While The Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman chose not to disclose the results of a lie detector test -- which was administered to Josh Murray, Chris Soules, Marcus Grodd, Brian Osborne, Dylan Petitt, and J.J. O'Brien during a group date earlier in the season -- Harrison wasn't going to let that juicy information go.

"Brian and the boys read into... Andi's lie detector results. [Andi] tore [the men's results] up and said to me that night, 'I don't know why I did that. I regret it.' And it killed me too, so I found the results. Are you ready to find out!?" Harrison announced during Monday night's broadcast of The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All.

"Oh stop!" Dorfman begged with a laugh as the group of suitors onstage chanted "rip it up!"

"Three men told no lies. Three men were completely truthful: Brian, pantsapreneur [JJ], and the lovable farmer from Iowa. Did anybody really think that Chris could possibly lie?! Wouldn't that just ruin you?" Harrison explained with a smile.

Osborne and O'Brien didn't make it past Dorfman's Top 5 bachelors this season, however, Soules got eliminated in third place after hometown dates during the most recent episode.

"Three men did lie," the host noted. "Marcus, such a sweet boy from Dallas; Dylan... and Josh. Shall we continue? Alright."

Murray is still in the running for Dorfman's heart, which probably raised a big red flag in the Bachelorette's mind.

"Marcus said he has slept with fewer than 20 women. That is a lie!" Harrison revealed of the suitor who finished in fourth place.

Harrison then jokingly asked Grodd what his number is, and Dorfman suggested he shouldn't answer that question in order to save any future relationships.

"Dylan said he prefers brunettes," Harrison said, questioning afterwards whether Petitt likes blondes more.

"Yeah," Petitt replied.

"[Dylan] said he's ready for marriage," Harrison revealed, insisting that's another lie.

"This sucks!" Petitt said with a laugh.

"By the way, what about Josh!? Now, he's not here, so I'll leave it up to [Andi]. He's one of your Final 2. Would you like to know?" the host asked Dorfman.

Murray apparently lied twice, and when Dorfman asked Harrison how bad they were, he replied, "Well, I'll say this. It's something that if they were one of my Final 2, I might want to know. I'll tell you that. But he's not here."

Dorfman clearly struggled with the decision, but after Osborne and Petitt blurted out that she should not find out the answers, she decided to keep those lies under wraps.

"I don't want to know!" Dorfman said. "I'm sure. Toss them... I'm going to trust the process and trust all of this."