The Bachelor Winter Games spoilers reveal all the details viewers want to know about the new The Bachelor franchise show -- including a dramatic love triangle, and which cast members allegedly leave Vermont single or in a relationship!

The Bachelor Winter Games premieres Tuesday, February 13 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC, with 14 international participants and 12 American bachelors and bachelorettes going head-to-head in winter-themed challenges all the while looking for love at The Hermitage Club in Vermont.

Following the premiere episode, Winter Games will air on Thursday, February 15 and Tuesday, February 20, with the finale broadcast airing on Thursday, February 22 on ABC.  After the finale, a one-hour reunion special called The Bachelor Winter Games: World Tells All will air at 10PM ET/PT.

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading now if you want to be surprised by the relationships that unfold on The Bachelor Winter Games].

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, the cast members who made the finals of The Bachelor Winter Games were Ashley Iaconetti, Lesley Murphy, Kevin Wendt, Dean Unglert, Lily McManus, Luke Pell, Courtney Dober, and Nastassia "Stassi" Yaramchuk.

Ashley, Lesley, Dean, and Luke all represented the United States on the show.  

Ashley reportedly got together with Kevin from Canada during the season. And Lesley became romantically involved with Dean. Luke found potential for love with Stassi from Sweden.

In addition, Lily from New Zealand began dating Courtney from Australia on Winter Games.

Dean and Lesley are still dating to this day, and Carbone says that Ashley and Kevin are still together as well!

There is little information out there about the current status of Luke's relationship as well as the international couple's romance, but all will reveal itself in due course on the World Tells All reunion special, which reportedly tapes on February 16.

The major storyline post-filming, however, will allegedly belong to Ashley and Kevin.

Carbone says Ashley -- who has been open about the fact she's a virgin ever since competing on The Bachelor several years ago -- lost her virginity to Kevin after the show wrapped!

Ashley has allegedly visited Kevin in Toronto, while he has traveled to California to see her. They have also spent time together in other places, and Kevin plans to stay with Ashley for a good month this winter.
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But the spoiler blogger has no faith in Ashley and Kevin's relationship based on what he's heard about the former first-season The Bachelorette Canada winner.

"Kevin's sole intention of doing this show was to be the next Bachelor: Canada. And if not that, he just wants fame, he wants notoriety, and he was strictly looking to hook up with whatever girl in the house would garner him the most attention," Carbone wrote.

Unfortunately for Ashley, she left The Bachelor Winter Games completely smitten with Kevin, but he's reportedly just not that into her.

"It's almost like if this guy doesn't commit to her at the Tell All taping [on] Friday, he's gonna come across as a complete douche... I've heard his intentions have way more to do with extending his brand than actually finding a girlfriend," Carbone continued.

"Basically, this is the worst guy someone like Ashley [could've] ever gotten involved [with]... I mean, we've seen how Ashley reacts to boys she hasn't had sex with. Now this? Oh boy. Don't buy this relationship at all, regardless of what this guy ends up doing."

Now that fans know how The Bachelor Winter Games concluded, let's rewind and talk about the spoilers for the premiere episode on February 13.

Carbone revealed that each episode will feature a challenge in which the men compete against each other, and the women also compete against each other. There will be one male winner and one female winner of each challenge, and the winners will receive Date Cards.

Date Cards are therefore earned, and not just given out. On Bachelor in Paradise, Date Cards are given to bachelors and bachelorettes simply upon their island entrances.

Viewers will also become better acquainted with international contestants when they stand out for winning a competition or getting eliminated from the series.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison and sportscaster Hannah Storm serve as hosts for the Winter Games, while Ashley Brewer -- a Los Angeles-based sports anchor -- will conduct interviews with the bachelors and bachelorettes as challenges unfold.

Once the cast moves into their Winter Games house, people start to couple up.

Carbone says the first couple to form is Josiah and Ally Thompson from New Zealand. Josiah allegedly loves the fact Ally is curvy, and the pair is shown making out on the couch.

Meanwhile, Ashley is immediately attracted to Kevin, but Bibiana Julian is too! When Kevin takes a moment to talk to Bibiana, Ashley reportedly becomes jealous and insecure.

And Clare Crawley will allegedly be in the middle of a love triangle, as two international bachelors are both romantically interested in her -- Christian Rauch from Germany and Benoit Beausejour-Savard from Canada.

The first competition is a biathlon consisting of skiing laps and shooting paint guns, according to Carbone. There will be two heats for each sex, and the Top 3 finishers in each heat will move on to the finals.

In the Men's Final, a battle will break out between Kevin and Dean, says Carbone, and Kevin ends up winning. The Women's Final will allegedly be a breeze for Rebecca Karlsson, who won't be afraid to brag a little bit about her victory.

Once everyone returns to the house, Kevin allegedly pulls Bibiana and Ashley aside to talk to them and figure out whom he should take on a date.

Bibiana tells Kevin that she would've picked him if she had won, and then Ashley allegedly flirts with Kevin.

Ashley will be uncertain about whom Kevin will choose, but she thinks she stands a chance -- until Kevin asks Bibiana out. The result? Ashley's waterworks.

Ashley has been shown in The Bachelor Winter Games commercials crying and venting, "Literally this has been the pattern for me the last two years -- friend zone central. Why does this always happen?"

Rebecca will reportedly ask Luke out on a date, but not much of their date will be featured on the show.

Back at the house, Dean and Lesley continue flirting, along with Josiah and Ally and international couple Courtney and Lily.

The only other couple fans will see emerge is Clare and Benoit, with Christian on the side. Although Christian is attracted to Clare, Benoit reportedly makes all the moves, including a kiss.

At the season's first Rose Ceremony, Carbone claims the contestants are told to write down the name of someone whom they want gone and put the piece of paper into a box.

Five people will allegedly be eliminated during the first episode, but then Jordan from New Zealand will supposedly arrive late during Episode 2 due to visa issues.

At the "Rose Ceremony," Eric Bigger, Jamey Kocan, Laura Blair, Lauren Griffin, and Zoe Tang will be ousted.

In Episode 2, sparks will reportedly begin to fly for Luke and Stassi. Dean and Lesley will also go on their first date together, Carbone writes. And in Episode 3, Kevin and Ashley will embark on a date together.

In the finale, Ashley and Kevin will reportedly be named the winners of The Bachelor Winter Games following the final ice dancing competition! There will be no prize or engagement, however.

Below is the list of bachelors and bachelorettes who will be starring on The Bachelor Winter Games:


- Ben Higgins, 29, The Bachelor Season 20 star

- Dean Unglert, 26, The Bachelorette Season 13 (Rachel Lindsay) and Bachelor in Paradise 4

- Eric Bigger, 29, The Bachelorette Season 13 (Rachel Lindsay)

- Jamey Kocan, 33, The Bachelorette Season 13 (Rachel Lindsay)

- Josiah Graham, 29, The Bachelorette Season 13 (Rachel Lindsay)

- Luke Pell, 33, The Bachelorette Season 12 (JoJo Fletcher)

- Michael Garofola, 37, The Bachelorette Season 9 (Desiree Hartsock) and Bachelor in Paradise 2

USA Women

- Ashley Iaconetti, 29, The Bachelor Season 19 (Chris Soules) and Bachelor in Paradise 2 and 3

- Bibiana Julian, 30, The Bachelor Season 22 (Arie Luyendyk Jr.)

- Clare Crawley, 36, The Bachelor Season 18 (Juan Pablo Galavis) and Bachelor in Paradise 1 and 2

- Lauren Griffin, 26, The Bachelor Season 22 (Arie Luyendyk Jr.)

- Lesley Murphy, 30, The Bachelor Season 17 (Sean Lowe)

International Men

- Benoit Beausejour-Savard, 31, The Bachelorette Season 1 - Canada

- Christian Rauch, 34, The Bachelorette Season 1 - Switzerland and Germany

- Courtney Dober, 31, The Bachelorette Season 2 - Australia

- Jordan Mauger, 34, The Bachelor Season 2 star - New Zealand

- Kevin Wendt, 33, The Bachelorette Season 1 - Canada

International Women

- Ally Thompson, 24, The Bachelor Season 3 - New Zealand

- Jenny Helenius, 34, The Bachelor Season 1 - Finland

- Laura Blair, 29, The Bachelor Season 1 - United Kingdom

- Lily McManus, 21, The Bachelor Season 3 - New Zealand

- Nastassia Yaramchuk, 26, The Bachelor Season 3 - Sweden

- Rebecca Karlsson, 26, The Bachelor Season 3 - Sweden

- Tiffany Scanlon, 31, The Bachelor Season 4 - Australia

- Yuki Kimura, 21, The Bachelor Season 1 - Japan

- Zoe Tang, 25, The Bachelor Season 1 - China
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