The Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe is apparently shocked about Clint Arlis' friendship -- or whatever it is -- with fellow Season 11 suitor JJ Lane.

"Let's talk BROMANCE. Clint and JJ, sittin' in a tree. Wow, that was something serious. It's crazy how much I didn't see. I just wish Clint could have treated me like he treated JJ," Kaitlyn wrote in her People blog.

"Speaking of Clint, that night at the cocktail party, his name kept coming up. I appreciated the guys' honesty. You could tell they didn't want to be throwing anyone under the bus and that they were genuinely just looking out for me."

Kaitlyn admitted she was "so confused" about Clint's intentions because he had impressed her during their one-on-one date of the season in which they had participated in a sexy underwater photo shoot.

"I had seen this sweet, nice side of Clint that I was really attracted to," Kaitlyn noted. "But when I heard stories and heard how the guys felt, it pissed me off. I had to do something about it."

The guys in the house described Clint as a villain and suggested to Kaitlyn he was mean and rude to everyone except JJ. They thought Clint wasn't being true to Kaitlyn, and they were right, because Clint confessed to cameras he wasn't really interested in Kaitlyn anymore -- in fact, he was only trying to get a rose so he could stick around the mansion longer and continue hanging out with his best buddy.

"I'm sure you have ants in your pants just waiting to hear how I handled that one. But you are gonna have to see how it all plays out next week," Kaitlyn said.

There's been speculation Clint is gay ever since The Bachelor released a "Brokeback Bachelor" preview of his strange bromance with JJ. While it's quite possible Clint is gay -- as he did say he was basically falling in love with JJ because he was great on "a lot of levels" and a "sweetheart" -- he's expressed on social media how he was just joking around.

Sources had also previously told TMZ Clint and JJ were in on the fun a little bit, as they purposely gave producers funny soundbites to work with. Clint's comment about getting to know JJ better in the shower was reportedly one of them.
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