NBC Universal and The Biggest Loser's Reveille production company have announced the opening of The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, a new resort and spa located in Ivins, UT that will provide guests a comprehensive weight-loss program.

"Becoming the exclusive resort for NBC's hit reality series is a natural fit," said Renee Jarvis, the resort's managing director. "Our philosophies are the same in that we offer a unique weight-loss opportunity in a calorie controlled and structured environment with motivation from professional fitness experts."

Guests at The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge will be offered a minimum one-week weight-loss program that can be extended as long as the patron wishes. 

An average day at the resort will include at least six hours of physical exercise -- ranging from traditional aerobic activities to nontraditional ones, such as hiking the Snow Canyon State Park, swimming, kickboxing and mat pilates -- as well as an educational program designed to prepare guests to live a healthier lifestyle.  Guests will also have access to licensed professionals, including a registered dietician and counselor.

In addition, the resort is being billed as allowing guests "the same sort of structured and nurturing environment as the contestants on The Biggest Loser."

"This incredible new venture finally allows us to give so many more people access to world class education and facilities to get started on the path to a new healthy lifestyle," said Reveille managing director Mark Koops.

"The program offers incredible diversity in training and activity, so whether it's taking off those final 10 pounds or kick-starting a new change, our fans will now be able to do it with the same level of commitment and quality that our contestants benefit from."

The resort announcement came on the same day that The Biggest Loser video game for Nintendo's Wii system hit stores, Daily Variety reported, adding The Biggest Loser is expected to generate $100 million from various licensed health and fitness products this year.

"The Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge is an exciting and truly unique addition to The Biggest Loser product line," said NBC Universal executive Kim Niemi.

"So many viewers have watched contestants change their lives and bodies over the years and now they have an opportunity to try it themselves at this incredible resort and spa. We are really proud to be able to offer The Biggest Loser at Fitness Ridge to the public and we look forward to helping viewers at home make changes in their own lives with this spa."