Spoofcard.com, a telephone card service provider, has terminated Paris Hilton's account because the heiress and "The Simple Life" star allegedly hacked other people's voicemail.

SpoofCard sells calling cards that allow the caller to change what someone sees on caller ID. They found out about the alleged voicemail hacking when they reviewed their customer call records, CBS reported Thursday.

Actress Lindsay Lohan, who is reportedly feuding with Hilton, was one of the people whose voicemail was broken into.

"My client has informed me that they are absolutely certain Paris Hilton is involved based on the records that they have," SpoofCard's attorney Mark Del Bianco said in a statement. "They have records of all the calls that are made through their service."

He said SpoofCard will cooperate with any investigation into the hacking and said the company has beefed up security.

"We have taken steps to block access for people using our service to get into Miss Lohan's voicemail," he said. "We simply don't want our service used to do this."