The Voice coaches advanced 12 artists from "The Blind Auditions" during Monday night's broadcast of Season 13 on NBC, including a potential winner named Jon Mero.

Jon, a 31-year-old corporate singer from Iowa who currently resides in Atlanta, GA, often sings at weddings and even once performed in a band behind CeeLo Green, but he hoped The Voice would be his big break.

Jon sang "Versace on the Floor" for his audition, and Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton all turned their chairs around for him. Jennifer gushed about how he didn't come to The Voice; the coaches went to his show. She called him a star.

After Miley bonded with Jon over bedazzled denim, Adam commented how he has "a tremendous voice" and reminds him of Prince because of the way he connects with people using just his DNA. Adam said it would be "an honor to work" with him on just a step of his never-ending career.

Blake wrongly guessed Jon is a trained dancer and then noted how he's also an incredible singer. Miley then called herself "a super dedicated coach," saying she waited to turn around until the last minute so she could be completely inspired. Miley explained how she only works with people who inspire her and whom she loves.

In the end, Jon joined Adam's team because the Maroon 5 singer best represents the genre in which he'd like to perform going forward. Jon felt Adam could lead him in the right direction, and then Adam admitted the artist is "potentially the winner" of The Voice because he's "so charismatic and so talented."

Chloe Kohanski, a 23-year-old from Mt. Juliet, TN, also made a big impression on the coaches. When she sang "The Chain," Miley, Jennifer And Blake pressed their buttons. Chloe described herself as a "psychedelic rock singer," similar to Miley's vibe.

But Blake argued that Miley sings "psycho rock," before pointing out that he loved the cracks and dynamics of Chloe's unique voice.

Jennifer saw a "sassy superstar" on that stage, and Miley said they have a similar range so she could pick out great songs for the singer in this competition. Jennifer, however, told Chloe that she has her own voice and can find her own lane, basically suggesting she shouldn't try to be just like Miley.

"I think you can be in the finale," Blake said.

"I'm ready to win this time," Miley noted.

And then Chloe decided to join Miley's team, which was the predictable choice for viewers watching at home.

Brandon Brown, a 19-year-old violin teacher from Bronx, NY, managed to turn three chairs as well -- Adam, Jennifer And Blake -- with his rendition of "Georgia on My Mind."
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Jennifer argued she won her last season of The Voice U.K., but Adam said the United States version is different. Despite Jennifer's apparent passion in landing Brandon as a team member, the artist picked Adam as his coach so the Maroon 5 frontman can push him out of his comfort zone.

Many artists sparked the interest of two coaches during last night's show, including Dennis Drummond and Ignatious Carmouche.

Dennis, a 27-year-old from Nashville, TN, is a 6'8" tall man who comes from a family of steel workers. He plays guitar for Adam Wakefield, a former runner-up on The Voice from Blake's team. Dennis initially wanted Adam as a coach, but after singing "She Talks To Angels," he joined Blake's team because of his impact on country music and great stories.

Ignatious, a 28-year-old minister from Opelousas, LA, was crowned The Voice's Season 12 Snapchat winner out of 20,000 contestants, so he had already met Adam. For winning the contest, Ignatious was given the opportunity to have a Blind Audition this season.

The artist performed "Latch," and both Jennifer And Blake turned their chairs. Blake complimented his clear, perfect and effortless pitch, but Adam insisted Jennifer was the right choice for Ignatious.

Ignatious therefore ultimately became a member of "Team Jennifer." Jennifer thought his voice sounded like a saxophone, and ironically, Ignatious plays that instrument.

Rebecca Brunner, a 22-year-old from Mason, MI who currently lives in Chicago, IL, performed "Believer," and Blake turned around at the last second because of the difficulty of the vocal performance.

Whitney Fenimore, a 28-year-old from Tulsa OK, performed "Hold On We're Going Home" in Americana-folk style, and both Adam and Miley pressed their buttons. Whitney picked Adam as her coach because he's one of her favorite artists.

Ilianna Viramontes, an 18-year-old from Brentwood, CA, missed her high school graduation to audition for The Voice. She took the stage with "New Soul" and got Blake and Miley to turn around. Because Adam pointed out that choosing Miley would help Ilianna come out of her box, she picked Miley as her coach.

Meagan McNeal, a 31-year-old from Chicago, IL, sang an interesting rendition of "Can't Feel My Face," and Jennifer was the only coach to turn around, saying she's unafraid and self-aware.

Three artists were also shown advancing in a brief montage of performances: Katrina Rose, who sang "Kozmic Blues" and joined Miley's team; Natalie Stovall, who performed "If It Hadn't Been for Love" and joined Blake's team; and Ryan Scripps, who took the stage with "Body Like a Back Road," and joined Blake's team as well.