The Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe eliminated two bachelors and saw one suitor quit on her during the eleventh season's fourth broadcast on ABC.

Kaitlyn sent Daniel Finney, a 28-year-old fashion designer from Nashville, TN, and Cory Shivar, a 35-year-old residential developer from Pearland, TX, packing during the season's second Rose Ceremony.

Tony Harris, a 35-year-old healer from St. Louis, MO, chose to leave the show after he determined he didn't like the process in which Kaitlyn was looking for love. He thought the group dates were too violent and aggressive, and he was all about love, peace and harmony.

The Bachelorette episode began with Kupah James, whom Kaitlyn eliminated in the previous episode, screaming at the cameras in frustration. Kaitlyn addressed the situation and Kupah told her that he didn't want to go home because he had really opened himself up to the potential of finding love.

Kaitlyn asked Kupah to relax and not get "all up in people's faces" because it made things uncomfortable. Kaitlyn also assured him her mind wasn't going to change -- that she wanted him gone. Once Kaitlyn left, Kupah told the cameras he had been "dissed by an ugly girl" and he didn't even like her anymore. He then got in a car to leave and just said "this sucks." 

Kaitlyn was upset because she had already invested in the guys' feelings. It killed her that Kupah questioned her intentions and his outburst seemed to just come out of nowhere. At the cocktail party, Kaitlyn requested that the remaining guys always be open and vocal with her if there was a situation going on that bothered them. The guys agreed.

Although Kaitlyn wished she had more time to get to know the guys that were left, it became time to hand out roses.

Kaitlyn gave a rose to Jared, a 26-year-old restaurant manager from Warwick, RI; Ben H., a 26-year-old software salesman from Denver, CO; Shawn B., a 28-year-old personal trainer from Windsor Locks, CT; Jonathan, a 33-year-old automotive spokesman, Detroit, MI; Tanner, a 28-year-old auto finance manager from Kansas City, MO; Chris, a 28-year-old dentist from Nashville, TN; Ryan B., a 32-year-old realtor from Wellington, FL; Justin, a 28-year-old fitness trainer from Naperville, IL; Ian, a 28-year-old executive recruiter from Los Angeles, CA; Joshua, a 31-year-old industrial welder from Kuna, ID; Joe, a 28-year-old insurance agent from Columbia, KY; Corey, a 30-year-old investment banker from New York, NY; and Tony.

Clint, a 27-year-old architectural engineer from Chicago, IL; JJ, a 32-year-old former investment banker from Denver, CO; and Ben Z., a 26-year-old fitness coach from San Jose, CA, had all received roses on the prior week's dates.

Kaitlyn's decision therefore eliminated Daniel and Cory, who both seemed pretty bummed out. Kaitlyn cried because she hated to get rid of really nice guys. She found Cory to be sweet, attractive and charming, but she thought it was important for him to be home with his daughter.

The next morning, the remaining suitors were woken up by two champion sumo wrestlers banging on gongs. The guys recruited for the date were Clint, Chris, Tony, JJ, Joe and Shawn.

The guys were forced to change into traditional sumo uniform, which resembled white diapers. JJ jokingly asked for an extra large diaper and said Tony must've "partied his ass off" because his butt was nonexistent. Kaitlyn just wanted the guys to have fun without any drama since there was so much the night before.

The suitors wrestled the professionals in a ring, and Tony wasn't happy about it, so he walked away. Kaitlyn chased after him. He wouldn't talk at first, but then he said he would've preferred going on a special or loving date with Kaitlyn so she could get to see all the different sides of him and get to know him better.

Kaitlyn told Tony the date was about the guys being able to laugh at themselves, but Tony just didn't want to connect with Kaitlyn through violent ways. JJ was pissed Tony was ruining the date for Kaitlyn and therefore confronted Tony about it, which just got him more fired up and Kaitlyn more stressed out. Tony called JJ out of line, but JJ just said in a confessional he couldn't help it because he was developing strong feelings for Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn was trying to be sensitive to Tony, but he had definitely offended her. However, Tony insisted to the Bachelorette he had a lot to offer and didn't want to revert back to his "primal instincts." Kaitlyn told Tony he never had to do anything he didn't feel comfortable with and she wouldn't judge him for it. Kaitlyn wasn't sure if Tony could handle the process of the show -- and clearly, neither was he.

While the guys wrestled each other in an exhibition, Tony stayed at the mansion and just complained. Tony asked why they couldn't go to the zoo or do something fun like that. He said he was there for love but it can only be real when it's shared. Tony claimed he wasn't a quitter and was going to walk off The Bachelorette on his own terms.

That night, as the group date continued, Tony met with Kaitlyn and told her that he could no longer participate in "this circus." Kaitlyn agreed it wasn't the right situation for him. She knew he was a passionate and kind guy, but at the same time, it became obvious he wasn't the guy for her.

Afterward, the guys enjoyed the night portion of the group date and their individual conversations with Kaitlyn. Clint, however, wanted to sit back and let Kaitlyn come to him. In a real dating situation, Kaitlyn would also put effort in, so he wanted to see her try. JJ, who was best buds with Clint, thought he was making a big mistake.

When Shawn talked to Kaitlyn, he said he had never fallen for anyone so hard and so quick. She was then reminded how great everything was when she was with him. She felt passion with Shawn and real chemistry. Kaitlyn therefore decided to give the group date's rose to Shawn.

Clint got absolutely no time with Kaitlyn and he found it frustrating. He said in a confessional the night proved Kaitlyn probably wasn't the girl for him and things weren't working out between them. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn was disappointed, saying it was clear Clint was trying to play it cool. He was coming across as cold. 

However, Clint was pretty much falling in love with JJ. Clint told the cameras that his boy had "a lot of levels" and was "a sweetheart." Their bromance was rapidly developing and growing.

The following day, host Chris Harrison planned a one-on-one date for Ben Z. and Kaitlyn. She called Ben Z. a "babe soda" because he was a "big, handsome man." Chris wanted the couple to put their trust in one another to the test as well as test their communication skills.

Kaitlyn and Ben Z. were trapped in a haunted house through which they had to solve clues in order to open doors and get out within a reasonable time frame. Kaitlyn was terrified because there were pigeons in one room and she said she's really scared of birds. Ben Z. also didn't like snakes and there was a room full of them. 

Ben Z,'s goal throughout the date was to protect Kaitlyn and make her feel safe. Kaitlyn felt the "hell hole" bonded them, and she loved how Ben Z. stepped up like a man and guided her around the whole house while holding her hand. Ben Z. also felt closer to Kaitlyn because they had conquered their fears together.

That night, Kaitlyn and Ben Z. had wine and ordered pizza at her place. Ben Z. told Kaitlyn he hadn't cried in 11 years because he had trained himself to be strong for his brother and father after his mother passed away when he was a young teenager. Kaitlyn was hopeful Ben Z. could open up and show emotion throughout the process, and he was well on his way.

Kaitlyn thought Ben Z. was trying to be tough, when in reality, he was a big teddy bear. She called him "a standup guy" and believed he would make a great husband one day. They relaxed in a hot tub, kissed, and Kaitlyn gave him a rose. Ben Z. figured that falling in love might just be in the cards for him.

Meanwhile, another date card arrived for a group outing. The men selected for the date were Jonathan, Ben H., Joshua, Ryan, Jared, and Tanner.

The next day, the group of guys were taken to an elementary school, where they had 15 minutes to prepare a lesson plan as substitute teachers of a health class. They had to talk about puberty and teach sex education. Joshua got tampons to talk about and he was so nervous. Kaitlyn was looking to separate the men from the boys.

Kaitlyn revealed to the cameras the kids were actually child actors being paid to ask the men difficult and awkward questions about sex, the female body and reproduction. The guys didn't know it, so many of them buckled under the pressure and blushed with embarrassment.

It was a funny date, but Ben H. scored some major points by handling the crowd wonderfully. He explained reproduction in a manner fit for children and made his lesson plan a little bit interactive. Kaitlyn certainly noticed.

That night, Joshua told Kaitlyn he didn't have his first kiss until college. He also had never been in love before. Kaitlyn noted things were moving slower in her relationship with Joshua and he needed to step it up since other relationships were growing fast and being solidified.

Ben H. also made a big impression that night on Kaitlyn. He whisked her away for some dancing on a helicopter pad and he kissed her passionately in a very romantic setting. Kaitlyn said he climbed the ladder and charts drastically in her book that day. Ben H. was proud to call Kaitlyn his "girlfriend."

Back at the mansion, Clint said in a confessional he had connected with JJ more than Kaitlyn because they were "so similar." Clint admitted they had grown very close -- almost too close because of their time together in the shower. While it appeared to be a joke at first, Clint was so intense it became questionable as to whether he had a real genuine crush on JJ. He called their relationship "love."

On the group date, Kaitlyn was excited to talk to Jared that night. She thought he was charming and she really enjoyed kissing him. She said he also felt comfortable with his sexuality and was truly "a man" in the group. Jared found himself falling for Kaitlyn, and he told the cameras he hadn't felt so alive in a while.

Later on, Kaitlyn gave her rose to Ben H., saying he had exceeded her expectations that day. Jared was a little disappointed, but he was at least happy he had a great moment with the Bachelorette.

At the next cocktail party, Clint apologized to Kaitlyn for his behavior on the group date. He said the process was tough for him and he shut down that night because he's not used to dating a girl this way -- without much reciprocation or reassurance. Kaitlyn was relieved because she had felt a strong connection with him on their one-on-one date.

However, Clint was fooling Kaitlyn. He confessed to the cameras he wasn't really interested in Kaitlyn but he needed a rose to stick around and be able to spend more time with JJ. While Kaitlyn bought Clint's story and sealed it with a steamy kiss, the other suitors started approaching Kaitlyn one by one to tell her Clint was insincere and mean to everyone.

Clint was basically described as a villain, and Kaitlyn believed the suitors because everyone except JJ was feeding her the same story and information. Everyone thought Clint was obsessed with JJ and on the show for the wrong reasons. They didn't think he was falling for Kaitlyn or being honest with her.

Because Kaitlyn trusted the other guys, she pulled Clint aside for a chat. She was really fired up and planned to dump him in that exact moment. Clint didn't see it coming.

The episode concluded with Kaitlyn confronting Clint, so viewers will see what happens next week.