The Bachelor star Sean Lowe sent two bachelorettes packing and saw a third quit during last night's broadcast of the ABC reality dating series' seventeenth season.

Diana Weeks Willardson, a 31-year-old salon owner from Salt Lake City, UT, and Brooke Burchette, a 25-year-old community organizer from Pittsburgh, PA, were eliminated during the second episode's Rose Ceremony.

"This was not what I expected. Sean is a great guy. He has a lot to offer, but he's not the guy for me. I'm ready to find love. I'm ready to make memories and share life experiences with someone else, and I was open. I was excited about love, but love was just not here. It wasn't," Brooke said following her ouster.

"I'm sad to not have more time with him and to like see where it could go. You don't have a lot of free time when you're a single mom, and so, I totally put myself out there. I think Sean is great and I think that I was willing to stay and get to know him. It just wasn't enough, like I wasn't enough for him, and it's a lot to take in," Diana explained.

In addition, Katie Levans, a 27-year-old yoga instructor from Charlotte, NC, chose to leave the show because she couldn't handle The Bachelor environment.

The Bachelor's second seventeenth-season episode began with host Chris Harrison visiting Sean's remaining bachelorettes at the mansion and dropping off their first date card.

Over the course of the week, there would be two one-on-one dates and one group date with a rose up for grabs during each -- and if the bachelorettes on the one-on-one dates failed to receive a rose, they would be eliminated immediately. Sarah Herron, a 26-year-old advertising executive from Los Angeles, CA, then learned she'd be accompanying Sean on the week's first one-on-one date.

Sarah was so excited to go on her date and really believed Sean wasn't going to treat her differently just because she was missing one arm. For their one-on-one, Sean picked Sarah up in a helicopter and planned to simply enjoy her company and get to know her better.

Sarah thought the date could've been the beginning to fairytale with "a great man." Likewise, Sean thought Sarah was gorgeous, and he found it courageous how she had almost immediately addressed the elephant in the room -- meaning, her missing arm -- during their first conversation. Sean said he actually didn't need an explanation but was pleasantly surprised she offered it up willingly and confidently discussed the matter.

The couple then pulled up to a skyscraper and Sarah quickly discovered they were going to free-fall 300 feet, or 35 floors, down the side of the building. She was terrified but wanted to prove to herself she could do it. Although hesitant to jump at first, Sarah finally took the plunge while holding onto Sean and screamed all the way down. Afterward, they both felt so accomplished and were glad they experienced it together.

In the latter part of their date, they enjoyed wine atop the building, and Sarah shared a personal story of her past with Sean. She once wanted to go ziplining in Las Vegas with her father but was not allowed to so because of her "disability." She said it was one of the first times in her life someone made her feel as if she was different and couldn't do everything the average person could do -- things she was certain she could do.

At that moment, Sarah's father told her she would need a strong, comforting man down the road to get her through those difficult moments and take care of her. Sean said he is a man who could be that man to protect her. Sarah realized then and there that Sean was "the perfect guy" for her and what's on the inside mattered most to him.

Meanwhile, the other women learned who would be sharing the week's group date with Sean, sparking many mixed emotions.
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Accompanying Sean would be Kristy Kaminski, a 25-year-old model from Darien, WI; Amanda Meyer, a 26-year-old fit model from Newport Beach, CA; Brooke; Lesley Murphy, a 25-year-old political consultant from Washington, D.C.; Daniella McBride, a 24-year-old commercial casting associate from San Francisco, CA; Catherine Giudici, a 26-year-old graphic designer from Seattle, WA; and Robyn Howard, a 24-year-old oil field account manager from Houston, TX.

The other girls who were selected for the group date included: Katie; Selma Alameri, a 29-year-old real estate developer from San Diego, CA; Diana; Taryn Renee Daniels, a 30-year-old heath club manager from Troutdale, OR; Kacie Boguskie; and Tierra LiCausi, a 24-year-old leasing consultant, Denver, CO.

"I'm going on a group date with 12 other girls and it sucks because I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to meet Sean -- he's gotta kick some butt out!" Tierra said.

Back on Sean's date, Sarah told Sean she had been in one serious relationship but wanted a man with similar interests such as adventure and spontaneity. She felt Sean "embraced" her for whom she is, and she hoped to get a rose in order to develop a bigger and deeper bond with him.

"I had some pretty high expectations for today and I can't imagine having more fun that I did today, so Sarah, will you accept this rose?" Sean asked. 

Sarah accepted the rose and thanked him. They then hugged each other overlooking the city lights.

"Sarah has blown away my expectations. It's been a long time since I've gone on a first date and connected with somebody like this, so to have those feelings, those butterflies, to want that first kiss so badly -- it's such an exciting feeling and I love it," Sean explained.

The couple then shared their first kiss. 

"I always envisioned the perfect fairytale being like this. This is by far the most incredible, memorable, special date of my entire life. Sean is such an amazing guy. He's everything I ever could've imagined. It's incredible. I feel like I'm falling in love with Sean. I don't know how I got so lucky," Sarah said.

The next day, the 13 bachelorettes met up with Sean for their group date and learned they'd be posing as cover models for Harlequin Books, which are romance novels. The girl to portray the best chemistry with Sean during the photo shoot would be selected to appear on three real book covers that will be published and circulated around the United States.

While getting their makeup done, Robyn acknowledged how she didn't like Tierra's personality. She said Tierra "does a 180" when she's either around the girls or alone with Sean, calling her fake.

During the photo shoot, Lesley M. got a little kiss on Sean's lips and the other girls were watching the action green with envy, especially Tierra, who planned to be aggressive with Sean.

"My personality, I'm very outgoing and I'm very bubbly, and I think that he'll see that. Trust me, I'm smart," Tierra told the cameras.

"I'm the kind of girl that I get right to the point. I wouldn't mind if all the girls go home. Let's go. Time's ticking. Everyone's fighting for that one rose. I have to win this. It's important for me to just focus on Sean and take advantage of the time I have with him... I feel like this isn't a competition. I'm not going to let any girl stop me from getting that rose."

Kristy felt in her element because she's a professional model, and she ended up winning the three-book cover deal. Tierra said she was fine with it because she wasn't on the show to play dress up, she was there to show Sean who she is.

Afterward, Sean and his 13 bachelorettes enjoyed a little pool party. He first talked to Lesley M. and asked her why she went on the show. Lesley said she wanted to find love and she was hopeful for that. Sean appreciated her honesty and felt they had connected during the photo shoot.

However, every time Sean felt the moment was right to attempt to kiss her, Lesley would get nervous and start talking about insignificant things. Sean admitted that Lesley's odd, sweet behavior actually made him like her even more.

After their conversation, Lesley regretted not sealing the deal with a kiss. She wished she had went for it, but she said she's a traditional southern girl and typically likes the man to make the first move. Afterward, Sean had a conversation with Kristy, but Lesley interrupted and just wanted to "go for it." Lesley then kissed him and felt she had definitely made her presence known. After the short kiss, Lesley was glad she left Sean wanting more.

Kacie then pulled Sean aside and hoped to make a strong impression on him. Sean said he had previously thought Kacie only saw him as a friend, and then Kacie explained her feelings for him caught her off-guard. She said when they had hung out together before, he treated her like a lady and seemed genuine, so she developed a crush on him.

Sean acknowledged he was glad she took a chance by going on the show and wanted to explore whatever they had going on between them. Sean said they had a lot more to learn about each other although he was clearly a bit hesitant.

After Catherine and Selma got a little alone time with Sean, many bachelorettes were noticing Tierra was being anti-social and moping around. They would try to include her in their discussions but she obviously wasn't interested and preferred keeping her distance.

Once Tierra got her time with Sean, he pointed out that she seemed "bothered" during the photo shoot. Tierra admitted she was guarded that day because it was difficult for her to pursue a guy who's wanted by 25 other girls. Sean understood but then reminded her that he was looking for a girl who's sweet, sincere and has a good heart -- all qualities he saw in her.

Sean then told Tierra that he really liked her and wanted to spend more time with her. She really felt a connection between them and continued wanting the group date's rose badly.

Meanwhile, another date card arrived at the mansion and Desiree Hartsock, a 26-year-old bridal stylist from Los Angeles, CA, learned she'd be going on the week's second one-on-one date with Sean. Several girls knew they wouldn't be getting a date that week, and it was hard for them to take in.

Back on Sean's date, Katie said she felt "excessively uncomfortable" competing for one guy. She felt like the "odd duck" who just didn't fit in, and Kacie was hoping she'd just leave because she clearly didn't want to be there. Katie then talked to Sean and said she wasn't adjusting very well to the environment. She explained it wasn't the right setting for her and she truly felt like she needed to go home.

"Katie's a very sweet girl and she's easy to be around, but she seemed pretty positive that it was not for her and she's ready to go home. And so, I've said from the very beginning that it's a two-way street and I really mean that," Sean said. "Watching Katie leave tonight has just reminded me that this experience is not going to be easy."

Afterward Katie left, Sean decided to give the group date's rose to Kacie.

"One conversation actually stuck out for a number of reasons. It's not easy going through this and it's certainly not easy going through this twice. It took a lot of courage for Kacie to come out here again, so Kacie, will you accept this rose?" Sean asked.

Kacie was thrilled and felt great because she knew she had been taken out of the "friend zone." She said she wasn't going to quit and envisioned herself going all the way to the end with Sean.

After watching Kacie receive the rose, Tierra said, "I wanted to punch her."

The next night, Sean embarked on his one-on-one date with Desiree. He planned to play a prank on her at an art gallery, curious to see how she would react because he was looking for a girl with a strong sense of humor. Chris Harrison told Sean one $1.5 million piece of art was going to come crashing down -- although it was really only worth a few bucks -- while Desiree was alone in the room, leading her believe it was her fault.

Sean was excited for his date because he thought Desiree was sweet and personable and liked her right off the bat, but as the night progressed, he was beginning to feel guilty about the prank because he thought she was such a sweetheart. While Sean was watching the hidden cameras in the gallery, he was laughing but noted how "messed up" the prank was.

When the artwork smashed into pieces on the floor, Desiree had a huge awkward smile on her face and kept repeating, "I didn't touch it" when producers and the "artist" of the piece questioned her about whether she was responsible for the accident. Sean said she was a good sport and handled the situation well.

Later that night, the couple ate steak at Sean's place. He cooked for her and said he felt natural and comfortable with her. They discussed their families and how their parents' love and marriages were very similar to one another. The pair agreed they wanted to end up with a wife or husband who's also a best friend, and Sean admitted he was really feeling her and thought they truly could be a match.

The couple then sat in a hottub and drank wine. Desiree said it would be amazing to fall in love, while Sean told her that he was looking forward to providing and being a rock for someone. He explained that Desiree was managing to bring out a side of him that any of the other girls had yet to see.

"You honestly have every quality that I'm looking for and I'm really excited about where this is going, so Des, would you accept this rose?" Sean asked her after gushing about their bond.

Desiree paused to play a little prank on Sean as payback for what he did to her earlier in the day. She acted as if she really had to think about whether he wanted to accept the rose, but after calling his prank "rude" and laughing, she dropped the act and happily said "of course."

The couple then kissed in the pool, and Sean said their chemistry was "undeniable" with sparks flying. He loved how comfortable she was in her own skin, as she wasn't afraid to be goofy or weird or sarcastic.

"I could see myself being with Des and I could see myself marrying someone like Des. Right now, I see every quality that I would look for in a wife and a best friend," Sean noted.

The following night, the cocktail party preceding the Rose Ceremony took place, so each of the bachelorettes would have one last chance to snag some personal time with Sean. The girls who didn't get time with him were desperate to see and talk to him, while all the women without a rose were "on edge."

Sean said he knew the two women he was sending home, simply because he couldn't see developing longterm relationships with them. Sean explained he wasn't thinking about fun girls to date, he was looking for a life partner. Lindsay Yenter, a 24-year-old substitute teacher from Fort Leonard Wood, MO, got to talk to Sean about her family. Her father is a general in the army and she said her parents are very much in love.

Sean liked seeing that other surprising side of Lindsay, as he had only gotten to know the silly, goofy Lindsay the first night. After noticing how Catherine had an "infectious personality," Sean quickly realized most of the girls had all the qualities he was looking for in a wife. He found himself liking each girl he spoke with and couldn't believe how great his group of bachelorettes was.

During the night, Amanda was acting strange, leading the girls to believe she was "weird" and wasn't trying to make friends. Lesley M. said Amanda had a "darker kind of energy" about her.

Afterward, Robyn pulled Sean aside and wanted to know what he desired in a girl and how her black race would play a role in that. Robyn told Sean it was obvious the season's cast was more diverse, and she asked him if he was physically attracted to black women. Sean was glad she brought the matter up and said he actually physically didn't have a type. He just wanted to find a sweet, intelligent and funny woman. 

Sean insisted that what a girl looks like just doesn't matter, as he has dated Hispanic, Persian and black women prior to appearing on The Bachelor. Robyn felt good about their talk, and Sean told her that he wished it could've gone on longer.

Meanwhile, Amanda was still a topic of concern for many of the bachelorettes. Leslie Hughes, a 29-year-old poker dealer from Los Angeles, CA, for example, didn't think Amanda was right for Sean and that she was on the show for the wrong reasons. Catherine said she was constantly "sneering" and making people uncomfortable.

"[Amanda]'s just trying to put on a face that he will like. He deserves way better, way better," Desiree said.

The Bachelor's second Rose Ceremony then commenced, and Sean told the bachelorettes that he knew he'd be capable of finding his wife in the room.

Besides Sarah, Kacie and Desiree, Sean gave roses to AshLee Frazier, a 32-year-old personal organizer from Houston, TX; Lindsay; Robyn; Jackie Parr, a 25-year-old cosmetics consultant from Boynton Beach, FL; Lesley M.; Selma; Catherine; Kristy; Leslie H.; Tierra; Taryn; Daniella; and Amanda -- eliminating Diana and Brooke.

On Diana's way out, Sean told her that he didn't think it was fair to keep her away from her daughters if he didn't see things between them lasting longterm.
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