The Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer has revealed how close Charity Lawson really came to snatching Brayden Bowers' rose back at the third Rose Ceremony of the season.

On The Bachelorette's Season 20 episode that aired Monday night on ABC, Brayden vented to the other guys in the house about how he couldn't envision himself fully committing to Charity at the end of the show.


"What I'm not sure I could do is getting engaged after just dating with 20 other dudes," Brayden announced to the group.

"I know I could, for sure, date her after this experience, but for me, it would be hard to 100 percent get down on a knee after this experience. That's when my mind starts spiraling."

Jesse told Entertainment Weekly that "it's completely fair" for Brayden "to feel those concerns."

"Many men have felt them in the past in his exact situation, but Brayden also knows what show he signed up for, and he knows how this works," Jesse explained.

Once Charity was warned of Brayden's doubts and hesitancy to get engaged during the third cocktail party of the season, she admittedly had an "internal battle" over whether to keep the 24-year-old travel nurse from San Diego, CA, in the running for her heart.

"Charity has clearly stated that she wants a man who is willing to fight for her," Jesse noted.

"Brayden is definitely someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, but I think he should have kept it to himself and shared those concerns with Charity in private."

When Charity had no more roses to hand out at the Rose Ceremony in Oceanside, CA, she seemed to consider asking Brayden to return his rose so that she could give it to someone else who truly wanted to be there.

Jesse revealed that The Bachelorette star was "close" to clipping the rose off Brayden's chest.

"At first I didn't think she'd do it, but after our second chat, I ran back to watch and was legitimately 50/50 on what she was going to do!" Jesse shared with EW.

"I think in the end, Charity really likes Brayden and doesn't want to quit on him because she is so nurturing and patient (she's a therapist, after all)."

Jesse suggested that Charity was giving Brayden the benefit of the doubt and trying to see the best in him.

"I believe Charity believes Brayden can get to a place where he feels more comfortable in this environment, so that he can see himself getting down on a knee in the end," Jesse concluded.

Brayden was also open and honest about his concerns with The Bachelorette star during their one-on-one date at Petco Park.

Brayden admitted he had doubts of whether he could continue with The Bachelorette experience when he was away from Charity and had to watch her go on dates with other men. Brayden said he didn't want to withdraw from Charity or hurt her, but he was clearly struggling with the process.

"If this experience is going to be too much for him, what are we doing and why are we here? I don't want someone who doesn't think I'm a priority or worth fighting for," Charity lamented in a confessional.


During dinner on the field that night, Charity admitted it scared her to hear that Brayden had considered leaving the show.

Brayden reminded The Bachelorette star that he didn't leave but it was scary to watch her date and connect with other people.

Brayden explained how he had been cheated on in a past relationship -- by the only love of his life -- which made him feel "invalidated" and "so small." Brayden said he never wants to go through something like that again and it was traumatic time in his life.

Brayden ultimately promised that he would continue to try to stick it out for her on The Bachelorette because he really liked her and thought she was "worth trying for," and that's exactly what Charity needed to hear.

Charity thought Brayden's answer was sincere, truthful and vulnerable, which was what she had asked from the guys -- not just perfect answers. She therefore gave Brayden a rose and a kiss.

But once the other guys heard Brayden talk about his reluctance to pop the question, the bachelors began questioning if Brayden was on the show for the right reasons.

Aaron Bryant, feeling protective of Charity and her feelings, therefore warned Charity that Brayden didn't seem ready for an engagement and came across very unsure of whether he wanted to continue dating her.

The Bachelorette star worried that no matter how much she reassured Brayden, it wouldn't be enough. And she vented to the cameras about how she didn't want to deal with "foolishness" during her journey to find love.


"I have no problem pulling this man aside. He has a f-cking rose on his chest; I will rip that sh-t off," Charity said in a confessional.

Charity therefore pulled Brayden aside seeking answers.

Brayden explained to Charity how they were still learning about each other and the other guys were promising an engagement without understanding the gravity of what that meant. Brayden told The Bachelorette star that he was just being honest with her and wasn't sure if he'd be ready for an engagement by the Final Rose Ceremony.

But Charity asked Brayden why he was on The Bachelorette if he wasn't okay with her dating other men simultaneously, given that's how the show works.

"I know what it was, but it's not easy. I felt a lot of guilt during this process... because I know you want an engagement," Brayden shared.

"But you haven't met my family yet and I've met your brother, barely. To say any of that stuff at this point in time, I feel, is not taking it serious. I think that is more so taking this as a joke. My hesitancies are more real than what anyone else is expressing."

Charity said she wasn't asking for more than Brayden could give her, and Brayden said he was giving The Bachelorette star all that he could in the moment.

Charity felt a strong connection with Brayden, so she wasn't sure if she should risk her heart and feelings on him. The cocktail party was even cut short because Jesse announced that Charity was feeling "conflicted" and needed some time to think.

Right before Charity started handing out roses at the Rose Ceremony, Jesse asked The Bachelorette star if she trusted Brayden, and Charity replied, "I don't know."

Charity, however, decided to give Brayden -- the recipient of her First Impression Rose -- another chance.


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