The network that is already home to a few reality series about large families has added two more.

TLC announced it has ordered Quintuplet Surprise and another new reality series based on its Multitude of Multiples special that followed a family with septuplets.

Both shows are currently scheduled to premiere later this year.

Quintuplet Surprise will follow Austin, TX couple Casey and Ethan Jones as they raise their 6-year-old daughter and a newborn set of quintuplets while also dealing with a construction business that hasn't been doing so well.

Multitude of Multiples originally aired last summer on TLC and the new ongoing series will continue to follow the Carpio family -- which includes 18-month-old sextuplets and an 8-year-old son -- as they live in New York City.

TLC is already home to 19 Kids and Counting, which follows Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and their 19 children, and Table for 12, which follows Eric and Betty Hayes and their 10 children.

In addition, the network was previously home to Jon & Kate Plus 8.