The Biggest Loser eliminated Nathan Montgomery during Monday night's NBC broadcast of the reality weight-loss competition's second fourteenth-season episode.

Nathan, a 25-year-old financial advisor from Colorado Springs, CO, was eliminated after his White Team posted the lowest weight-loss percentage at the season's second weekly elimination weigh-in. As the team member with the lowest weight-loss percentage, he was then automatically ousted.

"Only making it to Week 2, I feel it's a little bit of a disappointment, but these two weeks have been amazing. Day 1, if you would've asked me how thankful I am to have [Jillian Michaels], I would've been like, 'Man, she kicked me out of the gym!' But it was a test to see if I wanted to be here and I passed that test. I think from that point on, her and I had a really good bond," Nathan said following his ouster.

"Throughout this whole process, she's told me a lot of things I needed to hear in my life that I've never been told. I feel like I really started to change in the right direction. I've gone through my whole life struggling to achieve what I was able to accomplish here in two weeks. I'm on the right path now and I know it, and I'm excited to see how far I can push that."

The second broadcast of The Biggest Loser's fourteenth-season premiere began with host Alison Sweeney telling the 13 remaining contestants they'd once again face the red line, meaning another automatic elimination without voting or discussion.

Afterward, The Biggest Loser trainers Jillian, Bob Harper and Dolvett Quince introduced their teams to new custom outdoor workout areas. Each area was designed to utilize each trainer's strengths and favorite workout methods.

Bob's Blue Team -- which features Alexandra "Alex" Reid, a 24-year-old legal assistant from Carrolton, TX; David Jones, a 51-year-old police officer from Kiefer, OK; Gina McDonald, a 47-year-old attorney and law firm owner from Hoover, AL; Jeff Nichols, a 24-year-old pharmaceutical representative from Monroe, MI; and Michael Dorsey, a 34-year-old college professor and communications consultant from Baltimore, MD -- had an area with numerous weights and structures.

Dolvett's Red Team -- which consists of Cate Laughlin, a 28-year-old student from Ransomville, NY; Francelina Morillo, a 25-year-old student and store manager from Albany, NY; Jackson Carter, a 21-year-old volunteer coordinator for LGBT resource center and movie theater assistant manager from Layton, UT; Joe Ostaszewski, a 43-year-old senior sales executive from Williston, FL; and Lisa Rambo, a 37-year-old high school special education assistant from Houlton, WI -- utilized a workout area named "Dolvett's dungeon" that resembled an army obstacle course complete with ropes and a sand pit.

Jillian's White Team, which was only left with Nathan; Dannielle "Danni" Allen, a 26-year-old advertising account coordinator from Wheeling, IL; and Pamela "Pam" Geil, a 43-year-old executive assistant from New York, NY, had a very simple layout because Jillian believed they should use their own body weight when training.

Afterward, each contestant met with The Biggest Loser physician Dr. Rob Huizenga, who gave them bad news about their health, physical condition and future outlook.

Dr. Huizenga told Jackson he often stopped breathing at night while sleeping, while Pam's blood was mainly full of fat. Gina learned she had been suffering from diabetes with only a 10% percent chance that medication could solve the problem. As for Michael, his arteries were apparently similar to a man in his 70s.

Meanwhile, Jillian was worrying about how she was slowly losing all her team members because they just didn't seem driven or motivated to make the change. Jillian had already lost two contestants the week prior -- Thomas "TC" Pool via elimination and the other, Nicole "Nikki" Davis, by quitting.

Therefore, Jillian had a heart to heart with her remaining three contestants in attempt to inspire and push them mentally and emotionally rather than just physically in the gym. She discovered ways she could best reach her contestants during their workouts and gave them pep talks.
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All the contestants then met with Alison again and learned they'd be competing in the week's challenge. Once again, teenage participants Lindsay Bravo, a 13-year-old eighth-grader from Fillmore, CA; Noah "Biingo" Gray, a 13-year-old eighth-grader from New Windsor, MD; and Sanjana "Sunny" Chandrasekar, a 16-year-old eleventh-grader from Rochester, NY, joined Alison and were told they'd each help out one team.

Lindsay worked with the Red Team, Biingo joined the Blue Team and Sunny played with the White Team.

The challenge required each team to compete in a timed event broken into four quarters testing speed, agility and strength, and then finally, all three of those areas. The team with the fastest time overall would win the opportunity for the teen on the team to pick his or her favorite NFL player to visit his or her school. In addition, that child's school would receive $5,000.

Although Pam was not medically cleared to play with the White Team, her team ended up winning the challenge for the second time in a row. Therefore, Sunny walked away with the prizes for her school.

Later on, the three teams worked out with their trainers, and then the three trainers collectively worked with the teens. Jillian, Bob and Dolvett gave the kids fitness tests to show where their results compared to those of their age and gender's national average. The teens did sit-ups, sprints, pushups, and a one-mile run.

"We obviously have the responsibility to give the younger generation every opportunity to succeed," Jillian said.

"We just need to get kids off the sofa, out from under these video games that they're spending nine hours playing and not doing anything but just eating crap," Bob explained.

"Our kids are a window into the growing problem in our country. I couldn't even test our kids with standards pushup and pull-ups because they couldn't do it without assistance. 'We' are responsible and 'we' have to do something," Dolvett noted.

The Red, Blue and White teams then participated in their last chance workouts. Jillian had her team work with Bob to realize Jillian wasn't especially hard on them. She believed they'd see how Bob worked them and then be more understanding of Jillian's attitude and fitness techniques. Meanwhile, Dolvett trained his team alone.

Jillian's team was coming a long way. They started to get into the mindset where they wanted to impress their trainer and prove to her they belonged on her team and were ready to fight to stay.

Afterward, the contestants and trainers met with Alison for their second weekly elimination weigh-in and the host revealed that (unlike usual) the losing team would not get to decide which of the two team members that posted the lowest weight-loss percentage would be eliminated. Instead, like the week prior, the member with the lowest weight-loss percentage who falls below the red line would automatically be eliminated.

The players then stepped on the scale one by one to learn their fate. 

David on the Blue Team went first and lost nine pounds, going from 287 pounds to 278 pounds. He was then followed by Gina, who dropped seven pounds and went from 230 pounds to 223 pounds. Alex shed six pounds and went from 231 pounds to 225 pounds, and Michael lost 14 pounds and went from 423 pounds to 409 pounds. Jeff unfortunately lost zero pounds, so his weight of 359 remained the same.

"I don't really think that's a representation of how hard I worked, so I don't know," Jeff explained. "My diet was spot on. I did everything that you [Bob] told me to do."

"I don't understand that at all. I know that stress in this house is a killer, but mathematically, that makes no sense," Bob said.

Combined, the Blue Team lost 36 pounds and posted a total weight-loss percentage of 2.35%.

The Red Team members weighed-in next. Kate was the first member to step on the scale and dropped five pounds, going from 225 pounds to 220 pounds. She was then followed by Francelina, who lost six pounds and went from 248 pounds to 242 pounds, Jackson, who lost four pounds and declined from 306 pounds to 302 pounds, Joe, who shed 12 pounds and went from 338 pounds to 326 pounds, and Lisa, who lost five pounds and went from 230 pounds to 225 pounds.

Together, the Red Team lost 32 pounds -- giving them a total weight-loss percentage of 2.38%.

The White Team was the last team to weigh-in. Pam went first and lost eight pounds, going from 227 pounds to 219 pounds. She was followed by Danni, who dropped five pounds and went from 239 pounds to 234 pounds, and then Nathan, who lost five pounds and went from 339 pounds to 334 pounds. Nathan was only one pound away from his team beating the Blue Team's total.

"That makes me really sad. It does. I look back and I'm proud of the work that I've done. I was starting to write a new book, I think, on my life. And I wanted my Biggest Loser journey to be a bigger part than two weeks, but there's nothing I can do about that now. It's tough," Nathan told the group after discovering his number.

"It's hard to think you could bond with people so much in two weeks. I know I'm not in the house, and what I wouldn't give to stay, but I couldn't have asked for a better trainer or just a better human being to instruct me. I'm really thankful for the two weeks I got to spend with her."

Jillian broke down into tears and said she truly looked forward to seeing and working with Nathan everyday. She said Nathan was simply "a pleasure."

Alison then revealed that Nathan had posted the lowest weight-loss percentage on the White Team, resulting in his automatic elimination. He lost 1.47% percent of his body fat, while Danni posted a 2.09% weight-loss percentage.

In a post-elimination update, Nathan said he dropped from 359 pounds to 299 pounds. He also proposed to his girlfriend and explained how he was finally starting to feel like the man she deserves.
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