Former The Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson and NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett have set their wedding date and location.

Wilkinson and Baskett are planning to wed on June 27 in Los Angeles, Wilkinson and told Robin Leach during a recent interview with her The Girls Next Door co-stars Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt in Las Vegas.

"I'm waiting for Hank to come out. I'm not waiting because I want him to go to the playoffs, but I'm waiting for him to come out to help me plan for the wedding and stuff," Wilkinson told the former Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous host during an interview for Luxe Life, his Las Vegas Weekly blog.

Baskett, a 26-year-old wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, advanced to the NFL playoffs on Sunday after beating the Dallas Cowboys 44-6.

Wilkinson said that the wedding would take place in Los Angeles because her grandmother would not be able to fly to any other location. She added that preliminary discussions had focused on how prominently Hugh Hefner would be featured in the ceremony.

"Now we're talking if Hef should actually walk me down the aisle. I think so, but I don't know yet," Willkinson told Leach.

Wilkinson also said that she, Madison and Marquardt have developed a closer bond since the three began going their separate ways following their publicized breakup with Hefner.

"I think things between us three - it's so weird, but I feel now that we don't live together, now that we don't live in the same house, I want to be with them more," she told Leach. "Every time I see them, I feel like I want to be with them more, and now I feel like I appreciate them more."

Both Madison and Marquardt teased that they had both always thought that Wilkinson would fall for a football player, and added that she was always "adamant" in disagreeing with them. Wilkinson didn't deny that she had not agreed with them in the past, but added that Baskett wasn't just any football player.

"He is by far not just a football player," Wilkinson said. "I mean, I love football, but I never thought I would marry a football player."

"Kendra has found love with a great guy," Marquardt added later. "He is the perfect gentleman."

One thing the girls weren't as certain about was their willingness to strip down in the future following their final Playboy pictorial together in February's issue. While Marquardt said she was still comfortable baring it all, both Madison and Wilkinson said that they had moved on.
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"I used to be [into it] but no longer! I don't like being naked anymore," Wilkinson told Leach. "I mean of course in bed at night with your true love, but I am really retiring from the whole nudity thing."

"I've decided that everybody has seen it and it's old news, so I'm putting my clothes back on from now on," Madison added.

Marquardt said that with many things "in transition" and the sixth season of The Girls Next Door not scheduled to begin shooting "for a while," she would be moving out of the Playboy mansion in January and begin work on her new show, Bridget's Sexiest Beaches, which will premiere on Travel Channel on March 12.

"I still keep my bikini on for half of my new life!" Marquardt told Leach. "We've all three of us got new gigs and are on our own. The Girls Next Door has really blossomed into good jobs for all of us. It was fun being arm pieces for the boss because we got a lot of opportunities from it."

With Wilkinson happy with Baskett and Madison currently dating illusionist Criss Angel, Marquardt also acknowledged that she was "the single girl right now."

"I'm looking for love... in all the wrong places!" she told Leach.

"You should be the next [The Bachelorette star]! I'm dead serious; you should be the next Bachelorette. Bridget," Madison suggested.

"Oh my gosh, Holly," Marquardt responded. "No!"