The Bachelorette's Connor Obrochta is taking shots at Lincoln Adim and warning him that he does not belong at the upcoming The Men Tell All taping for Becca Kufrin's season.

"I think he definitely would be [invited]. But for him to go, it would be another situation," Connor told TMZ of Lincoln. "For him and his safety and his character, I would highly suggest to him that he doesn't go."

A couple of weeks into The Bachelorette's fourteenth season, Connor and Lincoln got into a heated argument over something silly -- a picture frame Lincoln put on display during a group-date afterparty. (The photo showed Lincoln and Becca hugging after he won a competition, and Connor threw it into the pool).

"I tried to stay away from him as much as possible, especially after that whole altercation, just because he was somebody I didn't vibe with and somebody I just couldn't get a read on," Connor noted.

"Normally I have a pretty good judgment of character, and he was the one guy out of all 28 that just rubbed me the wrong way."

Connor didn't like Lincoln then, but the situation has worsened since news broke of Lincoln's sex crime.

As previously reported, Lincoln was arrested in May 2016 for allegedly groping and assaulting an adult female on a Boston harbor cruise ship. Lincoln was convicted in May 2018 of indecent assault and battery shortly before The Bachelorette season premiered.

"It's definitely hard to take in, because I did have feelings for her and I did care about her," Connor told TMZ of Becca. "I didn't want to see her get hurt in any which way -- physically or emotionally."

Connor admitted it makes him feel "a little uneasy" to this day to think about how Lincoln was pursuing the same woman he cared so much about.

"It makes me feel uncomfortable that he did lie and he was somebody that he says he isn't," Connor said, likely referencing Warner Bros.' claims Lincoln had blatantly lied to The Bachelorette producers during the casting process about his history of sexual misconduct.

"He put something down [on paper] that's not truly who he is," Connor added.

"Being who Lincoln is -- he's a big, buff guy, a lot of emotions here and there, very unpredictable -- and now, knowing this, it makes me feel a little bit more uncomfortable, I guess you could say."

The 25-year-old fitness coach from Florida therefore wants Lincoln to stay away from Becca and the rest of the Season 14 cast when they reunite for The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All.

"Some of the other guys are more ruthless than me and when they hear things like this, it definitely rubs them the wrong way and they want to voice their opinion about it," Connor said.

"So, I think if he were to go, he would just completely get roasted by everybody and anybody, and it just wouldn't be a good time for him."

Connor isn't the first suitor on Becca's The Bachelorette season to address Lincoln's recent conviction.

Mike Renner tweeted after Monday night's episode, "Damn, I lost to a convicted sex offender," adding that the news "did not particularly surprise" him.

While Mike was eliminated from The Bachelorette, both Connor and Lincoln are still in the running for Becca's heart. In next week's episode, the guys will be traveling for a week of dates to Las Vegas.
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