The Bachelorette alum Becca Kufrin has provided fans an update on her wedding to fiance Thomas Jacobs.

Becca has selected her wedding gown for the big day after trying on a series of beautiful dresses in a bridal shop.


This past weekend, Becca shared pictures of herself smiling big in a variety of wedding dresses, most of which were A-line or form-fitted designs that hugged her curves and had some sex appeal.

"The ultimate dress up! I have the man and now I have the dress. I cannot sing enough praises for the women at @unveiledbridalsf," Becca captioned the slideshow.

"Thank you for giving me the most magical afternoon ever, these memories will stay with me forever. Couldn't have found the perfect dress without you."

Becca also added the following "disclaimer" to her post: "None of these are the actual dress. That's for Tommy's eyes first."

Becca posed in dresses with lace, feathers, and corsets. A few of her options were strapless, and one dress featured a beautiful cowl neckline in what appeared to be a satin material.

Becca looked thrilled as she accomplished one more task leading up to her wedding.

Thomas commented on Becca's bridal fashion show, "How about a warning next time! Not supposed to be seeing ANY of these!"

Becca replied to her fiance, "Tommy I love the dress so much I'm gonna wear it all over. On the couch? yup. Loading your dirty dishes into the dishwasher? You know it. Watching you scrub the toilet, I'll be in the dress. It's going to be a part of me."

Other comments poured in from Becca's girlfriends and fellow Bachelor Nation members, expressing their excitement for Becca.


"But you look incredible in every single one!!!! How do you choose?" Tia Booth wrote.

Tayshia Adams called the Season 14 The Bachelorette star the "most beautiful bride to be," and Kendall Long gushed, "These are all so stunning on you."

Becca responded to Kendall, "You're up next boo," referencing how Kendall is currently engaged, living in Germany, and about to plan a wedding with her fiance Mitchell Sage.

Sharleen Joynt wrote, "Ohhhhh I can't even handle these!! You look STUNNING in every one."

Hannah Brown and Rachel Recchia both commented on how Becca looked "beautiful" in the gowns, and Susie Evans gushed, "I am SCREAMING! You look unreal!"

While Becca has shared part of her wedding-planning experience with fans, she revealed in December how she and Thomas probably won't want to televise their wedding.

"I think right now we would probably say no to a TV wedding," Becca told E! News.

"At least the vows and the ceremony I would want to keep more intimate and have that just be between us and our families. The party, if that were to be on TV, I wouldn't say no."

But Becca said she wouldn't be against televising the reception or post-ceremony party.

"I understand people have been with me since the beginning," Becca said, referring to her journey on The Bachelor franchise.

"They know me from The Bachelor, getting proposed to multiple times and not seeing that full story come together. I understand why people would want to maybe see that at some point. But if it happens, it happens.

Becca was previously engaged to Arie Luyendyk Jr., with whom she fell in love on The Bachelor's 22nd season. But Arie broke up with Becca for his runner-up, his current wife Lauren Burnham.

Becca was then chosen by ABC to star on The Bachelorette's fourteenth edition in 2018. Her season ended with an engagement to Garrett Yrigoyen; however, that relationship also ended.


Becca never thought she'd appear on Bachelor in Paradise, but she decided to give it a chance in Summer 2021. Becca met Thomas in Mexico on the show's seventh season, and the pair flourished and thrived in the real world.

"I've learned I can't say no to anything because when I say no, it always ends up happening," Becca said of possibly televising part of her nuptials.

"If it can be done tastefully and respectfully and true to who we are, maybe," she added. "I'm not saying yes. I'm not saying no."

Becca flipped the script and announced she had proposed marriage to Thomas in May 2022, and then Thomas popped the question to Becca in October, doubling down on their commitment to each other and making their engagement even more official.

Becca confirmed late last year that she and Thomas had begun planning their wedding, but at the time, they still needed to finalize major details such as their venue and wedding date.

"We initially wanted to do it around my dad's birthday just because it has such a special date," Becca said of her late father.

"We're hoping October, but we want to keep it very small, very intimate so it would just be immediate family. We might elope. We would love to do it in Ojai, which is such a special place to us."

But then Becca shared how they were also considering a wedding in January 2024 and having "a big party like '20s-Gatsby-champagne-towers theme where it's more of just a celebration."

Becca insisted her wedding celebration "will not be traditional by any means" and she wants her guests to have an awesome time.

"We're going to have food trucks and games and a live swing band there," Becca previously said.

"Most of my family and friends will be traveling through Minnesota so I want it to be more of an experience for them where they can celebrate all weekend and not just four hours of a ceremony and a sit-down meal."

She continued, "I just want everyone to mingle and have a good time. That's what we're aiming for. I say that now, but we don't have anything set."

Becca told in September that she and Thomas would love to tie the knot in "chillier weather" but they weren't sure everything could come together for a wedding in 2023.

"I don't even know if we'll be able to do [2023] -- we have so many weddings we are going to that are all over the world, so when are we going to be able to find a time that we can get married?! All of our friends are hogging all the weekends!" Becca joked.

Becca shared how she was thinking about getting married near their home in California or doing something spontaneous.

"We think we'll do San Diego or we'll just elope. But I told him once we get through the house, we can talk about it. One thing at a time!" Becca revealed.

Thomas was already sold on marrying Becca in November 2021, when he told Hollywood Life that he was in "the most healthy, normal relationship."

And during an October 2021 episode of the "Talking It Out with Bachelor Nation" podcast, Thomas gushed of Becca, "I don't want to spend my life with anybody else... I wouldn't want to wake up next to anybody else."

On Bachelor in Paradise's seventh-season finale, Becca was shown breaking up with Thomas and crushing his heart before overnight Fantasy Suite dates because, despite having "an incredible start" to a relationship, Becca didn't want to leave The Bachelor franchise for the third time with a man unless she knew everything about him, including how he'd face adversity and real-life challenges.

However, the finale concluded with an update on Becca and Thomas' relationship, revealing how they had reunited after filming ended and were dating, "happy and in love."

During Becca and Thomas' appearance on "Talking It Out" in late 2021, Becca revealed she's the one who had tracked down Thomas' phone number and initiated their reunion.

"After we ended things, I think I waited a couple days. I didn't have my phone right away and he didn't have his phone right away, so I think I gave it two days," Becca disclosed.

Becca said she and Thomas reunited in San Diego and picked up right where they had left off, with no hesitation to begin dating again on either side.

Becca also boasted about how Thomas is different from her past relationships.

In addition to saying Thomas is so passionate about their relationship and prepared to fight "tooth and nail" for her, she previously, "He is so supportive and he's just funny and quirky in the cutest ways."

"Everything about him, I just felt safe with," Becca continued, "unlike anything I had in the past. I was just like, 'This guy is my guy.'"

Becca even told her mother not long after Paradise's seventh season ended that she wanted to marry Thomas, who initially came across like a villain on Katie Thurston's The Bachelorette season.

Despite having been engaged twice before, Becca admitted at the time, "It's the first time I've ever actually said that out loud."


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