The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay should apparently be very wary of bachelors she's warned about during her time on the show.

As shown in a preview for what's to come on The Bachelorette's thirteenth season that aired following Monday night's premiere episode, an unidentified woman shows up on a date and informs Rachel that one of The Bachelorette star's bachelors is her lying and cheating boyfriend from back home.

"You still have the keys to my apartment you m-therf-cker," the woman is shown yelling in the preview, although the man's identity is not given away.

"You thought you deceived every single one of these people. You were in my bed weeks before [the show]. You were texting me."

The girl then adds, "I actually have from the [text] messages proof that the last time he was in my house, he was f-cking me."

Rachel appears to be standing on a basketball court as she browses through the girl's phone to see the messages for herself.

"It definitely shocked all of us that he has a girlfriend," one bachelor can be heard saying in a voiceover.

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading now if you don't wish to learn which one of Rachel's bachelors was caught and exposed by a woman from home].

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, the man who finds himself in a compromising position with a girl he jilted at home is DeMario Jackson, a 30-year-old executive recruiter from Century City, CA.

DeMario's girlfriend shows up on a basketball group date and calls him out, according to Carbone, and Rachel kicks DeMario to the curb as a result.

Rachel probably won't be surprised by DeMario's two-timing behavior given her pal from The Bachelor franchise, Whitney Fransway, warned her at the beginning of The Bachelorette season that Sarah Vendal -- also from Nick Viall's edition -- believed DeMario's intentions for going on the show were not pure.

"Sarah knows someone who knows someone who's cousin's friend is a former roommate with a guy who played basketball with DeMario," Carbone claims.

While Rachel seemed to take Whitney's words to heart in The Bachelorette premiere, she decided not to write DeMario off. Instead, Rachel wanted to get to know DeMario for herself and learn about him based on her own judgement and experiences.

The last time a suitor was confronted on The Bachelorette franchise was when a former Playboy model showed up to tell Desiree Hartsock that one of her bachelors, Brian Jarosinski, was dishonorable and had a girlfriend back home.

Below is the complete list of the 23 The Bachelorette bachelors who are still in the running for Rachel's final rose:

- Adam Gottschalk, a 27-year-old real estate agent from Dallas, TX

- Alex Bordyukov, a 28-year-old information systems supervisor from Grosse Pointe Park, MI

- Anthony Battle, a 26-year-old education software manager from Chicago, IL

- Blake Elarbee, a 31-year-old aspiring drummer from Marina del Rey, CA

- Brady Ervin, a 29-year-old male model from Miami, FL

- Bryan Abasolo, a 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami, FL

- Bryce Powers, a 30-year-old firefighter from Orlando, FL

- Dean Unglert, a 26-year-old startup recruiter from Venice, CA

- DeMario Jackson, a 30-year-old executive recruiter from Century City, CA

- Eric Bigger, a 29-year-old personal trainer from Los Angeles, CA

- Fred Johnson, a 27-year-old executive assistant from Dallas, TX

- Ignacio "Iggy" Rodriguez, a 30-year-old consulting firm CEO from Chicago, IL

- Jack Stone, a 32-year-old attorney from Dallas, TX

- Jamey Kocan, a 32-year-old sales account executive from Santa Monica, CA

- Jonathan Treece, a 31-year-old "tickle monster" from New Smyrna Beach, FL

- Josiah Graham, a 28-year-old prosecuting attorney from Ft. Lauderdale, FL

- Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland, a 31-year-old senior inventory analyst from Chicago, IL

- Kenny Layne, a 35-year-old professional wrestler from Las Vegas, NV

- Lee Garrett, a 30-year-old singer and songwriter from Nashville, TN

- Lucas Yancey, a 30-year-old "whaboom" from Santa Monica, CA

- Matthew "Matt" Munson, a 32-year-old construction sales representative from Meriden, CT

- Peter Kraus, a 31-year-old personal trainer and business owner from Madison, WI

- Will Gaskins, a 28-year-old sales manager from Miami, FL

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