The Bachelorette bachelor Nick Viall was rejected by Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, who accepted a marriage proposal from Shawn Booth, during Monday night's Season 11 finale of The Bachelorette on ABC.

Viall became a runner-up once more, as Andi Dorfman dumped him for Josh Murray on The Bachelorette's tenth season. But it's not necessarily a fairy tale for Booth and Bristowe either. The couple has to deal with cyber bullies and the aftermath of a very controversial season.

On Monday, Viall talked to Reality TV World about his experience on The Bachelorette and heartwrenching almost-proposal. Below is a portion of his interview. Click here to read more.

Reality TV World: Shawn got the first impression rose on Day 1. Do you think entering the show on that first night would've made any type of difference this season? You kept pointing out that coming into the season several weeks in put you at a disadvantage because you'd never get the same amount of time with Kaitlyn all the other men received.

Nick Viall: I definitely don't think it would've made a difference. I think me pointing out that I had less time was more, you know, when I showed up, a lot of the conversations Kaitlyn and I had behind closed doors was about -- she'd be like, "I know you. I know you're not going to ask me just for the sake of asking because you're at the end, as far as a proposal goes."

And I think she wanted to know, "Would I be willing and able to get engaged if it ended up being me?" So, a lot of our conversations, she kept bringing that up, the engagement. And my whole point was, "Hey, if you want me to be ready to get engaged, I need more -- it's really all just about time."

There were some disadvantages about showing up late, but again, I also got to know her probably better than any guy there because of the hours we spent talking in our previous relationship. So, it kind of works both ways. But I certainly don't think anything we could've done or I could've done would've changed her opinion or her decision.

I think she chose Shawn because she felt he was the best fit. And, you know, I think it would be unfair to their relationship to suggest that if anything different happened, things would've gone a different way.

Reality TV World: Did it surprise you to see your family so upset and nervous about you bringing Kaitlyn home as shown before you walked in the door on your hometown date? And how did your family react when they learned you didn't end up with Kaitlyn? They seemed to love her but maybe they lost some respect for her after that final Rose Ceremony?

Nick Viall: Yeah, well my family knew we had a pre-existing relationship. Like myself, I think my parents thought that if I went [on The Bachelorette], I would come back right away or we'd probably end up together. I think maybe when I watched it back, I was a little surprised by just how emotional they were. But again, they also understand this world, and in that moment, there are some unknowns, right?

And I think having lived through it, my family was aware that I could walk in with Kaitlyn and be all happy and giddy and in love, and no matter how that day went, it could go in a very different direction, which is what happened.

As far as the reaction, to be perfectly honest, when I first called them, they thought I was joking for the first few minutes. They were quite convinced that we were -- you know, my parents met Kaitlyn six days before the end. And so, there wasn't much time between when she met them to the finale. So, they thought I was joking, and they were sad, upset and hurt. Certainly, they had as much surprise as I did. So.

Reality TV World: Hypothetically speaking, if Britt Nilsson got chosen as the Bachelorette, Kaitlyn would've gone home and I'm sure you would've pursued dating her. If that happened, and Shawn was never in the picture, how do you think things might've ended up? Do you think you would've eventually discovered you weren't a perfect match or something was missing?

Nick Viall: It's really hard to say. Not to sound corny, but I think things have a way or working out. Sometimes, things play out the way they should. I mean, yeah, absolutely. I was very much hoping that they picked Britt. And had they picked Britt, Kaitlyn was planning on coming to Chicago and we were going to meet for the first time in person.

And that didn't happen, and that's obviously why I made the decision that I did. You know, I don't know how it would've worked out. Obviously there would've been the distance, and that's never easy, and we wouldn't have had -- the thing about The Bachelor world is, like, there's such an intensity, which can be great and sometimes misleading, but it does really help to pave and strengthen a relationship in a lot of ways. And we wouldn't have had that.

So, who knows what would've happened. We probably would've talked and hung out, and obviously, I think it's safe to say we would've had that connection that we had when we met. But it's hard to say what would've happened.

I think most important, we know what did happen and things do have a way of working out. So, I think that's what I focus on. I don't spend too much time wondering, "What if?" And that's why I came, right? Because now I don't have to ask that question.

Reality TV World: During The Bachelorette season, reports swirled you were spending a little time with Chris Soules' ex-fiancee Whitney Bischoff, which sparked rumors you were dating. I'd like to give you a chance to address that.

Nick Viall: Yeah, sure. I was out with friends. Whitney and I have a mutual friend in Jaclyn Swartz, who's actually become a very close friend of mine. She was on a previous season. I think it was [Ben Flajnik's]. She's a very close friend of mine and I know she's a friend of Whitney's. It was during a Blackhawk's game.

I was out with my friends and then Whitney stopped by. She had just broken up with Chris. It was my first time meeting her. Again, her and I have mutual friends. It was nice to meet her, and I spent some time talking to her for about 30 minutes. She's a great person. I haven't spoken with her since. We're, at best, acquaintances. There is no way there's anything more than that.

I have nothing but the highest opinion of her from when we met, but I really don't know her too well. It really was just an introduction from a mutual friend that was nothing more than getting to know a fellow Bachelor family person.

Reality TV World: You can't hang out with someone of the opposite sex from The Bachelor family without people jumping to conclusions you're dating. (Laughs)

Nick Viall: (Laughs) Yeah, like a couple of weeks ago, I met Carly Waddell. She was in town visiting and she's friends with Jaclyn, so we got to hang out and again, I think [Mikey Tenerelli] from [Desiree Hartsock]'s season was there. They became friends in Paradise, so I got to meet him. And so, I also got to meet and get to know Chris, who I didn't meet on the show, but he lives in Chicago.

So Carly is a really sweet girl and we became friends. But yeah, it's always funny because just because the other person is a female and I'm talking to her, it doesn't mean we're dating. We're friends. I have a lot of girlfriends whom I'm not, in any way, romantically involved with. So, yeah.

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