The Voice advanced eight talented artists, including Married at First Sight star Anthony D'Amico's sister Alena D'Amico and powerful singers Dexter Roberts and Jej Vinson during Monday night's Season 16 episode.

The Voice continued its sixteenth-season Blind Auditions on Monday night with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and new coach John Legend selecting artists for their teams.

The singers who were shown making a team and advancing to the Battle Round were Dexter, a 27-year-old from Fayette, AL; Alena, a 26-year-old from Detroit, MI; Jej, a 22-year-old from Davao, Philippines; Jacob Maxwell, a 20-year-old from Coeur d'Alene, ID; Karly Moreno, a 23-year-old from Mission Viejo, CA; Carter Lloyd Horne, a 19-year-old from Marietta, GA; Talon Cardon, an 18-year-old from Orem, UT; and Patrick McAloon, a 40-year-old from Barrington, RI.

Jacob Maxwell kicked off the show by performing "Delicate," and both Kelly and John turned their chairs around for him.

Kelly said Jacob "moved" her and then Adam admitted he was "stupid" and "screwed up" by not pressing his button.

John said his Biblical name is appropriate given his voice is "heavenly." John also loved how Jacob hit his notes with power, energy and purity.

Jacob decided to join John's team, although he was clearly a fan of Adam's and was hoping him to express interest.

"If John lets him go, I'll be right here," Adam said of his Steals in the upcoming Battle Round.

Karly Moreno performed "Starving" by Hailee Steinfeld and Grey featuring Zedd. Adam was the only coach who turned his chair around but he was thrilled.

"I'm so happy right now because your voice... is small but emotional, vulnerable and raw," Adam told the artist.

Adam appreciated her pure tone and could envision her having a song on the radio right now "that everybody knows." He could also see herself being underestimated in the competition.

Carter Lloyd sang "Drinkin' Problem" by Midland for his Blind Audition, and both Kelly and Blake turned around at the last second for him.

Kelly was shown mouthing to Blake that Carter was "cool," and she couldn't believe how young he is based on the sound of his voice.
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Kelly thought Carter sounded like he was 50 years old because he didn't try too hard. Adam said Carter seemed to be like "Blake Jr." but Kelly really wanted this artist on her team.

Blake admired Carter's performance but admitted there were a few pitch problems. However, Blake respected his big final note and realized his talent is "undeniable."

With that being said, Carter decided to join Blake's team.

Talon Cardon performed "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur for his Blind Audition.

When Talon hit his last note, John decided to turn around for him. John thought the beginning was a little shaky but he did a great job with it.

Kelly predicted Talon will be "a dark horse" in the competition, and Adam agreed Talon has a lot of potential.

Patrick McAloon took the stage with "Runaway Train," hoping to peak the coaches' interest.

By the end of the song, Adam, John and Blake all pressed their buttons for him.

John said Patrick "sounded incredible" and showed his range. John explained he navigated the song with "skill and charm and presence."

Adam thought Patrick was musically like-minded as himself, not to mention they have the same influences such as Sting and Peter Gabriel.

"You sang the song with the perfect sentiment and emotion that it was intended for. I love everything about you, and I think [my team] is where you fit," Adam told Patrick.

Blake added he'd be honored to have Patrick on his team, but in the end, the artist chose to join "Team Adam."

Alena D'Amico who happens to be the sister of Season 5 Married at First Sight star Anthony D'Amico, auditioned for The Voice with the song "In My Blood" by Shawn Mendes.

Blake and Kelly turned around for Alena and Blake actually gave her a standing ovation.

Adam advised Alena to pick Kelly as her coach, thinking they'd be a great match given they're both strong and powerful singers.

Blake admitted he didn't have "woman power" but he had 16 seasons of experience on The Voice. Blake joked about how he specializes in winning the show.

Kelly complimented Alena on her song selection and said she'd absolutely love to be her coach.

Alena ultimately joined "Team Kelly," but Kelly was hoping to land a few men on her team as well.

Dexter Roberts took the stage with "Like A Cowboy," and all four coaches expressed interest and gave him a standing ovation.

John thought his vocals were perfect, and Adam called his performance "transcendent" and "spectacular."

Adam admitted he didn't want Dexter to pick him but he pressed his button to show respect for him.

Kelly complimented Dexter's talent and then made him think of strategy. Kelly explained Blake's team was going to be filled with country singers and he should think beyond the obvious choices artists make on the show.

It was a good try, but Dexter found a home on Blake's team, where Blake was convinced the artist belonged.

The final artist of the night was Jej Vinson, who performed "Passionfruit" and got all four coaches to turn around and cheer for him on their feet.

John was blown away by his "precise and beautiful runs" and ability to get the crowd going with his somewhat wild song choice. He said Jej deserved all four chairs to turn around.

Adam advised Jej not to be "too perfect" because there was something almost surgical about his vocals. Adam wanted to get Jej to a place where people could feel him as well as hear him so people would connect to his heart.

Blake admitted the coaches were nervous to talk to him because they might have been "looking at the winner of The Voice this season."

Blake said he'd hate to see the artist to do what people expected of him. Blake didn't want to see him "stay in a box," taking a dig at Adam.

"I can win this show with you," Kelly insisted, adding his performance was effortless and his voice has "finesse."

Kelly said she'd absolutely love the opportunity to work with him, and in the end, he chose to join her team. Blake was jealous, calling Jej "a phenomenal talent."

Several artists unfortunately did not make the cut during Monday night's The Voice broadcast.

Luna Searles, a 37-year-old from Atlanta, GA, who previously auditioned for Season 2 of The Voice, took the stage with "Nutbush City Limits." The coaches felt something was missing in her performance and a couple of different notes could have done the trick.

Patrick's daughter Ruby McAloon auditioned at age 16 but failed to turn a chair with her performance of "Back To You."

And Kanard Thomas, a 28-year-old from Jacksonville, FL, performed "Riding with the King" for his audition, but no one turned around.

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