The Bachelorette bachelor Cody Sattler, a 28-year-old personal trainer from Chicago, IL, was eliminated by Andi Dorfman in the middle of his first one-on-one date during the most recent episode of her The Bachelorette season. 

Cody referred to himself as the "pet dog" in the house because he was being dragged around from destination to destination without ever getting a one-on-one date with Andi until the day of his elimination. Cody, whom Andi noted had the most incredible eyes, was known for always having a smile on his face and being very grateful for his opportunity to compete on the show.

Andi was devastated upon dumping Cody, as the "great, genuine" suitor was pouring his heart out to her just as she was trying to bid him farewell. Andi believed they had only developed a friendship and lacked romantic chemistry. However, Cody will be appearing on the new The Bachelor-spinoff Bachelor in Paradise, which premieres August 4 on ABC.
During a Thursday conference call with reporters, Cody talked about his The Bachelorette experience and relationship with Andi. Below is a portion of his interview. Click here to read what he told Reality TV World. Click here for more.

Do you think Andi made a mistake in getting so close to Nick Viall?

Cody Sattler: Um, I don't think she made a mistake. I never got to see their interactions as far as one-on-ones when I was on the show. So I had no idea what they were building, so yeah, maybe they're truly in love with each other and they have a great chemistry. But I can't say, like, she made a mistake by keeping him around or anything like that. I don't think it's my position to make that call.

I know you think Josh Murray is a great guy, but do you think that he's there for the right reasons?

Cody Sattler: Yeah. I think, like I said, I got to spend quite a bit of time with Josh rooming with him. Going off of everything I know about Josh, he just seems like a very family [oriented] guy, he seems like he's been single for a while, and he's really looking for a true legitimate relationship. So, yeah! I'd have to say I think he's there for the right reasons.

What are the best and worst traits about Chris Soules and why?

Cody Sattler: (Laughs) Chris is a great guy. Chris is one of the guys I connected with right from the beginning, and that's just because I think he's a real dude as far as just, he's not trying to be anybody he's not. He's very honest and sincere.

So I think, yeah, just having this realness about him makes him a great person. Shoot, I've got nothing bad to say about the guy. So, yeah! I can't. There's nothing negative I'm going to say about Chris.

What qualities would make Chris a good The Bachelor star?

Cody Sattler: Chris is very friendly. He has great charisma; He's well-liked in the house. And, you know, he's very mature. I think he takes relationships seriously. I know he's looking for a serious relationship, and [he's] just an overall well-rounded -- has a great career. It sounds like he comes from an awesome family. And you can tell he just has a good heart and is a good person.

Usually on The Bachelorette, the guy who takes on the role of a "protector" and tries to look out for the Bachelorette doesn't end up winning in the end. Do you feel like you took on that role? And if you had, do you wish you had done something differently?

Cody Sattler: No. I definitely don't think I took on that role as the "protector" or the one trying to be that part. No. So, yeah, I was definitely not that part.

When you watch the episodes back, do you see a different side to the guys when they're with Andi alone versus what you experienced with them in the house?

Cody Sattler: No, I mean, I think the guys are always going to be a little more different around the guys in the house than when they're with Andi. But, for the most part, I feel like they were exactly how I'd see them when they hung out with me as when they were with Andi, you know? So, yeah. I think everyone was pretty much on the same level from what I saw.

Would you ever seriously consider being the next Bachelor?

Cody Sattler: I mean, I think it's a tough position, you know? I take relationships extremely serious. I'm always looking for that perfect relationship and having that opportunity to, you know, meet 25 good, beautiful, successful women, I think it would be a position that I would like to have. So, yeah, I think it would be a great opportunity.

At what point during your one-on-one with Andi did you notice a shift in her behavior? Was it really right when you were giving that emotional speech to her, or was it sometime before that moment?

Cody Sattler: You know, I think it was probably pretty early on in the date. Things were going good, but I just felt like there just wasn't that connection. When we went and wrote those letters at the Romeo and Juliet place, I thought it went really well. I felt like when we left there, we were really in a good mood.

But at the same time, I was just like, "I know this girl probably is not feeling a super strong connection, like, a physical attraction or what not, or is romantic with me."

But I was like, "Maybe tonight, when we have this dinner date, things might change." I just kind of went into it like, "I don't have a whole lot to lose and everything to gain, and I'm going to let this girl know how I feel. If she likes it, she likes it. If she doesn't, she doesn't."

So I kind of opened up to her and, you know, we all know how it went. I got sent home. But it's good in a way and Andi said some really nice things to me as far as, "Cody, you make me feel the most appreciated, really, out of all the guys." I thought she said some nice, nice things that made me feel good. I left on good terms, so it was all good with me.

Is there anyone still in the house whom you're surprised is still there?

Cody Sattler: Ah, not really. I think -- I told her, I said, "The remaining six, seven guys that are left, I think are all good guys." I thought the majority of the whole house was [full of] decent guys, especially the remaining guys when I left. I thought they were all legitimate and she'd be pretty lucky to be with any of them.

What kind of woman are you looking for?

Cody Sattler: I just want a really well-balanced girl. Somebody that takes care of herself, somebody that has goals and dreams in life, likes to have fun but also knows when she needs to be mature. I just want a girl that is honest with me and, you know, truly just somebody that's fun to be around. But yeah, just a really well-balanced girl that is cool.

If you could plan a date for Andi, what would you want to do?

Cody Sattler: (Laughs) If I was to plan a date with Andi? Um, I'd like to do something fun with Andi. I thought, I don't know, maybe something a little adventurous. Shoot, I don't know, maybe something that would bring us together. I know she went rappelling with [Marcus Grodd], but doing something crazy!

Maybe like skydiving or something like that and then following it up with some romantic dinner to recap the day and kind of just have that intimate setting at night. So, something fun and adventuresome during the day and then follow it up with a nice, romantic dinner at night.

Do you feel viewers got to see everything about you this season and you were well-represented on the show? Or was there something you wish came across more?

Cody Sattler: I think I didn't get a whole lot of TV time in the beginning. But as episodes go on, they're definitely showing kind of who I am. I get misjudged a lot as far as being a personal trainer, a guy with muscles. I knew I'm kind of going in as the meathead dude with no personality, so I think there's definitely a lot more depth than what people realize to me.

So I think having that opportunity to kind of open up to Andi allowed America to see, "This guy is actually a pretty nice guy and he's fun to be around. He is sincere and genuine in what he says." So, I think it went well.

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, Cody talked about his The Bachelorette experience and relationship with Andi. Above is a portion of his interview. Click here to read what he told Reality TV World directly. Click here for more.


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