The Biggest Loser: Couples eliminated Marci Crozier, a 49-year-old health club manager and restaurant owner from Valparaiso, IN, during Tuesday night's broadcast of the NBC reality weight-loss competition.

Marci became the eleventh contestant ousted from the competition's eleventh season after she fell below the yellow weigh-in line at the eleventh week's weigh-in and was subsequently voted off by the rest of the season's contestants.

"When I first came here, I honestly thought I was coming for Courtney. When I got here, I realized that I needed to be here too, and everyday changed my life. Parents set an example for their children and I've always tried to set a good example for both of my daughters. But the truth is, here, Courtney sets the example for me," Marci said following her ouster.

"She just inspires me! I'm most proud that I influenced so many young people here on the ranch and I know there were days that were very very tough for all of us, but I think a lot of time, they would say, 'If she can do it, we can do it.'"

The Biggest Loser's eleventh eleventh-season episode began following the elimination of Sarah Nitta, a 27-year-old college admissions counselor from Las Vegas, NV, who was voted out of the competition by her Black team members -- who are the contestants training with veteran trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels -- after they posted the lower weight-loss percentage at the tenth week's weigh-in.

The Red team -- the contestants training with new trainers Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronuova, originally labeled "the unknowns" -- then joined the Black team and The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney in the voting room, where she revealed both teams would come together to create one large Blue team for the upcoming week.

Alison then explained the 12 remaining contestants, now joined as the Blue team, lost a combined total of 64 pounds at the tenth week's weigh-in. Therefore, if everyone could lose a total of 65 pounds or more together as a team, they all would receive immunity for the week.

The next day, all the contestants met with The Biggest Loser physician Dr. Rob Huizenga and received medical evaluations, which revealed how their health has drastically improved since their beginning days on the ranch. 

During Marci's session, Huizenga noted she had already managed to hit her goal weight and would therefore be put on a new fitness program.

"You have got your body fat percentage down to 23% [and] in less than three months you've lost 75 pounds.  You are at ideal weight," he explained.

"You can stay here -- I love you, I'm happy that you're going to stay here -- but you are going to go on a whole different plan.  You're going to stay fit, and through this whole process you'll probably gain a little muscle and you'll lose just a little bit of fat. My hat goes out to you."

The Blue team then met with Alison and learned they would be competing in a Pop Challenge, which required them to pair up in teams of two and cook a healthy dish that would be judged on its originality, calories, and taste.

The team that prepared the best dish overall would win The Biggest Loser meal plan for the time the contestants leave the ranch until the eleventh-season's finale. Olivia Ward, a 35-year-old opera singer and plastic surgery office manager from New York, NY, and Moses Kinikini, a 47-year-old garage door installer from Shelley, ID, won the challenge.
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Following the Pop Challenge, the Blue team split up to workout with the four trainers in which the men trained with Bob and Jillian, while Brett and Cara concentrated on the women.

Later on, all the contestants met with Alison and they learned they would be competing as a team in the week's challenge. Alison then explained the Blue team would be required to unbury a yellow rope that was buried all the way to the finish line. They would come across trivia questions along the way and must take turns answering them in teams of two.

If a pair answered a question correctly, they would follow the rope to the next question, while if they answered incorrectly, the couple would be forced to go back and try again. Two members would continuously keep joining the group as the right answers were revealed until the entire Blue team could cross finish line together.

If the Blue team could complete the challenge in less than one hour and 30 minutes, they would get a five pound advantage at the weigh-in. However, if it took them longer than that allotted amount of time, the team would consequently have five pounds added to their combined total at the subsequent weigh-in. The Blue team ended up completing the challenge with only seconds to spare, securing their five-pound advantage.

The next day, the Blue team participated in their last chance workouts with Bob, Jillian, Brett, and Cara.

Later on that night, The Biggest Loser: Couples' first Blue team weigh-in and eleventh elimination weigh-in commenced. Alison explained the contestants would have to beat more than 59 pounds on the scale -- which averaged about five pounds per person -- in order to keep everyone on the Blue team safe from elimination.

However, if the Blue team did not reach their goal in weight loss, two contestants with the lowest weight-loss percentages would fall below the yellow line and one member would subsequently be eliminated based on votes cast by the other contestants -- who would vote individually.

Jennifer Jacobs, a 28-year-old digital media entrepreneur from Long Branch, NJ, was the first Blue team member to step on the scale. She dropped from 196 pounds to 191 pounds after shedding five pounds and posted a 2.55% weight-loss percentage. Olivia's sister Hannah Curlee, a 32-year-old human resources representative from Nashville, TN, posted a 2.22% weight-loss percentage after losing four pounds, falling from 180 pounds to 176 pounds.

Olivia began the week weighing 188 pounds but dropped to 185 pounds after she lost three pounds. She posted a 1.60% weight-loss percentage, while Justin Pope, a 39-year-old business owner, city worker and bounty hunter from Logan, UT, fell from 254 pounds to 249 pounds and posted a 1.97% weight-loss percentage after shedding five pounds.

Justin's friend Rulon Gardner, a 39-year-old gym owner and motivational speaker from Logan, UT, started off the week weighing 342 pounds but dropped to 335 pounds after he lost seven pounds and posted a 2.05% weight-loss percentage, while Ken Andrews, a 49-year-old pastor from Pasadena, CA, managed to lose seven pounds as well, as he dropped from 277 pounds to 270 pounds and posted a 2.53% weight-loss percentage.

Ken's son Austin Andrews, a 21-year-old radio board operator from Pasadena, CA, fell from 283 pounds to 275 pounds and posted a 2.83% weight-loss percentage after he lost eight pounds, while Marci's daughter Courtney Crozier, a 22-year-old student and restaurant manager from Valparaiso, IN, posted a 1.66% weight-loss percentage and shed a total of four pounds after she fell to 237 pounds from 241 pounds.

Irene Alvarado, a 26-year-old student from Portland, OR, dropped from 180 pounds to 178 pounds and posted a 1.11% weight-loss percentage after losing only two pounds, while Moses lost six pounds and posted a 1.94% weight-loss percentage after he fell from 309 pounds to 303 pounds.

Marci and Moses' daughter Kaylee Kinikini, a 20-year-old student from Shelley, ID, were the big surprises of the night. Marci managed to not even lose one pound, but she did not post a negative weight-loss percentage either. While Marci lost zero pounds and posted a 0.00% weight-loss percentage, Kaylee actually gained two pounds and rose from 174 pounds to 176 pounds, posting a positive 1.15% weight-loss percentage. 

The Blue team lost a combined total of 49, which was 10 pounds short of reaching their goal. Marci and Kaylee fell below the yellow line for posting the two lowest weight-loss percentages and were up for elimination.

All the contestants then deliberated and Marci requested everyone to send her home instead of Kaylee, as she had been planning to sacrifice herself in order to enable all of the younger adults to stay on The Biggest Loser: Couples and continue losing weight on the ranch for weeks.

Afterward, the Blue team joined Alison in the voting room and Moses, Hannah, Olivia, Irene, Rulon, and Justin all voted to oust Marci from The Biggest Loser: Couples. Courtney and Jen voted for Kaylee, but Marci had received six votes, which was enough to constitute for her elimination.

In a post-elimination update, Marci, who started The Biggest Loser: Couples weighing 238 pounds and left the ranch weighing 162 pounds -- said she has now completely transformed her life by being enthusiastic about her health. 

In addition, she said she no longer feels like a hypocrite for working in the fitness industry while being overweight, and believes she has already won the competition through the positive attitude she has gained.