The Bachelorette couple JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are only a month away from their big day, and the couple has revealed major details about their upcoming wedding in California.

JoJo, 31, and Jordan, 33, got engaged on The Bachelorette's twelfth season in 2016 and are set to exchange vows in Southern California in May 2022 after postponing their wedding twice due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to Us Weekly.


"It's been such a long time coming that, like, getting through the ceremony and walking into the reception to party and have fun with our friends, we're so excited," JoJo gushed. "We can let our hair down and just be like, 'We did it! You guys, like, we made it here. We're doing it.'"

JoJo revealed their wedding is going to take place in Santa Barbara at a vineyard and have an "Italian feel to it."

The couple apparently never switched locations from their original plans, which were established in 2019 after Jordan had re-proposed marriage with a new and bigger diamond engagement ring.

"I have some family in Northern California, like, my grandma doesn't fly, so we're trying to be somewhere that everybody can make it and she can drive from there," Jordan explained.

"We just fell in love with the feeling, the venue," JoJo added. "We went to a bunch of different venues and loved all of them, but there was just something that [felt] really cool."

JoJo said the pair's wedding invitations are "classic, timeless and romantic."

"We really wanted our invitations to reflect what the wedding day will feel like for our guests," she disclosed.

"We tried to do that with our invitations with the flowy script and the illustration and the olive branches because we wanted our wedding to feel organic and bring in the nature side of it."

"Everything from the invitations to the save the dates to the signage and the menus, everything is cohesive," she added. "I think that they reflect exactly what our guests can expect, which is great."


While JoJo and Jordan were initially against doing a first look, they've now decided on seeing each other in a private and special moment before JoJo walks down the aisle in front of family and friends.

"Logistically, it makes more sense time-wise. Also, we kinda came around to the idea that having that first moment that we see each other being more intimate and not with a lot of people around was gonna be a really cool, special moment for us," JoJo said.

"So that was like a big shift in like mindset for us. We were adamant we did not want that."

The lovebirds also plan to write their own vows, at least for the time being.

"We said that we wanted to do our own vows," JoJo began before the sports commentator interjected, "But we have not started at all... We should start that."

JoJo's close friend and The Bachelor alum Becca Tilley will be one of the bridesmaids, but she won't be the only person representing Bachelor Nation at the wedding.

"We have some [people] from my season, his season, [but] not a huge group, just the ones that we've stayed close with," JoJo told Us. "But it's a good group."

JoJo also decided to stick with the wedding gown she had selected in 2021 -- although she'll have wardrobe changes -- and she and her future husband will travel to Greece immediately following the wedding for their honeymoon.

"I've talked to a lot of friends that have not been together as long as we have prior to marriage, but they have said like nothing changes from your day-to-day, but you have this feeling that just feels a little different -- going from a fiance to a husband," JoJo shared.

"Honestly, I kind of already feel married in a way, but I also know that it'll be really cool to be like, 'We're finally married!'"

Jordan added, "We literally called each other fiance for [all of our relationship] after nine weeks of knowing each other... So, nothing drastically is gonna change, but I think it will feel different."


JoJo and Jordan also opened up about the advice they'd give their younger selves now knowing what it took to stay together after meeting and falling in love on The Bachelorette.

"I would tell [JoJo and Jordan in 2016] that it's going to get tough. It's not gonna be the easiest ride in the beginning, but to lean into your love with each other," JoJo told the magazine.

"And that's exactly what we did, but at the time, we didn't know what our fate as a couple in the very beginning in 2016."

She continued, "But I would just let them know that, like, 'You made the right choice, you guys chose each other and it's gonna be amazing. And one day, six years from now, you're gonna get married and it will be freaking awesome. And you're gonna live through a pandemic and you're gonna reschedule your wedding twice, but you get there!'"

Jordan joked that he would also tell his younger self, "And maybe, like, a little less volume in your hair."

JoJo celebrated her bachelorette party in late March in Cabo San Lucas.

JoJo and Jordan's engagement aired in August 2016, and the pair initially planned on getting married on June 13, 2020.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, JoJo and Jordan decided in 2020 to push their wedding back to May 2021. But when that time came, JoJo explained to Access how her wedding wasn't going to happen -- not that month or even probably by the end of 2021.

"[The wedding is] probably going to be next year, which is like a dagger for when I say that," JoJo admitted. "It's literally so frustrating for me and such a bummer to me."

JoJo told Access, "In a million years, I never thought that a year [from the start of the pandemic] we'd still be in a similar predicament with capacity issues, COVID restrictions."

JoJo explained that when she and Jordan had to make their final call about whether to follow through with their May 2021 nuptials or delay the wedding again, the couple's chosen venue was still at "a 10-person maximum capacity."

"And so, we're just rolling with the punches at this point. It is what it is," JoJo noted.

When asked whether she and Jordan ever considered an elopement or exchanging vows at a different venue in order to avoid another wedding cancellation, JoJo explained, "Yes, we've obviously explored a million different options here."

JoJo said she and Jordan are just "so in love with our venue" that they decided to stick with the original plan, wait and be patient.

JoJo noted the venue "means a lot" to the couple "for a number of reasons," and she added, "And a big reason is all of our money is tied up in this, and we can't get that money back, so it just didn't make sense when we weighed out the pros and cons."

JoJo didn't want to have to sacrifice anything when thinking about her big day.

"We know that when it does happen, it will be everything that we want it to be. People will all feel very comfortable and we'll be in a better place," JoJo shared.

"We'll get to have everyone there that we love, because I don't want to have a wedding with my closest family and friends not being able to be there. So, it's fluid -- it's all fluid!"

Prior to starring on The Bachelorette, JoJo competed for Ben Higgins' heart on The Bachelor's 20th season and finished as the runner-up behind Lauren Bushnell.


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