Spencer Pratt isn't starring in The Hills to further his own career, but to take mankind's mind off the world's troubles.

"I love the bad press. The bottom line is I'm making people react and ultimately not think about that we are in a war in Iraq and are trying to pick leaders," Pratt told Radar in an interview published in the magazine's November issue.  "The Hills is a good breath for people. I do not take it a little bit seriously. I'm an entertainer."

Pratt and his fiancee Heidi Montag play the villain roles on The Hills' currently airing third season, constantly clashing with Lauren "L.C." Conrad and the bevy of friends she collected to replace Montag.  However Pratt feels he's the bad guy for all the right reasons.

"I'm here and I didn't harm anybody, get in a car accident, didn't get a DUI, and didn't assault anybody," he told Radar.  "I would rather be this hated guy for not doing any harm to anyone physically. I'm here and I have not been racist or homophobic. There are people out there that you could go after so much more, but I'm the new villain, and that's hilarious! It's so cool to be alive."

While Pratt said he could be a reality television star "until I am 100" and thinks "it's the coolest thing in town," he questions his celebrity status.

"I'm not saying that I'm a celebrity -- they should be famous leaders and Nobel Prize winners -- but this is the way the world works," he explained to Radar.  "If the world was normal, which it's not, I would not even be in these magazines. But people get caught up in the drama and the feuds. It doesn't affect me one little bit."

Pratt said he was overpricing food and beverages as a youth in Santa Monica and selling the products at golf tournaments, helping him make "thousands of dollars" before the age of 15.

"I'm trying to be a billionaire before 30," he told Radar.  "Once you find an open market, that's where you can make billions to trillions of dollars... And I'm a free thinker. There is no box.  I'm thinking about ideas that people might think are crazy, and I'm like, 'This world is crazy, where do you think we are?' You want to tell me there's a planet and there's a universe, and gravity holding us down? It's like, 'Okay, I'm crazy then.'"

Pratt certainly has a crazy idea for his next business venture, as he's managing Montag's music career.

"But I don't take a dollar from Heidi," he explained to Radar.  "I get my own money. I just don't want anyone taking a percentage from Heidi that isn't committing their life to her... She was made for entertaining. She was walking around in high heels at two years old doing dances. I would never call Spencer Pratt a star, but she is, because she shines. That is the definition of star:  she pops out from the universe."

Pratt added he would "never make any decisions where Heidi is not 100% in charge" and refuted claims by her former friends that he has her brainwashed.  He said he wanted to marry Montag "the second I realized who this girl was."

"She was born and raised in Crested Butte, Colorado. She can't be tarnished or corrupted like you can in L.A. or New York, she is a pure soul," Pratt told Radar. "She is an angel, and I'm honored to be with her. People don't even know!"
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Pratt said he isn't too concerned about how media coverage of The Hills' feud is portrayed.

"I definitely want to go into politics later in my life. I plan to be governor at least, and president if possible," he told Radar

"But if people look back on the show, I'll say, 'Who were you when you were 23-years-old? Don't tell me you didn't go to the nightclub and get in fights with your girlfriend and throw paint on the wall.' It's not going to affect my politics and things I want to change. It's going to be about who I want to be and not who I was when I was 20."