Many people have commented that reality TV produces comic-book characters as stars. The WB has decided to take that concept one step farther.

E! Online reports that The WB has greenlighted a new six-episode reality TV show entitled Who Wants to Be a Superhero? However, the contestants on this show won't be stopping bullets or leaping tall buildings in a single bound. Instead, the show is focused on comic-book artists who will be trying to create characters and pitch them to a panel of celebrity judges.

The show was dreamed up by legendary comic-book artist and Marvel Comic head Stan Lee and Bruce Nash, the producer of Meet My Folks. Nash claims that Superhero?, unlike other reality TV shows, will not focus on "sexual tension."

Oh yeah? Tell that to Peter Parker and Clark Kent. We think Mr. Nash should check out Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex by the Hugo- and Nebula-Award winning author Larry Niven before the show begins production, just so he knows what he's in for.

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