The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation eliminated Vicki Clark during the second half of Monday night's double episode on NBC.

Vicki Clark, a 54-year-old women's healthcare nurse practitioner from Bladenboro, NC, became the seventh contestant ousted from The Biggest Loser after she fell below the yellow line by posting one of the two lowest weight-loss percentages on her team.

The other members of Jennifer Widerstrom's team then voted Vicki out instead of Erin Willett, a 26-year-old singer and songwriter from Brooklyn, NY, who was also in jeopardy.

"Team Jen" lost the weigh-in to fellow trainer Dolvett Quince's team. Jen's entire team posted an average 2.04% weight-loss percentage compared to Dolvett's 2.38%.

On the losing team, Vicki dropped from 202 to 198 pounds, losing four pounds and posting a 1.98% weight-loss percentage.

Erin only lost one pound and posted a 0.50% weight-loss percentage after falling from 200 to 199 pounds. It was clear, however, Erin's team considered her more of an asset going forward.

Luis Hernandez dropped from 250 to 244 pounds, shedding six pounds and posting a 2.40% weight-loss percentage.

Lauren Clark shed five pounds and posted a 2.51% weight-loss percentage after falling from 199 to 194 pounds.

Colby Wright posted the highest weight-loss percentage on his team. He dropped from 278 to 271 pounds, losing seven pounds and posting a 2.52% weight-loss percentage.

Not only did "Team Jen" lose the weigh-in, they also were defeated in the Last Chance Challenge, which required the contestants to pull rafts 300 feet to the shore and then collectively paddle them out to a finish line in the water.

In a post-The Biggest Loser update, Vicki started the show weighing 237 pounds and she now weighs 177 pounds. She dropped a total of 60 pounds and is now living a healthier lifestyle. She even works out with her kids now.