Hank Baskett has finally confessed the truth about cheating allegations with a transgender model, and his wife Kendra Wilkinson clearly has his back through thick and thin.

Baskett and Wilkinson's marriage has been in turmoil since last year when reports surfaced the 32-year-old former NFL player was unfaithful to Wilkinson when she was eight months pregnant and lying about it. However, after a lot of therapy and work, the couple is seemingly stronger than ever. And with Wilkinson's support, Baskett is ready to come clean.

"I messed up," a teary-eyed Baskett told People in an interview. "I put myself in a bad situation. And everything through me brought pain upon this family."

Baskett reportedly explained that last April, he stumbled across a couple smoking marijuana in a grocery store and asked them for some. The couple gave Baskett a phone number to call, and once he did, they asked him to arrive at a certain address. Baskett stopped by, used their bathroom, and then upon exiting, "saw something I thought I would never see in my life."

Baskett recalled seeing a naked transgender woman making out with another transgender woman, according to People, and then he said he "froze" and started shaking.

The woman who had initially opened the door to the house for Baskett then allegedly approached him and fondled his genitals through his basketball shorts.

"I didn't engage in anything," Baskett insisted. "It was like a bank robbery. You never know when you'll freeze. I don't know if it was a couple of seconds or 15 seconds, because all I was saying was, 'Get out, get out, get out.'"

Baskett told the magazine he was so humiliated and distraught by the encounter that he concealed everything from his loved ones and still couldn't fess up to what happened two months later when word of his "affair" broke.

"I was this big former football player," he says. "I was the alpha male. I could do anything to protect my family but I couldn't protect myself."

The media frenzy started five weeks after Wilkinson, 30, gave birth to Alijah, now 13 months, and she said she "couldn't control" her emotions and "went ballistic" -- ultimately flushing her wedding ring down the toilet, kicking Baskett out of their home and threatening to divorce him after about six years of marriage.

But Baskett claimed he definitely did not reciprocate any physical activity nor did he track the transgender model down once photos of her circulated online.

"It's hard to defend yourself when people are making up lies," Baskett noted. "You never know what someone is going to make up [next]."

Once Baskett admitted his act of indiscretion to the Kendra on Top star, she apparently remained pretty levelheaded and even somewhat sympathetic.
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"Hank was very naive and gullible. He thinks everybody is his friend. That led him to the hell that we've lived," Wilkinson told People, adding that she doesn't even like to label the father of her two children a "cheater" as the press likes to call him.

"I don't say the word 'cheat.' I can say he was not loyal to me. I don't care about the act. I care about how he reacted to it and how I was told by the media what happened. That scarred me," said Wilkinson, a former Playboy Bunny who also has a five-year-old son Hank IV.

An audio tape was also released that proved Baskett attempted to bribe the transgender model with money in exchange for her silence.

"I wouldn't have pissed off that predator either," Wilkinson explained in her husband's defense. "I would have said, 'I'll give you the world, please don't ruin my life.'"

The couple's relationship drama unfolded on Kendra On Top's third season as well as Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on WE tv.

"I'm finding the trust again," Wilkinson said. "And I'm actually very happy Hank went through this now because he's able to teach his son and his daughter what it's like to make a mistake and what you do after making a mistake."

And now that Baskett doesn't have to keep anymore secrets, he admitted, "I have a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel extremely free."