The Bachelor: The Women Tell All, which featured Clayton Echard and most of the bachelorettes he had denied roses to during The Bachelor's 2022 season, was explosive as the women scolded Clayton for his actions, made jaw-dropping accusations, and Shanae Ankney refused to apologize for her lies and manipulation.

Monday night's The Women Tell All special for Clayton's season was hosted by Jesse Palmer.

The women who attended the Tell-All were Claire Heilig, Kate Gallivan, Hunter Haag, Jill Chin, Elizabeth Corrigan, Marlena Wesh, Cassidy Timbrooks, Kira Mengistu, Eliza Isichei, Shanae Ankney, Sarah Hamrick, Lyndsey Windham, Mara Agreat, Sierra Jackson, Genevieve Parisi, Teddi Wright, and Serene Russell.

The broadcast featured loads of drama as the women faced off against each other and were put on the spot about villain and mean-girl behavior over the course of the season.


Shanae stood her ground against a room of her angry peers, and Sarah cried as her fellow bachelorettes accused her of using her connection with Clayton as a weapon to intimidate and stir up insecurities in her competition.

Genevieve, Teddi and Serene also sat in the hot seat and opened up about their broken relationships with Clayton and how they plan to find love again.

Clayton also faced the wrath of his seemingly bitter and resentful bachelorettes, not just for keeping Shanae around so long but also for his shocking decisions at the end of his journey from Fantasy Suite dates on.

"I can confidently tell you it's the most dramatic finale in Bachelor history," Jesse teased.

Clayton was open about his mistakes and the fact he's not a perfect person but certainly learned a lot through the dating experience and became a better person because of the ladies he got to know on The Bachelor's 26th season.

Below are the highlights from The Bachelor: The Women Tell All broadcast.

Shanae is blasted for her villainous behavior on the show

"Shanae, did someone lock you in the closet when you were a little kid," Kate asked. "Because what was that? That was pretty dark."

"Sorry," Shanae replied sarcastically. "You guys were all fake."
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"Girl, we were fake?!" Sierra snapped.

The girls accused Shanae of having "played Clayton," but she disagreed. Shanae said she had been open, vulnerable and honest with Clayton, but Jill called her "a budget-ass Meryl Streep."

Sierra also pointed out how Shanae had delivered a fake apology to the women, which in turn was a lie to Clayton's face.

Sierra demanded that Shanae call her a "b-tch" to her face rather than behind the screen, but Shanae wouldn't do it.

"Because you are a little b-tch!" Sierra shouted.

Cassidy defends her "assertive" approach to dating Clayton

After Claire admitted Clayton was "too soft" for her and didn't have enough edge, Cassidy gushed about how much she really liked Clayton, genuinely.

Jesse asked Cassidy why she had taken such an assertive approach with Clayton, and she said she was not playing games and is just a very forward and assertive person in her day to day life.

Kira called her "disrespectful," saying she had tried to intimidate the other women, but Cassidy disagreed and said she had minded her business while trying to stand out in front of the crowd when Clayton was around.


"You knew what you were doing!" Sierra argued, adding, "You have a high ego and you were arrogant walking around the house at times and you were abrasive."

Cassidy said she didn't realize that she had made other women feel insecure and uncomfortable and she typically leads with chemistry in a relationship with a lot of kissing.

"I didn't have a negative word to say about anybody in any of my interviews except the generic, 'Game on, b-riches!' But that was more of a term of endearment in that sense," Cassidy said.

Kate accused Cassidy of saying she'd forget her name because she looked like every other girl on the show.

On Cassidy's younger friend with benefits back home whom she had FaceTimed with while quarantining in her hotel pre-production, Cassidy said she never mentioned the man wanting to do "nasty things" with her once she got home.

Sierra insisted she wasn't lying, but Cassidy said she really liked Clayton and had a genuine connection with him.

"I didn't have a boyfriend, I didn't have a relationship," Cassidy noted.

Sierra claimed the problem was Cassidy having "after plans," and Cassidy suggested it's sad people got upset with her for having causal sex prior to filming The Bachelor.

Hunter pointed out how it was an issue Cassidy had plans to return to that man after competing for Clayton's heart and the real problem was her lying about having another guy on hold.

Cassidy admitted she wasn't going to break off that hookup unless she got engaged. She said that if Clayton had popped the question to her, she would've dumped her former flame immediately.

"I personally don't think it's that unforgivable to have somebody on the side. To me, the worst offense that you did was coach Shanae and turn that b-tch into Frankenstein," Kate announced.

Shanae is called "dirt" and "one of the most disgusting humans" ever

Kate shared how she liked Shanae at first but underneath the nice exterior was "a sinister and diabolical b-tch."

Lyndsey claimed being around Shanae was a lose-lose situation because if the girls were nice to her, Shanae would call them fake and then if the girls kept their distance, they'd be called bullies.

"Now I realize you're the bully, and from the bottom of my heart, f-ck you, Shanae," Lyndsey snapped.

"Really?" Shanae replied with a smile and laugh.

"You can go rot in Ohio for all I care," Lyndsey added. "You are dirt. Literally rot."

Hunter went on to call Shanae "one of the most disgusting human beings" she's ever met, and Genevieve pointed out how Shanae had never fired insults to anyone's face.


When Shanae joined Jesse in the hot seat, she had tears in her eyes, but all the girls joked about how she was pulling fake tears again and had made her bed and needed to lay in it.

Jill said Shanae had lied multiple times and took no accountability for her behavior.

Once Shanae had the floor, she said Elizabeth was her friend on Night 1 and then changed on the second day and became "toxic" and allegedly ignored her and wouldn't acknowledge her. Shanae said Elizabeth had lied about being her friend.

Elizabeth said she remembered having one conversation with Shanae in that Shanae had been single for five years and Elizabeth shared a story about her previously-failed engagement and then Elizabeth moved on to speak to another girl during the first night of filming.

"If that's what you consider intimacy, I can understand why you've been so confused up to this point in your life," Elizabeth said with a little sass.

Shanae stood by the fact Elizabeth is "fake," but Elizabeth said she didn't recall any interaction with her the first day that would garner "a really intense obsession." Elizabeth joked that she had never bought Shanae a best-friend necklace or something like that.

Shanae claimed Elizabeth had said she loved her and they were "really good friends," but Elizabeth had no recollection of that. Jill called Shanae a liar and Sierra added how Shanae is a "narcissistic gaslighter biotch."

Shanae admitted she had apologized to the women after The Bachelor Bowl for Clayton because he had asked her to and she never wanted to say sorry. Sierra called Shanae out for lying to Clayton's face as a result, but she claimed she had done it for him to make him happy.

Shanae accuses Genevieve of hooking up with Bachelor Nation after Clayton's split

Genevieve couldn't believe Shanae had called her an actress, and Sierra yelled how no man would watch her behavior on The Bachelor and then want to marry her.

"I think so, [that a guy would]," Shanae disagreed.

Genevieve called Shanae "delusional" and shouted, "You compared yourself to Meryl Streep after calling me an actress!"

Genevieve joined Shanae in the hot seat and shared how she was anxious, worried and stressed leading into the two-on-one date, which apparently gave Shanae the impression that Genevieve wanted to quit the show and leave. Genevieve said Shanae's actions were "shocking."

"When I got home, I was grieving. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep and I lost weight," Shanae declared. "And then when you get eliminated, you go home and f-ck [Aaron Clancy] from [Katie Thurston]'s season."

"Oh my God!" Serene said.

Genevieve dubbed the accusation "mind-blowing," saying she had met Aaron at a bar but didn't even kiss him. Elizabeth told Genevieve that she didn't need to defend herself. Genevieve accused Shanae of sliding into Aaron's DMs, which Shanae denied, but then Genevieve said Aaron had shown her a screenshot.


"I never slid into his DMs!" Shanae insisted, although she had admitted to replying to Aaron.

Genevieve said Aaron thought Shanae was "crazy" because she had messaged him back with a bunch of flirty hearts.

Shanae then said if Genevieve was so into Clayton as she had said, she wouldn't return home and immediately hang out "with Bachelor Nation." Genevieve stood by the fact she went to a bar one night and nothing happened.

"You never f-cked him?" Shanae flat out asked.

"Never!" Genevieve responded.

Lyndsey said Shanae had ruined everyone's experience and made it miserable for the cast. Even Cassidy wanted Shanae to own her actions and apologize.

"I don't [care]," Shanae said.

"You don't care about anyone but yourself," Sierra yelled.

Genevieve said she's glad America got to see Shanae's true colors and she had manipulated everyone and is just "a bad seed."

Genevieve said it spoke volumes about Shanae's character that she wouldn't accept any fault, adding, "If Clayton ended up with you, he would've watched it back and just been so disappointed. So thank God!"

"That's your opinion," Shanae countered.

Sarah claims she never intended to hurt any of the women

When Sarah sat in the hot seat, she got emotionally and said it was sad to see a beginning with so much potential end the way it did. Sarah said her second one-on-one date with Clayton was a turning point for everyone, especially since some women had yet to receive a one-on-one date.

Mara said Sarah didn't seem to be "wife material," and Genevieve recalled how Sarah had called herself Clayton's "rock" and said they had cried together.

"It was kind of like you're it," Genevieve said.

Clayton said he never cried to Sarah, who then said her goal was just to share information and connect with the girls. Sarah said she never intended to brag or make anyone feel insecure.

"It seemed you were using it as a weapon against the other women to make them feel intimidated and not so secure," Kira said.

"Absolutely not," Sarah argued. "My intent will never be to purposely hurt anyone or make anyone feel insecure."


But Teddi reiterated how Sarah had said things that weren't true, but Sarah told the ladies, "I would never lie."

When asked directly if Clayton had cried with her, Sarah dodged the question and said she didn't want to speak for him but he noticeably gotten upset a couple of times on their first one-on-one date.

"Did you see tears?" Hunter asked.

"Yes," Sarah responded.

Teddi breaks down in the hot seat and Clayton's brother slid into her DMs!

Teddi then cried and got very emotional after watching footage of her elimination back. She shared how she and Clayton started such a strong connection and felt it could end in an engagement.

Teddi apparently felt validated up until the moment Clayton didn't call out her name and give her a rose. Teddi said it takes her a while to trust men, which stems from her childhood because her father wasn't around a lot and her parents often separated even though they loved her.

Teddi desired to feel worthy of love and said she had dated men that were toxic. She never felt like she was enough for a guy and Clayton dumping her ended up being another example of "coming up short," which was hard for her to watch.

Teddi said she thought she was going to get a Fantasy Suite with Clayton and even thought to herself, "Is he going to be my first?" Teddi wanted to make it known that losing her virginity wouldn't change who she is or what she stands for, and she may have been willing to have sex on The Bachelor.

"Starting on such a high, it did make my low feel even lower... but I am so open and ready to find love now," Teddi announced. "I'm going to make an amazing wife one day and an amazing mother one day."

Teddi then revealed Clayton's brother had slid into her DMs! Teddi confessed, however, how she never replied to him because dating "one Echard boy was enough" for her.

Serene admits she really loved Clayton

Serene subsequently joined Jesse in the hot seat. Serene said watching her journey back was really hard because she had given Clayton her all and it wasn't enough, even though Clayton claimed she was definitely enough.

Serene said being heard by Clayton was truly special and she never saw her brother Roland's tears coming. He was apparently there for her during her most crushing and devastating moments in life.

"I really felt like Clayton was the right person," Serene admitted. "I didn't want to filter myself... I wanted him to know where I was coming from and where I was at with him."

Serene said she believes her person is out there and it'll just be a matter of timing when she gets to meet him.

Clayton faces the music and the "firing squad," as he recently put it

Clayton confronted his exes and admitted he was "far from perfect" and had made "a lot of mistakes." He said he wished he had done things differently but has no regrets since he followed his heart and did the best he could in the moment.

Sierra asked Clayton why he believed Shanae over several women who had given him warnings, and Clayton said building trust came with time and he wanted "tangible evidence."

"What's more tangible than the entire house?" Sierra asked.


Lyndsey also wished Clayton would just own the fact he had a better connection with Shanae than anyone else because he once put her up on a table and made out with her.

Clayton said he thought his romance with Shanae was real and genuine but then Shanae throwing the trophy was "indefensible." But the girls pointed out how Clayton chose to keep Shanae after that and didn't eliminate her until the two-on-one date.

The girls said Clayton keeping Shanae around so long was "a slap in the face" and disrespectful to all of them, who had been looking out for him. Sierra said Clayton had made "a stupid-ass decision" when everyone was trying to help him.

"I think you're confusing love and lust. I think that you need to figure those two out and really realize what it takes to be a married man," Sierra slammed Clayton. "I don't think you're there yet."

Clayton told Shanae that he believed her while filming the show and was surprised to watch her fake tears and play "a game." He said she had manipulated him as well as the other women. Shanae insisted she had been real with Clayton, but no one was buying what she was selling.

"I trusted you and I believed you, and it's the worst thing I could have done," Clayton confessed.

Clayton also explained how Sarah's actions had women questioning if they should stay and he wasn't okay with that.

"Almost all of them told me they were going to leave because of what you were telling them," Clayton said. "And what it came across as, just to me, was that you were playing this game for your benefit... to eliminate the competition."

Clayton said he started questioning everything and Sarah's actions had ramifications, even if those ramifications weren't her motive or intent.

Sarah said she was convinced they had trust and a strong connection and he seemed to be disingenuous to her. Sarah accused Clayton of "constantly stirring the pot" and wished he would've respected her enough in their goodbye to dump her based on their dynamic and not external allegations or hearsay.

Clayton told Sarah that he really trusted the women who had made claims against her and he didn't cry with her -- and so he didn't understand why she had told the other women that.

"No, I did not cry [on my first one-on-one with Sarah]," Clayton confirmed.

"I didn't say you cried to me," Sarah said, slightly changing her story.

"When they were asking me about the date, I was saying it was hard and uncomfortable. Sorry if I overshared that and it was uncomfortable, but this is ridiculous... We both cried a lot on camera and I don't know how it's applicable anymore."

Clayton thanked his bachelorettes for holding him accountable, and Marlena took her hat off to Clayton for navigating the process to the best of his ability.

Clayton also told Serene her question before they parted ways "crushed" him. Clayton didn't want Serene, who had given him so much, to feel invalidated.

Clayton didn't want any woman questioning what they had because he couldn't open up to them. He told Serene that she had done nothing wrong and he didn't want her to put walls back up.

"In order to get what I want and find that person for me, I have to keep being vulnerable," Serene said.

Kira said the criticism Clayton has received "was deserved" but she also appreciated his really good qualities and became more attracted to him with each passing episode.

"So I don't know if you're engaged, but if you're not and you're single, I am single too," Kira announced.

"Respect, Kira!" Jesse shouted with a laugh.

Sierra slams Clayton for his decisions that will be shown in the finale

Clayton confirmed he fell for all three of his final bachelorettes: Gabby Windey, Rachel Recchia and Susie Evans.

"Speaking on the fact you fell in love with three women, you know, you obviously know that we're all very close... and a few of us have been able to hear about what goes down and how messy it gets, Sierra said.

"And I want to know exactly who are you to act a certain way and treat these women a certain way and subject them to this kind of behavior of yours?"

Sierra added, "What did they do to deserve it?"

Clayton responded that he couldn't prep for it and just reacted the way he "thought was appropriate."

"I understand again that what I did, I think it's important for me to learn from it, and I am learning from it. But it was with no bad intentions," Clayton explained. "I had to let my emotions come out, and it unfortunately wasn't as straight-forward as I hoped."

Teddi also said she's in the unique position where she knows a lot of things.

"I think I'll just leave it at, 'I hope you're okay,'" Teddi noted.

Clayton looked extremely somber and upset once the special ended.


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