The Bachelorette bachelor Chris Soules, a 32-year-old farmer from Arlington, IA, is still in the running to win Andi Dorfman's heart. 
Chris has already had a one-on-one date with Andi. The couple first enjoyed a 1940's-themed visit to the Santa Anita horsetrack, had dinner, and then received a private concert from This Wild Life. Chris landed the first kiss of the season only to embark on multiple group dates afterwards. Andi has referred to Chris as one of the nicest, sweetest guys in the house.

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, Chris talked to Reality TV World about the season and drama thus far. To read what he had to say, click here.

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I know a lot of the girls from the Midwest are loving that a nice farmer guy is coming out on the show.  How is Andi different and how do you think she'd fit into your life?

Chris Soules:  You know, I don't think it's a matter of being different.  I think she's just a great person that's very intelligent and smart and has a way about her that I think she can see past -- see past just the whole farmer thing, thinking that I'm just some farmer, that that's all I want to do is be in Iowa. 

And I think she can see that I'm relatively worldly.  I think someone she falls in love -- I think at the beginning and end of the whole thing is just finding out if we have something that's very important, which is the fact that we can fall in love and have chemistry. 

And if we can do that, I don't think it matters where you live or what you do for a career.  I think all those other things are details that you can work out and compromise.  And that's what I see in Andi.  She seems like somebody that I could have those type of feelings for.  So, if I can have those types of feelings for her, I'm willing to compromise and do things that I wouldn't do for just anyone.

What are the best and worst traits in Josh Murray?  What do you think?

Chris Soules:  Best and worst traits.  He's very devoted and a very, very well respected individual.  I mean, he says what he means and he doesn't waiver on his values, and you always know where he stands.  You know, he's the type of guy that you want on your side when you're going to battle. 

He's the type of guy that's going to be there for you, you can tell.  And he's a family person.  He believes in family and generally wants that.  So, those are the type of things that, if I was Andi, that's what I'd be looking for.

Worst traits.  Oh, gosh.  It's hard to judge a guy who you've only known for a short period of time that we've known him.  But, well, there's occasions when he gets what he wants, you can tell. 

And he knows what he wants and he's very adamant that he gets those things.  But he's driven and focused and motivated and goes after what he wants.  So, I don't know if that's a bad trait to have, but sometimes it can work to your disadvantage in certain cases.  But Josh is a great guy.

What are the best and worst traits in Nick Viall?

Chris Soules:  Nick is a great guy.  Just well spoken, smart.  You know, he's a great guy, has a big heart and cares a lot about -- he cares.  He wants to fall in love.  He's there to fall in love, and we all can see that, or I personally can.

I think sometimes Nick doesn't necessarily know how to handle the group situation.  And he hasn't, maybe, handled the group situation with the guys as well as maybe he could have.  But he's not there to make friends.  You know, you can see that.  I think, at the end of the day, he knows that the main goal for him to be there is Andi. 

So, that's his No. 1 focus and it's not to worry about hurting feelings every once in a while, which it's hard to argue that point.  I handle myself differently, and I think everybody chooses how they handle themselves -- doesn't make you good or bad as a person.

Andi has said in the past it's really important for her to have a family one day.  When we were getting to know her, did she seem like the kind of woman that you would like to eventually start a family with in the future?

Chris Soules:  Yes, absolutely.  I mean,  Andi is a family person, you can see that.  Her family is extremely important to her and you can tell that.  She stated multiple times that that's why she's here.  And she's making a huge commitment in her life to be here and go through this process to find somebody that she really, really can find that true love with that she wants to start a foundation to build a family. 

And that's the most important thing in my mind.  I think that she sees that too, that finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with is the key to establishing a family.  That's amazing.  You know, I could definitely see myself having a family with Andi.

When the day comes, what kind of mom do you think Andi would be?

Chris Soules:  She'd be fantastic.  Andi would be a fantastic mother.  She's caring, she's smart, she's disciplined.  She'd be a great mother and a great role model to some really special children -- no doubt in my mind.

You seem to have a really good relationship with a lot of the guys in the house and you're speaking very highly of them on this call.  Of the suitors Andi's eliminated, is there anyone you'd think would make a great Bachelor on the next season of The Bachelor?

Chris Soules:  Oh, gosh.  Guys who've been eliminated.  I mean, that's a tough question to -- really, for me to answer.  I guess they're all -- from Day 1, I was impressed with the quality of individuals.  You know, I just sat there in the room, like, "Wow." 

How am I in this room with all these guys?  Because you kind of expect maybe there's going to be a few guys who just aren't, you know, they're just whatever.  But there weren't.

And [Marquel Martin] is a great guy, you know, and he's extremely good looking, successful, talented.  I had a great relationship with a lot of the guys and I don't know what it takes to be the next Bachelor and what criteria you have to have to be that.  And so, it's hard for me to be a very solid person to make that suggestion one way or the other. 

But I think they all have their special traits that would -- you know, they all deserve to find love.  And I think that they were all here for the right reasons and wanting to look, wanting to find that.  So, for me to pinpoint one guy, you now, I can't really put my finger on anybody.

But I do know that Marquel is a great guy.  Obviously, he's getting some attention, and who knows.  But, yes, I don't know.  I can't speak to that with too much detail because I don't know.  They're all great candidates.  That's why they're here. 

That's why they made it onto the show.  And the only reason they went home was because the connection with Andi wasn't there, you know?  So, that doesn't make them any less qualified to be on the next The Bachelor.

Based on the guys that were still in house as of the Rose Ceremony on this last episode, is there anybody that you're surprised is still around? You've gotten to know the guys in addition to Andi, so maybe you don't see a connection between them or a personality match?

Chris Soules:  You know, I don't really get to see -- you know, I've gotten to see bits and pieces -- or I've gotten to the show as to this point.  And being there, I didn't get to see and feel that connection.  So, I'm not sure what she sees in each individual guy because I don't get to -- she doesn't talk about everybody that much.

And there's some guys that haven't even had a one-on-one.  [Cody Sattler], for one, has not had a one-on-one.  So, I guess off the top of my head, Cody would be the first one I'd say, "Okay, where are they at?  Where is their relationship at right now?"  Because they haven't had that serious time together. 

I know that I would feel the same way if I was Cody.  Where does our relationship stand if I [hadn't gotten] that time?  So, just because for the mere fact that Cody has not had a one-on-one date, I don't know where they really stand together from a chemistry standpoint.  So, until they get to that point, then it's hard for me to really judge where they're at.

But the guys that are left are great guys, and I can't see any reason why any one of them would not be able to have a great relationship with Andi.  So, it's been all up to Andi and what she, in her judgment, who she's falling in love with.

What would you say is the meanest thing that Andi did while shooting?

Chris Soules:  Meanest thing.  Gosh.  She was pretty -- pretty easy, a pretty great lead.  I've never been on the show before.  Obviously, I don't have much to compare it to.  But I can't think of much that's been mean.  I mean, to make the guys strip, no, that's fun.  But that's a little tough, but I wouldn't say it's mean. 

You know, I think canceling the Rose Ceremony was a tough pill to swallow, once again.  That was hard.  That was hard for me; It was hard for a lot of the guys.  And I think she even said that she -- at one point, I believe she may have mentioned that she probably wouldn't have done that again, that she kind of regretted doing that. 

But that was probably the toughest on me and I know it was the toughest on other guys.  But I don't think -- I can't really question her decision.  I don't think it's a bad decision.  It was tough.  It was hard to go through that.  And, luckily, I [ended up] getting a rose, so it worked out.  But, emotionally, that was a difficult thing to go through.

Did you get the impression that Andi was on the show for love or something else?

Chris Soules:  No.  I mean, I got the impression that Andi was there 100 percent for love.  I mean, in my conversations with her and my gut feeling in talking with her, I really feel like she was there for love.  I never questioned that once, why she was there, personally.

Above is a portion of Chris' Thursday conference call with reporters. To read what she had to say to Reality TV World directly, click here. To read more, click here.