The Biggest Loser eliminated Pamela "Pam" Geil during Monday night's NBC broadcast of the reality weight-loss competition's fourth fourteenth-season episode.

Pam, a 43-year-old executive assistant from New York, NY, was automatically ousted after her White Team posted the lowest weight-loss percentage at the season's fourth weekly elimination weigh-in and she had posted a lower weight-loss percentage that her only other remaining team member -- eliminating the possibility of a vote determining who goes home.

"It's terrifying and sad to leave the ranch, but I'm going home. And I can't wait to be the better person that I've become and show my family and friends the new healthier me. Overall, this has been the hardest experience of my life. I had no idea what I was getting into," Pam said following her ouster.

"In the beginning, [Jillian Michaels] and I had friction. You need it to be that hard to make this transformation that quickly and to get it... I feel like a whole new woman. And I'm just so blessed that I had the time I had here and everyone's just been amazing."

The fourth broadcast of The Biggest Loser's fourteenth season began with host Alison Sweeney telling the 11 remaining contestants they'd be forced to work by themselves on the ranch for most of the week because their trainers Jillian, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince would be going to the hometowns of the season's three teen participants to help them out. The trainers would, however, return for the adult contestants' last chance workout.

Before heading off, each trainer sat down with his or her team to discuss guidelines, daily exercise routines and diet plans for the week. Bob, Jillian and Dolvett wanted to make sure their teams were well educated and prepared enough to take on the week alone.

Afterward, Bob visited Noah "Biingo" Gray, a 13-year-old eighth-grader from New Windsor, MD. Dolvett traveled to Lindsay Bravo, a 13-year-old eighth-grader from Fillmore, CA, and Jillian made her way to Sanjana "Sunny" Chandrasekar, a 16-year-old eleventh-grader from Rochester, NY.

The trainers tried to get into the heads of these kids a little more to find out what was bothering them and why over-eating had become an issue. Jillian talked to Sunny's parents about putting too much pressure on their daughter to become a successful doctor when she desired working for other things. Bob played baseball with Biingo and gave him the hope of playing competitively again. Lastly, Dolvett gave Sunny the motivation to one day rejoin her school's cheerleading team.

Meanwhile, Alison met with the season's adult contestants and told them they'd be running a 5K. The winning team, meaning the team to post the average fastest time, would receive $15,000 to split between or amongst them. The second-place team would earn $5,000 and the third-place team would receive $2,500.

Dannielle "Danni" Allen, a 26-year-old advertising account coordinator from Wheeling, IL, finished the race in first place and she was followed by Joe Ostaszewski, a 43-year-old senior sales executive from Williston, FL, in second place, Pam in third, and Francelina Morillo, a 25-year-old student and store manager from Albany, NY, in fourth.

Following Pam, the contestants finished in this order: Lisa Rambo, a 37-year-old high school special education assistant from Houlton, WI; Jackson Carter, a 21-year-old volunteer coordinator for LGBT resource center and movie theater assistant manager from Layton, UT; Gina McDonald, a 47-year-old attorney and law firm owner from Hoover, AL; Jeff Nichols, a 24-year-old pharmaceutical representative from Monroe, MI; Michael Dorsey, a 34-year-old college professor and communications consultant from Baltimore, MD; and Alexandra "Alex" Reid, a 24-year-old legal assistant from Carrolton, TX.

Therefore, Pam and Danni won the $15,000 to split just between the two of them after finishing the 5K with an average time of 38 minutes and 23 seconds.

Afterward, the trainers returned to the ranch and they participated in the contestants' last chance workouts.
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That night, the three teams arrived for The Biggest Loser's fourth fourteenth-season elimination weigh-in.

Alison revealed the losing team to post the lowest weight-loss percentage would deliberate and decide via a vote which of its team members must go home. The players would enter the new voting room to cast their votes one by one, however if the White Team lost, the player with the lowest percentage of weight-loss would automatically be eliminated since there were only two people left.

The players then stepped on the scale one by one to learn their fate and the Bob's Blue Team went first. 

Michael lost 12 pounds, going from 396 pounds to 384 pounds. He was then followed by David, who dropped nine pounds and went from 272 pounds to 263 pounds, Alex, who shed four pounds and went from 221 pounds to 217 pounds, Gina, who lost nine pounds and went from 215 pounds to 206 pounds, and Jeff, who dropped six pounds and went from 348 pounds to 342 pounds. Combined, the Blue Team lost 40 pounds -- giving them a total weight-loss percentage of 2.75% for the week.

Dolvett's Red Team members weighed-in next.

Joe was the first member to step on the scale and dropped seven pounds, going from 317 pounds to 310 pounds. He was then followed by Francelina, who lost six pounds and went from 237 pounds to 231 pounds, Lisa, who lost nine pounds and declined from 223 pounds to 214 pounds, and Jackson, who shed 12 pounds and went from 300 pounds to 288 pounds. Together, the Red Team lost 34 pounds -- giving them a total weight-loss percentage of 3.16%.

Jillian's White Team was the last team to weight-in.

Danni dropped six pounds and went from 228 pounds to 222 pounds, while Pam lost only three pounds and went from 210 pounds to 207 pounds. Combined, the White Team lost nine pounds and posted a total weight-loss percentage of 2.05%. Because Danni had immunity for posting the highest weight-loss percentage on their small team, Pam was automatically ousted.

"I never would have finished third in the 5K if I didn't have Jillian, because she forces you to look at yourself so quickly and she pushes you further than you ever thought possible," Pam noted.

In a post-elimination update, Pam -- who started The Biggest Loser weighing 237 pounds -- said she now weighs 182 pounds. She's become a happier, healthier mom, and her relationship with her daughter has gotten much better. Pam even decided to give herself a makeover to improve her look since she didn't get to experience "makeover week" on The Biggest Loser.

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