Shawn Booth's already-tense dynamic with Nick Viall is going to get explosive on next week's The Bachelorette episode.

Booth had it out for Viall from the very beginning, questioning his intentions for initially coming on the show a second time. And Viall was well aware Booth disliked him, confiding in contestant Tanner Tolbert that Booth had labeled him "a master manipulator."

And as shown in the preview clip for next Monday night's episode, The Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe will come clean with her suitors about having sex with Viall on their one-on-one date in Dublin, Ireland. Booth will be so "distraught" over the news, he interrupts the next Rose Ceremony to talk to Bristowe, E! News reported.

Booth will find it difficult enough to handle the idea of Bristowe making love to another man, but the situation worsens when he discovers Viall was the culprit.

"Shawn just couldn't get over it. He was obsessed," a source told E! News. "He was more upset that it was Nick than anything else. He asked Kaitlyn, 'Why him?' He didn't understand why, out of all the guys, it was Nick she had to sleep with."

But Booth won't be the only one to snap, as Viall will also allegedly reach his breaking point.

"Nick felt he had tried to get to know him and was rebuffed at every turn," the source explained. "He didn't have any respect for the way Shawn was handling himself. Shawn never gave him a chance."

While fans might think the drama will eventually blow over, Booth and Viall will reportedly never get over their issues with one another.

"Nick and Shawn never end up making peace on the show," noted the source. "It's one of the most bitter rivalries the franchise has ever seen."

The next The Bachelorette episode airs Monday, July 6 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.