The Bachelorette finale featured Charity Lawson choosing Dotun Olubeko as her winner in Fiji and the pair getting engaged, as well as a couple of surprises, during the emotional three-hour Season 20 episode that aired Monday night on ABC.

Dotun, a 30-year-old integrative medicine specialist from Brooklyn, NY, won Charity's heart and her final rose, and so Joey Graziadei, a 27-year-old tennis pro from Koloa, HI, placed second.


"Miss Charity Lawson, would you do me the honor of turning this fairy tale into a reality? I love you," Dotun told The Bachelorette star at the Final Rose Ceremony.

"I love you," Charity whispered.

Dotun then got down on one knee and asked, "Charity Lawson, will you marry me?"

"A million times yes," Charity responded with a huge smile across her face.

The Bachelorette finale began live in Los Angeles, CA, with host Jesse Palmer teasing how the ending of Charity's season was going to be one of the most emotional, intense and "heartbreaking" of all time.

Footage then flashed back to Charity's final days in Pacific Harbour, Fiji, where Aaron had returned searching for closure and, hopefully, a second chance.

Charity said she had been falling in love with Aaron before she eliminated him post-hometowns and so she didn't know what to do. She said Aaron's sudden return was giving her acid reflux and sending him home was "the hardest thing" she ever had to do.

But Charity's reality was that she was already "in love" with both Joey and Dotun.

Charity therefore asked Aaron what he wanted from her, and Aaron replied, "This journey was not easy at all, like, the sh-t I had to do, just to keep in it... I can't say enough how much I see in you and our future. I still see you as my wife and the mother of my children."

Aaron got emotional as he spoke, and he told Charity that he'd love to stay and have more time with The Bachelorette star because he really cared about her and thought there was more he wanted to show of himself.

Aaron said Charity was worth the risk of rejection and everything he had already been through.

Charity told Aaron that he was the first man on the show whom she had envisioned as her husband, and so she invited him to stay in Fiji, go to dinner with her, and chat in her hotel room later on.

Aaron and Charity then kissed, and Aaron said he felt a new life and energy within himself.

Charity said she was glad Aaron had never given up on her and that he viewed her as a woman worth fighting for.

"That is no small effort; that was a grand gesture," Charity said of Aaron having flown to Fiji.

In Charity's room that evening, Aaron and Charity continued their conversation with sweet kisses in between. Charity felt confident in her connections with Joey and Dotun, but Aaron's presence suddenly made her reconsider everything -- and so she had "a lot to process and deal with."

Charity initially regretted sending Aaron home, but she didn't know whether she should move forward with him after the next Rose Ceremony.

It then became time for the Rose Ceremony, and Charity explained how her relationship with Dotun was "easy" and "effortless," and she gushed about how she could count on him and rely on him. Meanwhile, Charity thought Joey was sweet and pure, and she said the tennis pro would be willing to embrace every single aspect of her.


Dotun and Joey expected to see Xavier Bonner at the Rose Ceremony, but instead, they were going to reunite with Aaron.

Both Joey and Dotun were in love with Charity and entered the Rose Ceremony on Cloud 9. Dotun, however, seemed more confident in possibly receiving a rose than Joey, who admitted he was very nervous and anxious about what was to come.

"What is happening right now? Aaron is here and Xavier is not. I'm definitely trying to wrap my head around it," Joey told the cameras with wide eyes. "I'm questioning how Aaron got here."

When Charity entered the room, the guys were sweating bullets. Charity explained how sending Xavier home was "difficult but necessary" and then Aaron showed up.

"At this stage, I'm doing what I feel is right and what I have the most confidence in," Charity explained.

Charity then handed out a rose to Joey, before asking to speak with Aaron privately.

Charity told Aaron that she was so grateful to have had extra time with Aaron, to gain more clarity, but time wasn't on their side and their connection wasn't where it needed to be. Charity said she was just being honest, and she thanked Aaron for showing his heart and being so vulnerable.

"You're just that special of a woman, Charity, and I hope you realize that," Aaron said. "You gave me hope for what my wife even looked like, and Charity, I'm always in your corner."

Charity therefore eliminated Aaron -- again -- but this time, he walked out with his head held high. The pair clearly had a mutual respect for one another, and Charity was glad she had been truthful with herself.

"[Our connection] wasn't going to supersede or pass what I have with Joey and Dotun," Charity said.

Charity proceeded to face Joey and Dotun again, and she promised to give every relationship 100 percent of her effort and exhaust every possible connection. She then gave Dotun a rose, and he flashed a big smile on his face.

Aaron then joined Jesse live in Los Angeles in front of a studio audience.

Aaron said he had never come out of his shell like that before but he put his best foot forward.

"But I know this isn't the last we've seen you because you're packing your bags for the beaches of Paradise!" Jesse announced.

Viewers then picked up where Charity had left off, with The Bachelorette star about to introduce her Final 2 bachelors to her family, including her best friend and beloved mother Vickie. The men were also going to meet Charity's dad David and sister Amiyaka, aka "Mia."

Charity said her mother's opinion meant everything to her, and so she was clearly hoping for some help and guidance from her loved ones.

Charity revealed to her family that she was in love with both men, and that both of her Final 2 men were in love with her. This made Vickie uncomfortable, because she pointed out how her daughter needs to be more decisive in life and Charity was going to have to make a choice.

Charity teased how Joey is very compassionate and made her feel seen and validated, and then Joey showed up with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.


At this point, Joey was pretty confident and convinced that Charity was going to pick him in the end, and so he thought this competition was his to lose. Joey suggested this meeting would make or break his relationship with Charity, and he just didn't want to mess it up.

Joey told Mia that he was definitely in love with Charity, and he asked how she felt about them being in an interracial relationship. Mia said for their family, it was about love and not race.

"If you're the right person, we don't have a problem with that," Mia shared, before telling the cameras that Joey loved his family and would certainly fit in with their family.

Charity acknowledged to her sister that her final choice was not going to be easy and she didn't know how she was going to get there.

Meanwhile, Joey talked to Vickie about how Charity made him want to be the best version of himself and both he and The Bachelorette star put family first. Vickie could tell that Joey was very genuine and transparent, and she said she felt comfortable around him.

"The whole family connected with him," Vickie told the cameras. "Joey fits in with our family just fine. Yeah, I think Joey could be The One."

Mia also noted that she could see Joey as her future brother-in-law.

Charity thought Joey's visit with her family went great, but her heart was separated into "two different places." She hoped her mother would be able to assist her in sorting out her feelings.

Dotun met Charity's family next, but he needed to make a really good impression since Joey had already won Vickie and Mia over.

When Dotun sat down with Vickie, Dotun explained how Charity had checked off all of his boxes and he truly loved her. Dotun said he hadn't been able to find any holes in his relationship with Charity and she was so "capable and competent" as a woman he could learn things from.

Dotun said Charity restored a passion in him to get married and have kids, which were things he had put on the back burner for work. Dotun also told Mia that Charity was a "once-in-a-lifetime person."

Vickie thought Dotun was pretty authentic, but she admitted in a confessional, "His mannerisms and swag, I would say that he's 'familiar,' and Charity has a type of man that she tends to gravitate to -- and Dotun is that type of person."

Vickie confessed to Charity that she had seen more "pep" in Charity's step with Joey and that was her "truth." This news didn't sit well with Charity because she loved and cherished Dotun.

"My gut doesn't exist right now," Charity told her mom.

"It does. It does," Vickie insisted.

But Charity told the cameras that she felt "stuck."

Charity sought Mia out for some insight, and Mia said she could see the couple's chemistry and Dotun seemed very intelligent -- but she also appeared to be in favor of Joey.

"Joey makes you glow. He does. Like, I can see it. You had more PA with him, but you laugh a lot with Dotun -- real hard," Mia explained to her sister. "It's not a bad thing... I'm just saying what I see... I just have to get to know him a little bit better for myself, but I can see it."

Charity appeared to shut down in that moment, and she called the situation "so overwhelming." She broke down in front of her sister, and Mia felt bad that Charity felt "so torn" between two wonderful men.

Charity was stressed out after the visit, and she expressed how she felt so conflicted.

"I'm not where I should be at in my decision-making, and I still don't have the clarity that I personally want to have. I'm really not okay... I didn't expect to be here with two men; I thought it was going to be so clear," Charity lamented in a confessional.

Once Dotun left, Charity asked for her family's opinion since they are her anchor in life. She needed someone to give her a nice, gentle push in one direction, and she said she felt exhausted.

Mia shared with Charity how she was impressed by Joey's lack of fear in bringing up serious topics, and she noted how Dotun was "super intentional" and had Charity's best interest at heart.

Vickie said either man would be a great choice for Charity and she didn't want to have to compare them.

Charity became desperate for some help, and then a small argument broke out with her parents. At one point, it appeared David was signaling at Charity to stop.

"I don't want to put out words because I'll have to be responsible for those words," Vickie explained to the cameras. "And no matter what I say to her at this point in time, it's her decision, and I think she knows she has to do this herself."

Vickie just wanted Charity's decision to be her own, but this frustrated Charity because she felt so torn. Charity didn't want to come to regret her ultimate choice.

"Mom, can you please share more thoughts. I need you to be more direct," Charity urged.

"I personally don't want to... I don't want to do that," Vickie said, shutting her daughter down.

Charity said there was no right or wrong answer, that she just wanted to know what her mother was thinking. Charity and Vickie then went outside to talk, and Vickie could be heard saying that Joey and Dotun had similar morals, values and characteristics.

"Deep down inside you, I know that you know," Vickie said.

"I'm being real, mama, I just don't know," Charity insisted.

"Okay, well then, if you don't know, then you can't make a decision," Vickie said.

"Okay, then that's what it will be! Whatever," Charity noted before storming off.

Charity didn't know what she was going to do, and she admitted that she was a total mess.

It then became time for Charity's last dates in Fiji, and she hoped this time with Joey and Dotun would give her the clarity she needed.

Joey's date was up first, and Charity gushed about how he's someone who "only comes around every blue moon." She knew Joey would forever prioritize her, and she said he was "made for" her.

Charity shared with Joey how her mother had raved about him and how her family all adored him, and Joey said his goal was for her family to see and feel his love for her. He didn't want to use his words, but rather his actions, to prove that.

Joey then gifted Charity with the poem that had been written for them in New Orleans. He placed it in a frame, and Charity thought it was a beautiful idea. Charity said she couldn't envision herself walking away from such an incredible man.

"I don't have a doubt in the world. I love you," Charity told Joey through tears.

This was the best Joey felt through this whole experience, and Charity told the bachelor, "You're all that I need."

Joey intended to propose marriage to the woman he loved in a couple of days, saying he was "ready to take on life" with this girl. Joey said he didn't think Charity could say "no" to what they had, given it was something very special.

Charity then had her last date with Dotun in Fiji.

Dotun hoped they were going to have the fairy-tale ending that they both deserved, and then he surprised Charity with a little treasure hunt. Dotun started with his alien resident card from when he was a child, followed by a Smore to remind Charity of their date in the woods in Washington.

The treasure at the end was a locket with Charity and Dotun's baby pictures inside.

"The feeling that he gives me is indescribable," Charity said. "But my love for Joey is a love that is strong. It's just crazy to say, but I have to sit here in this moment and acknowledge that."

Charity asked Dotun if he felt confident, and he said he would trust whatever decision Charity made. He could sense a serious tone from Charity and that the process had taken a toll on her.

Charity confessed to Dotun that she had a lot to think about and her mind was "clouded," and this news scared Dotun. He felt a little sad leaving Charity, knowing another man might take her away from him.

Charity left her date with Dotun more confused than ever, and she had no idea how the Final Rose Ceremony was going to play out.

The next day, Charity woke up on "proposal day" in love with two men, and Dotun and Joey were shown meeting with Neil Lane, separately, to pick out a diamond engagement ring for The Bachelorette star.

Charity teased that she'd be walking out of the Final Rose Ceremony with the love of her life and she finally reached the point where she knew what she needed to do.

Charity met with Jesse before taking her place on the Rose-Ceremony platform, and she couldn't hold back her tears.

Jesse assured Charity that there was love and happiness on the side, and she agreed, but she admitted to feeling a back-and-forth mix of sadness -- having to break a man's heart -- and pure joy, knowing she was about to get engaged to the man of her dreams.

The first man to arrive at the Final Rose Ceremony was Joey, who said he was "very much in love" and couldn't wait to share how he felt about her.

Joey looked in Charity's eyes, and he said he felt lucky to have even been a part of her story.

"I sink into you without thinking. It's so easy, I'm scared," Joey said, reciting a line from their poem.

Joey said it was so easy to feel comfortable with Charity, despite the scary situation, and they had a beautiful love story to look back on.

Joey then started to get down on one knee, and Charity stopped him and said, "Wait."

"Wait? Okay," Joey responded, appearing startled and worried.

Joey maintained a smile on his face as Charity started her speech, but he had tears in his eyes.

Charity explained how their love was so special and rare, and that people spend their entire lives looking for something like what they had. She said was consistent in the love he had shown her and she felt confident in their love -- and never questioned it.

"But...," Charity began while looking down on her feet.

"It's okay," Joey reassured her.

"As crazy as it sounds, I found a love that's deeper with someone else," Charity explained.

Charity reminded Joey that she was in love with him and so her decision probably didn't make sense to him in that moment. She struggled to talk as she cried, and then Joey hugged her and promised her that everything was okay.

"I didn't want to leave you with this," Charity said. "My love for you is truly never going to go away... I don't even want to think about the fact our story ends today. I'm truly broken, and I know this is hard for you."

Joey said he just wanted Charity to be happy, and then he cried in The Bachelorette star's arms.

"Don't be sorry," Joey told Charity, wiping the tears away that were now streaming down his face.

Charity proceeded to walk Joey out, and she could barely compose herself as she was forced to say goodbye. Charity reiterated how she'd always have love for him, and then he left the show.

"I was envisioning our life together. I was getting down on one knee. I thought it was happening. I was certain; I had zero doubt," Joey said in his final words. "I wanted to leave here with Charity, it's all I wanted. And she gave me every reason to believe it."

Joey said he felt ready to get engaged and it was just taken away from him with the snap of a finger. Joey asked the universe, "When is it going to happen for me?"

Joey then joined Jesse live in the studio, and he was choking back his tears in front of the audience. Joey admitted watching the footage back felt "raw" because he had "blacked out" during that time of filming.

Joey said he never thought he'd have his heart broken like that and there was never a moment when he thought Charity wasn't going to end up with him.

Charity then joined Joey onstage, and Joey showered The Bachelorette star with gratitude for the whole experience. They both admitted that being reunited felt "weird," but Joey just wanted to see how Charity was doing and if she was happy.

Charity confessed that watching back that goodbye was emotional for her as well, especially because it was not an easy decision.

"I was constantly going back and forth leading up to those final hours and last seconds and minutes... but I will always have so much respect and love for you," Charity shared, before thanking Joey for helping her to grow throughout the process.

Joey agreed that even though they wouldn't be in love with each other going forward, they'd always HAVE love for each other. Joey said it may not make sense to other people but he wished her the best and was so appreciative for their time together.

It then became time for Charity and Dotun's big moment, and Charity couldn't wait to see her man -- her winner and final pick -- in Fiji.

"With Dotun, it boils down to a feeling you can't really place and you can't really pinpoint; you just have it and it's there, and when it comes together, you feel alive. I love Dotun, and I see, so clearly, a future with him -- a future that is going to bring me the most happiness," Charity told the cameras.

Dotun gushed about how Charity understood him like no one else before, and then he approached her at the Final Rose Ceremony.

Dotun hugged Charity, took a deep breath, and then explained how they had experienced so much together on their path to falling in love. Dotun said Charity had made him feel special, adored, validated and wanted.

"To receive that from a woman of your caliber, Charity, I don't think you'll ever understand what that means to me. But I'm certain that I want to spend the rest of my life showing you... I am fully committed to you as you're standing in front of me, and I wouldn't change a thing about you," Dotun said.

Charity, in turn, told Dotun that one conversation can change everything, and that conversation for her was in Oceanside -- one that changed her life forever. Charity said when she had looked into Dotun's eyes in that moment, she saw a man that respected and valued her.

"[I saw] a man I could love forever. You've made me feel alive, and you've made me believe in love again," Charity said through tears. "You made me feel so valued and so seen, and so Dotun, when I stand here in this moment, I want a forever future with you."

Charity expressed how she saw Dotun as her husband and she saw that future with him so clearly.

"I don't have any doubts. I don't question it, and I love you so much," Charity gushed.

Dotun told Charity that she had taught him how "a good thing can really just be a good thing." He called their love "perfect" and proceeded to propose marriage.

The couple hugged after Dotun popped the question, and then Charity cried, "Oh my god, I love you so much. Oh god, I'm shaking!"

The pair celebrated and cheered, and they both noted how it took everything in their power to remain standing. Charity then asked Dotun to accept her final rose, and he responded, "Absolutely."

Dotun and Charity, showing off her big diamond oval ring, shouted, "We're engaged!"

Dotun spun Charity around like a princess, and she boasted about Dotun being her future husband and "baby daddy."

Once the finale footage wrapped, Charity and Dotun joined Jesse live in studio for their first public appearance together ever.

Charity and Dotun walked out hand-in-hand, and they confirmed that they're still engaged and happy. The newly-engaged couple said they felt "over the moon" to no longer have to hide their love.

Dotun recalled going into the Final Rose Ceremony "really heavy" because he didn't know if it was going to be the best day of his life or if he was going to walk away from the show totally devastated. Dotun said he was pretty confident had won Charity's heart up until the final day.

Vickie announced how she was very happy for Charity and Dotun, especially after she had gotten the chance to get to know Dotun a little bit better.

Dotun called Charity his "everything," adding how he had never been more certain about anything in his entire life.

When asked what's next, Dotun shared how he and Charity are enjoying each other's company with marriage and kids being down the road for them. Charity, however, said their wedding will be "sooner rather than later" and they've definitely talked about it already.

"We're just enjoying this season of life," Charity reiterated.

Jesse then surprised the couple with a romantic pre-honeymoon trip for two to Greece.

"But that's not all! There's also another surprise in store for you. And Dotun, there may be something you want to tell your fiance," Jesse teased.

Dotun, who clearly already knew the secret, told Charity that he knows she loves to dance and get down.

"I'm so happy to be the one to tell you that you're going to be on Dancing with the Stars! Baby, let's go! Yes, baby!" Dotun proudly declared.

Charity seemed shocked and ecstatic, and she joked about how she actually looked like a giant mirrorball trophy.

The finale ended with Jesse announcing Joey as the next The Bachelor star for Season 28, which will likely premiere in January 2024. And viewers were also introduced to one of Joey's bachelorettes, who was sitting in the studio audience the entire time.

That woman was a beautiful brunette named Leah from Hawaii.

Jesse then gave Leah an envelope with something inside that was going to "help" her on her journey to find love, but she wasn't allowed to open it until Night 1.


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