Well, just when you think this show has hit bottom, someone calls in for dynamite and they blast even deeper. We've been sitting on this story for a week or so while we attempted to verify it, but here we go...

In, what as far as we know is a first, Single Tony from TI2 has become the first reality TV show "star" to cash in on his new "fame" in the form of a porno video (that FOX... always striving to "break new ground.") The following is all from their press release (we couldn't make this stuff up.) That these were the BEST people that FOX could come up with out of 60,000 applications continues to amaze us.

Our question: so when is the "Love Cruise" film coming? Michael???

MovieMountain.com has announced their new video release with "Tony" from Temptation Island 2 in his first solo X-rated performance. The film, titled SoloGuys #1, is the first in a new series from Surfside Studios called "Joystick Amateur Productions". The video contains out-takes featuring the Solo Guys including an interview with Tony discussing growing up in a small rural town, his new outlook on life, and his new found attraction.

Solo Guys #1, produced by world famous Director Rick Warner of Surfside Studios, is a full length pro-am movie with some of the hottest young, hung and muscled men being more than tempted for your viewing pleasure. This presentation is filmed in Pro/Amateur format to bring you more REAL action. This means that the camera moves right along with the action! Solo Guys #1, produced by world famous Director Rick Warner of Surfside Studios. Surfside Studios (1993) is a gay adult video production company specializing in solo and hardcore action videos featuring hot, fresh, lean and young dudes.

...don't ask us what a "gay adult video company" is doing producing Tony's straight porno, decide for yourself. And hey, is that "Danny" from Real World New Orleans on the cover with him?