The Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin lost two bachelors, Clay Harbor and David Ravitz, to injuries during Monday night's episode of Season 14 on ABC.

Clay, a 30-year-old professional football player from Chicago, IL, appeared to break his wrist during a group-date football game.

While Clay desperately wanted to stay and continue fighting for Becca's heart, doctors said he needed emergency surgery to continue his career in the NFL. Clay therefore made the difficult decision to leave the mansion, because it's important he provide for his family.

"I 100 percent think I could have fallen in love with Becca. But with being a man comes making tough choices and decisions, and I have to live with them," Clay said after eliminating himself.

And David, a 25-year-old venture capitalist from Denver, CO, fell out of his bunk bed in the middle of the night and landed on his face, leaving behind a pool of blood.

Previews for the next episode, however, show David will return to the competition with apparent bruising and injuries to his face. 

The Bachelorette episode began with David saying everyone was getting along for the most part, except for Jordan Kimball, whom he assumed didn't share an intellectual connection with Becca.

But Jordan claimed David was "a dry chicken" with "no sense of humor."

The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison then arrived at the mansion to inform the guys there would be two group dates and a one-on-one date over the next week.

The men selected for the first group date were Wills Reid, Jason Tartick, Jordan, David, Jean Blanc, and Colton Underwood.

For the date, Becca was joined by her friends Caroline Lunny, Bekah Martinez, Seinne Fleming, Kendall Long, and Tia Booth for a spa day.

Becca took this opportunity to talk to Tia about her past relationship with Colton, whom Becca really liked. Tia told Becca she had dated Colton before Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season aired and they stopped talking once he was cast on The Bachelorette.

Tia did admit Colton probably applied for the show thinking she would be The Bachelorette star, but the Arkansas native told Becca not to be "upset or tormented" over their former relationship.

Becca confessed to Tia that she'd really like Colton had the pair never been involved with each other, but Tia didn't make her romance with Colton out to be a big deal.

Becca also told the cameras if a small part of Colton wanted Tia to be the Bachelorette, she had to send him home. Becca questioned if Colton was truly on the show just for her.

When the date commenced, Colton thought "oh sh-t" to himself when he saw Tia sitting there in her robe. He explained the gathering was "one of his worst nightmares."

But Tia was very fond of Colton. She hadn't seen him since January but said he's "a great guy" and they had "a great time" together. She noted the little love triangle was a "really weird" situation as well.

After the guys pampered the girls and painted their nails, Becca and Tia spoke alone for a moment.

"The most we did was kiss," Tia shared with her pal. "We never had an established conversation about what we were... [Colton] told me about applying for the show but I thought, 'What are the odds of you actually making it?'"

Tia therefore stayed friends with Colton but the relationship didn't progress because the timing wasn't right. Becca wondered if Colton, like Arie, didn't really know what he wanted, and so she had reservations about him.

But Becca found she had a crush on Jason, although she made a mistake by briefly forgetting his name on the group date. Jason, however, valued his time with Becca, and she said he made the most out of every interaction they had.

That night at the afterparty, Becca told Jason that he made her nervous, and he in turn had a strong attraction to her, which surprised him considering he's "very selective."

Afterward, David ratted out Jordan to Becca about how the professional model had been bragging about his "4,000 matches" on Tinder and his near-100% success rate on dating apps. 

"That's a b-tch move," Jordan barked at David. "You're a b-tch."

Jordan then had a chance to explain himself to Becca, who seemed unfazed by the Tinder comment. Jordan insisted he's loyal and dependable in a relationship "like a golden retriever." He also revealed he cooks and cleans.

Following Jordan's alone time with Becca, the model and David got into a heated argument. David suggested Jordan was on the show for the wrong reasons and had nothing else going on other than fashion and trying to look good.

"You're living in a world of fiction in your own head," Jordan told David, adding that it'd be impossible for David to damage his reputation and image.

Jordan said "professionality" -- and that's not a typo -- is attached to his face at all times.

Becca then sat down with Colton, who gushed about how his feelings for the Bachelorette were "so strong" and "the potential" was there.

Becca decided she wanted to get to know Colton more, and they sealed the deal with a kiss. Colton never wanted Becca to question his trust and loyalty, telling the cameras that he's not Arie. Colton added he was "100 percent" on the show for Becca and taking the process "very seriously."

Becca was so excited to move forward in her relationship with Colton, and she called him "patient" and "respectful." Becca then gave Colton the group date's rose.

Becca then embarked on a one-on-one date with Chris Randone. The couple was serenaded by Richard Marx, who then asked Becca and Chris to write some lyrics for a love song. The lyrics could be honest, romantic or sexy.

But Chris had a difficult time opening up and being vulnerable. He felt fragile because he was still getting to know Becca and it was early on in the process.

Chris then revealed writing the song was hard for him because it reminded him of a letter he had written to his father.

Chris' parents divorced when he was seven-years-old. Chris' father left and so he grew up with his mother and two sisters, but five years ago, the bachelor decided to write his father a letter in attempt to at least be friends, but it went unanswered.

Chris was afraid to get hurt again by opening up, but he could tell Becca truly cared for her. Her comforting presence seemed to remove all of Chris' fears, worries and stress, and so the couple was able to write a beautiful song together. Becca was actually "blown away" by Chris' lyrics.

Over dinner that night, Becca gave Chris the date's rose, and he said he trusted her and could feel her energy and passion. Chris could absolutely envision Becca becoming his future wife.

Becca and Chris' date concluded with some kissing and dancing to music by Richard Marx.

While Becca was on her solo date with Chris, David was taken out of the mansion on a stretcher and brought to the hospital. Colton told the cameras it looked like David had been attacked by a bear.

Chris Harrison eventually paid Becca a visit to inform her David was in intensive care in the hospital, as he had a busted nose and face. Chris informed Becca was going to be okay, and then the Bachelorette was able to call David in the hospital and wish him well.

It then became time for the next group date, which featured Clay, Leo Dottavio, Christon Staples, Ryan Peterson, John Graham, Garrett Yrigoyen, Mike Renner, Lincoln Adim, Connor Obrochta, and Blake Horstmann.

The guys played in a football game, and Becca was finally feeling a spark with Clay. While Clay came across as a sweet, gentle and kind teddy bear, Becca found him very sexy on the football date. He seemed so strong and confident on the field.

But Clay ended up hurting his wrist after landing a touchdown. He was brought to the emergency room and missed most of the afterparty.

While Clay was gone that night, Becca made strides in her relationships with Garrett and Blake. Blake was starting to struggle with the journey, as he no longer felt like a confident and secure guy. But Becca reminded Blake of their connection and assured him that he meant a lot to her.

Blake's feelings for Becca terrified him, but he called her his "girlfriend," which made the Bachelorette smile and giddy.

Clay then showed up to the afterparty, telling Becca he needed to be checked out by orthopedic surgeons the following day. Clay just wanted to express his feelings to Becca before having to leave again, and she appreciated every second of time with him.

Clay confessed to the cameras he'd be "devastated" if Becca denied him a rose, but on the contrary, she gave him the group-date rose because he made her feel "like a princess!"

At the subsequent cocktail party, David was still missing. Connor played tee ball with Becca, and Jason gushed about his chemistry with Becca.

A great night took a dramatic turn, however, when Clay announced he had to leave for surgery.

Clay had an awful time leaving, and he even considered staying because Becca was such "a rare find." Clay didn't want to ruin his relationship with an amazing girl, but both he and Becca agreed he needed to take care of his body.

"I know what I have to do, and I regret it already. Trust me," Clay told Becca as she broke down into tears.

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