The Bachelorette alum Shawn Booth has introduced his baby's mother, Audrey "Dre" Joseph, who is over four months pregnant with his first child.

Shawn, 37, unveiled the special woman in his life and dished about her pregnancy during the July 24 episode of his "In the Booth With Shawn Booth" podcast.


"This is a very special episode.... In the hot seat, we've got a very gorgeous lady here, a beautiful mama. I think the kids like to call them 'MILFs.' Ladies and gentlemen, the lady you've been waiting for all week, Audrey 'Dre' Joseph," Shawn began.

"Folks, she is pregnant. She is now 19 weeks," the gym owner and personal trainer added. "We've figured out the names of the baby, potentially, boy or girl. We've got them locked in!"

Dre, 30, admitted she currently feels "a euphoric energy," she's been "glowing," and she feels "connected" to her body "in a whole new way."

Considering Dre is in her second trimester, she shared how she's been "working out," making an effort to "eat super healthy," and "trying to stay positive."

Dre said she'd love for her son or daughter to have Shawn's loyalty to others and creativity, and Shawn hopes his child will have Dre's outgoing and bubbly personality.

Dre noted it's been a "wild" week since Shawn first announced he's going to be a dad on the July 17 episode of his podcast.

Dre told Shawn's listeners that the pregnancy was "definitely a shock" for her. And she recalled how she "started showing extremely early," when she and Shawn had been hoping to keep the news private.

"You can't really keep it low key when 12 weeks in, you look down, and [you see a bump]," Dre said.

And Dre said she's "started to feel the baby a little bit," in her belly, "like little flutters."

"It's a crazy feeling," she gushed, "those first things that you feel. It's like something is just moving through there."

Dre is from a little town outside of Austin, TX, and she's been living in Nashville for seven years. She met Shawn the first week his gym opened because he had hired her as a photographer for the grand opening.

"I've taken tons and tons of photos of you," Dre told Shawn.

When asked what she's most nervous about in terms of having her first baby, Dre shared, "Living up to my own expectations. I hear a lot of times that new moms set all these expectations and then they kind of beat themselves up for what they think motherhood will look like or postpartum will look like."

The mom-to-be continued, "I think social media makes that super, super difficult because you can make it look like rainbows and sunshine... [but] I know there's a lot of nitty-gritty that goes into it. It's super hard and I just want to remember to give myself grace and that you and I are going to do the absolute best we can."


Shawn pointed out how "there's no playbook" for parents, adding, "You just get thrown into the fire and you just have to figure it out one day at a time."

Shawn said he's nervous about his kid "getting hurt," although young children seem to "bounce back up" from injuries quickly.

In terms of the baby's delivery, Shawn confessed how he's afraid he'll be squeamish at the hospital.

"I think he should go down there and cut the cord and be there and watch," Dre said.

But Shawn countered, "I've always said, for my whole life, 'I can't watch that.' I just want to stay by the head to give some moral support."

He reasoned, however, "I feel like every dad I talked to [makes me think] I'm just, like, going to have to go in there and just frickin' get some gloves on and help that thing out."

Shawn anticipates he may get nauseous once he sees all the blood come out, but Dre called him out on what she thinks is really going on.

"Is it that or you don't want to see a place you're so familiar with like that? Be honest," Dre asked.

Shawn laughed and confessed, "I mean, it might be a little bit of the latter, but that sounds so terrible to say."

Dre proceeded to ask, "But it's like, what? You're not going to want to use it again?"

"No, of course not," Shawn responded. "I didn't say that. I don't know. I think it's just a queasy, crazy thing. But the more I think about it -- with it being my baby -- I don't think that way as much."

Shawn and Dre's baby is due to be born on December 12, 2023.

When Shawn first announced he's going to become a dad, he shared some insight into his relationship with Dre and how they've been "close... for years."

Shawn elaborated, "We've had a relationship and we've dated. This just isn't some random girl I met at Honky Tonk Central. This is a big surprise for the both of us, I mean, to be open and honest. This wasn't something that was planned. But it will be."

The Bachelorette alum went on to say that this will be "the most beautiful surprise" he's "ever had" in his life.

"And it's going to be very special. I can't wait," Shawn gushed. "I'm ready. I'm 37 years old. I've always wanted to be a dad."

Shawn boasted about how Dre -- whom he hadn't identified at the time -- is going to be a good mother.

"And it's going to be incredible. It's very overwhelming," The Bachelorette alum said.

"And it's also tough, too, for the dad because it takes a while to really fully grasp that you're having a kid -- your body's not changing, you're not dealing with all the hormones, and you want to, as much as you can, help out."


But Shawn acknowledged how fathers-to-be "can't really do anything" until their baby is born.

"So she's been an absolute champ, a rock star through it all," Shawn gushed, adding, "There was never a point where I was freaking out -- never."

Shawn found fame when he competed on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette in 2015.

Shawn proposed marriage to Kaitlyn on The Bachelorette's eleventh season, but they called it quits more than three years later.

Kaitlyn revealed in April that she believes Shawn Booth had used her for professional gain towards the end of their relationship.

During the April 3 episode of her fiance Jason Tartick's "Trading Secrets" podcast, Kaitlyn accused Shawn of dragging out their romance after the show in order to benefit from her income and success.

"It was getting down to the end where we both just didn't see it going anywhere," Kaitlyn recalled of November 2018 breakup with Shawn. "But it felt like he was hanging on until his gym opened. And that's where I felt used professionally."

Kaitlyn recalled having a "power struggle" with Shawn after The Bachelorette ended.

"With all these opportunities, they're like, 'We want Kaitlyn there and, well, Shawn can come too!' Or maybe not. Maybe it's just Kaitlyn, or it's the two of us together, but it was always if I was there, then he was invited," Kaitlyn recalled.

"And I think that on top of already feeling emasculated on the show where you're not The One [right off the bat] and there's other relationships building and you thought it was you the whole time and then you realize it wasn't -- how does a relationship even work after that? I don't know. It's hard."

Back in November 2021, Shawn said of his relationship with Kaitlyn on the "Austin AF" podcast, "I don't know if it was true, true love. I guess it wasn't because we'd still be together if it was."

Shawn explained at the time, "Of course, you're thinking it's love. But you're put in a situation where you're completely secluded from the world. You can't talk to your friends, you can't talk to your family," according to Us Weekly.

"You can't watch TV. You don't have the Internet. I mean, you're there for 12 weeks, you're trying to, like, just figure out your emotions and your feelings. And you have this person that you're kind of going through the process with."

When Kaitlyn announced her split from Shawn, she claimed they had "important fundamental values" that didn't line up.

But Shawn reportedly thought it was "disrespectful" that Kaitlyn moved on with Jason in early 2019.

Jason asked Kaitlyn out on their first date in January 2019. Jason moved from his place in Seattle to live with Kaitlyn in Nashville in June 2019, and the couple has since adopted two dogs together.

"Everybody deals with breakups in a different way. That was her way of dealing with a breakup -- getting right into it and wanting to share it with the world," Shawn said.

"We weren't together she was able to do whatever she wanted to do. So it didn't really matter how I felt. The biggest takeaway I took from that was, 'Okay, this is, like, a good move that we ended.' Let's rip off the band-aid completely."

In December 2021, Kaitlyn candidly discussed Shawn's "bitter" comments about their broken engagement, including how he didn't think they had found "true love."

Kaitlyn told Us at the time how she didn't listen to Shawn's interview but she was still hurt by what she heard or read about it.

"People told me about it, but it actually just made me a little sad because he had every opportunity to just be happy for me and be happy at where he's at in life. And he just still seems a little bitter," Kaitlyn shared.

"And I was just confused by that because it's been three years and I thought maybe he would just, you know, we'd want each other to be happy."

She added, "It made me sad that he said he didn't think it was real love or we'd still be together. Obviously, his experience was different than mine."

Kaitlyn said in March 2019 how she "wasn't feeling loved" and felt "alone" in her relationship with Shawn for over a year.

She even confessed to having put on an "act" for her social-media followers before the breakup.

Kaitlyn concluded of Shawn in late 2021, "I genuinely hope he's just happy in what he's doing. Because at this point, I mean, that would be weird if I felt any other way."


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