest concerns and biggest hardships apparently weren't about her own health. She reportedly was forced to miss out on her son Liam's preschool graduation and Stella's fourth birthday party, as well as Hattie's growth and progress as a recent newborn.

"That's what I feel the most guilt about. I basically missed the first year of [Hattie's] life. I'll be trying to make it up forever. She spoke her first word -- 'Dada' -- when I was away, and she started crawling. She would visit, but I couldn't hold her," she explained.

However, Spelling managed to survive it all. After nearly 10 bleeding incidents and four months of enduring strict bed-rest instructions, Spelling successfully welcomed Finn in late August via another C-section.

But much to Spelling's dismay, three weeks after Finn was born, the reality TV star was hospitalized again for post-delivery complications. Her C-section scar had reportedly burst and she was forced to undergo emergency surgery.

"I felt like I was caught in the ocean, being slammed by wave after wave. But I'm staying strong. I just want to be a mom again," said Spelling, who reportedly hasn't held [Hattie] on her own since she was five months old.

In late September, Spelling announced she was back home in LA following her operation.

"I wanted to let you know that I am home from the hospital, on the road to recovery, and overjoyed to be back with my family. I am so thankful for all of your love and support these past couple of weeks. It has meant so much to me," Spelling wrote on her blog at the time.