After nearly a year, The Simple Life star Paris Hilton has broken her silence about her relationship with Nicole Richie, her reality TV series co-star.

Despite a well-publicized falling out in April 2005, the now non-speaking former best friends recently began filming The Simple Life 4, a fourth edition of the one-time Fox reality series that was picked up by E! after Fox dropped it.

Although they are no longer on speaking terms, contractual obligations forced the pair into filming the fourth edition, which in an attempt to minimize their joint screen time, will feature the two women separately serving as Wife Swap-style "surrogate mothers."

Last year, Hilton had released a statement stating that "Nicole knows what she did and that's all I am ever going to say about it." A year later, she changed her mind during an interview in the May issue of Elle magazine's U.K. edition.

"I've been best friends with her since I was two, but when I brought her on to my show, she got very jealous and turned on me for no reason," said Hilton. "She cannot stand being around me because I get all the attention and people really don't care about her."

According to Paris -- who is certainly no stranger to the media spotlight herself -- Richie "let the fame go to her head." "It breaks my heart. She was my sister. She was the funniest person to be around," Hilton told the magazine. "She's not the same person any more. I never want to speak to her again - ever."

Not content to stop there, Hilton also proceeded to rip Richie's physical appearance, calling her weight loss "not normal" and saying "she looks horrible."