The Bachelor star Chris Soules cut Britt Nilsson, Carly Waddell and Jade Roper during Monday night's episode of the ABC reality dating series' nineteenth season.

Chris ousted Britt, a 27-year-old waitress from Hollywood, CA, before the episode's first Rose Ceremony following her outburst about not getting the prior group date's rose. Britt had planned to quit anyway.

Chris then sent home Carly, a 29-year-old cruise ship singer from Arlington, TX, at the Rose Ceremony before hometown dates when determining his Final 4 bachelorettes.

"My heart feels completely broken. I did want my family to see me happy, but now they won't," Carly said following her ouster.

"I'm just going to be really sad again, like I used to. So, what's new? I think I deserve someone who just freaking loves me for all of me and freaking wants me. Why is it so hard to want me? Why? I just don't understand. Like, what's wrong with me? I always end up in the exact same place. It's hard to imagine love's real at all, and then you feel like you're falling into it, and then it just picks you back up and throws you out."

The Bachelor subsequently eliminated Jade, a 28-year-old cosmetics developer from Los Angeles, CA, after he went to her hometown and met his family. Jade was sent home during Monday night's second Rose Ceremony. Her exit marked the first time viewers have seen Chris truly break down and cry.

"Now it just really hurts because I was falling in love with Chris and I just didn't see this coming," Jade said after hugging Chris goodbye. "I feel like I opened up as much as I could at the pace I could, and I really, really did have feelings for him. Yeah, my heart is broken."

The Bachelor episode began with Becca Tilley, a 25-year-old chiropractic assistant from San Diego, CA, receiving a one-on-one date with Chris. It was a comfortable, low-key date. He wanted her to open up and be herself, so he brought her to the house he was staying at in Des Moines, Iowa to talk and relax. Chris said his relationship felt real with her even though she liked taking things slow.

Becca revealed to the Bachelor she had never fallen in love before despite being on and off with her ex-boyfriend of four years. Chris was surprised, but Becca explained she didn't see him as her husband and future father of her kids. At this point in the season, Becca wouldn't have been ready to accept a marriage proposal from Chris. However, she really liked him and wanted him to meet her family. 

Meanwhile, Britt told the girls at their hotel she had packed up her stuff and planned to leave to go home before the next Rose Ceremony. The bachelorettes were confused how one rose could change her feelings for Chris and the strong connection they had, as she was upset Kaitlyn Bristowe, a 29-year-old dance instructor from Vancouver, BC, had received the previous group date's rose. Britt tried to explain there was more to it than that. She didn't feel Chris was the man she'd be ready to introduce to her father.

Britt flip-flopped a little in telling the girls whether or not Chris could change her mind and convince her to stay. Therefore, they all agreed that Britt wanted attention and for Chris to beg her to stay. Britt needed to feel like Chris' No. 1 at all times, which is nearly impossible in The Bachelor process. All the girls felt vulnerable and were frustrated with how Britt believed her feelings were more important.

Britt cried at the bachelorettes' accusations but still intended to reveal to Chris her heart wasn't in the right place.

Chris Harrison then entered the scene and revealed there was not going to be a cocktail party. The Bachelor had clarity and knew exactly whom he wanted to send home. Britt's mouth dropped open and she was forced to interrupt Chris' speech before he started handing out roses at the next ceremony. Carly worried Britt was going to manipulate Chris, however, he had already made his mind up about her.
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In her talk with Chris, Britt apologized for her behavior the other night on the group date and then asked if Chris wanted to say anything. Chris said it was hard and she had put him in a tough position, making him question things. Chris then shared with her how girls in the house had feared Britt wasn't being honest and real with him at all times, especially in regards to her excitement about moving to Arlington. Britt denied lying and automatically assumed Carly was the person behind such speculation.

Chris then went on to say that Britt had disrespected him and everyone around him, which was not something he'd want in his future wife.

"I'll walk you out," Chris told Britt immediately after making that comment.

Britt hugged the Bachelor and insisted everything she had told him was true and genuine. She bawled on her way out and clearly had a difficult time handling her elimination. Carly said she didn't feel bad for Britt at all, and Britt was confused because she thought Carly had been her friend in the house. Britt was "surprised" because she had really trusted Carly.

Chris then returned to his remaining bachelorettes and explained something had been missing with Britt and he didn't know if he could trust her. He thanked the girls for warning him because there were obviously red flags he had been worried about. 

The Rose Ceremony then commenced and Chris handed out roses to Whitney Bischoff, a 29-year-old fertility nurse from Chicago, IL, Becca and Jade Roper. Kaitlyn already had a rose from the group date.

As a result, Carly was sent home.

Chris then met Becca in her hometown of Shreveport, LA. She couldn't get Chris off her mind, which was a great yet scary feeling. This marked the first time Becca ever brought a man home and her family knew she's a virgin. Becca could only see their relationship progressing. For their date, they went out in a canoe on a lake and then he met her dad Chris, mom Nancy, older sister Katie and Katie's husband Jacob.

Chris felt close to home but also a lot of pressure since he was the first guy Becca had ever taken home. Becca's sister revealed to Chris that Becca is not an intimate person by any means and she's never had the urge to be close to a man. Nancy was even taken aback by how Becca was holding Chris' hand and kissing him. She told him that he can't do those things with any of the other girls because they were special to Becca.

Becca then told her sister that if Chris wasn't okay with her virginity, he wasn't for her. However, Chris had yet to find out this news. Chris then spoke to Becca's mom, who was protective of her daughter and didn't want her heart to get broken. Chris had serious feelings for Becca and said it would be great to be the guy she's been waiting for.

As they said goodbye to one another, Chris told her that she was coming with him. He brought Becca to a Ferris wheel, and they took a romantic ride together and kissed the entire time. Becca felt the rush of love and all the little butterflies. She was starting to feel real love for him.

Chris was off to Chicago, IL, next for Whitney's hometown date. She had no doubt in her mind that she's in love with Chris, and she planned to tell him that. For their date, Whitney brought Chris to her work and they "made a baby" together. The fertility nurse showed Chris how accomplished she is and passionate about her job. Whitney also played a prank on Chris, and he loved how she could joke around and be unpredictable.

He then met Whitney's family. Chris asked Whitney whom he should get a proposal blessing from since she has no parents, and Whitney said her sister Kimberly. Chris was also introduced to Whitney's brother-in-law Matt, uncle Johnny and grandmother she calls Mama. Johnny told Chris that Whitney was strong and vulnerable and Chris admired that. Whitney told her sister her feelings were real and she had no doubt she'd want to get engaged at the end of her journey.

Whitney's sister was protective and skeptical, and Whitney didn't want her to ruin anything for her. Kimberly was also concerned about Whitney moving away to such a small, isolated town in Iowa. Kimberly insisted she couldn't give Chris her blessing to propose with three other girls still in the picture. Chris was taken aback by this, but Kimberly told the Bachelor to call her when he was certain Whitney was absolutely "the one" for him. Chris respected that.

Whitney then shared a very expensive bottle of wine with Chris, saying that when she bought it, she promised herself she'd drink it with the man she's going to marry. Chris was very flattered and then Whitney broke down into tears and told the Bachelor exactly how she felt.

"I really have genuine -- these feelings that are just real and right. And I have absolutely fallen in love with you 100%. Absolutely," Whitney cried before hugging Chris.

Chris said it felt incredible to know he had Whitney's love. She pictured herself engaged to this man and living in Arlington, and she had a sense of peace.

Chris then took off for Phoenix, AZ, where Kaitlyn's Canadian family spent their winters. She brought him to a recording studio where they wrote and performed a rap together. Kaitlyn's feelings for Chris surprised her every time she saw him. She could definitely picture her life with him and couldn't wait to dive deeper into her emotions with him.

Chris was then greeted by Kaitlyn's mom Lesley, stepdad Rob, father Mike, stepmom Cathy and sister Haley. Kaitlyn apparently had her heart broken before, so her family was worried that might happen again. Kaitlyn clearly liked Chris a lot and was really excited about him. She even said she was close to the feelings of being in love. Kaitlyn's mom called Chris "a standup guy" and could see a light in her daughter's eyes when she talked about him.

Kaitlyn still had a wall up, but she no longer wanted to hold back. She felt a strong connection with Chris and opted to simply embrace her feelings. At the end of their date, Kaitlyn surprised Chris with a sign lit up that read "Kaitlyn <3 Chris." Chris said the billboard was representative of how Kaitlyn was finally opening up to him.

Gering, Nebraska was Chris' next stop to visit Jade and meet her family. Jade felt like she was falling in love with Chris, but she was nervous because she still had a secret to share with him -- news that had ruined previous relationships for her.

Chris went on to meet Jade's dad Laren and his fiancee Tanya, brothers Zach and Briley, and mom Kim. Chris brought a letter jacket for Jade from his high school, and she noted that Chris was the nicest guy she had ever met. Jade didn't want her family to tell Chris about her nude modeling for Playboy before she got the chance.

Chris told Jade's family how he appreciated her small-town values and definitely had strong feelings for her. Chris actually admitted he was falling in love with Jade "no doubt" when her family asked.

Jade's dad told Chris that former boyfriends couldn't handle her. He hinted there was a side to Jade that Chris had yet to see. Jade's brother also called Jade "a wild mustang and free spirit." He discussed how it might be hard for Jade to live in such a small town considering her modeling career, but she saw herself settling down at some point.

The conversation opened Chris' eyes, because he thought Jade was just shy and quiet. Laren wanted a man for her daughter who could really tune into who she is and wouldn't put her down for being herself, because she deserved that. Jade was afraid to be rejected and told her father that The Bachelor process had changed her.

When Jade got some alone time with Chris in his hotel after their great day together, she told him that she had always lived by her own rules and had a past posing for Playboy. She had a liberating time in her life when she said "yes" to all new experiences -- even if they were out of her comfort zone. If he didn't want to be with her because of those photos, Jade confessed she'd be absolutely "devastated." She was scared Chris would judge her and then change his opinion about her.

Jade awkwardly asked Chris if he wanted to look at her pictures, and he hesitated but accepted her offer out of curiosity. She also acted proud of them. Chris did not see this coming. He felt it was inappropriate at times and would giggle due to being uncomfortable. He wasn't sure whether to look or not look at the photos and video on the Internet. He was speechless and shocked because Jade had come across so innocent.

Chris then assured Jade that he liked her for who she is and something in her past wouldn't make him look differently at her. He told Jade not to feel bad about any of it because she's a beautiful woman and it wouldn't affect their relationship. Chris still respected her and was looking to fall in love with a person -- not her past she may not be proud of. Chris' genuine feelings for Jade were confirmed that day and she was equally as thrilled. She felt unbelievably relieved.

"After today, I do feel like I'm in love with him," Jade told the cameras.

"I saw her out of her shell -- completely out of her shell. I can see how much weight Jade has on her shoulders that she has these nude photos out there and she's concerned about how I feel," said Chris, who had been waiting to see a more wild side from the bachelorette.

"It's important for her to know that I don't consider this a dealbreaker. It doesn't mean that she can't be an incredible mother and an incredible wife. Yeah, it's something she'll have to deal with and if I marry her, I'd have to deal with it, especially in conservative Iowa, you know? There are some pretty conservative people that I work with and know and love. It will definitely create some challenges, but if she's my soul mate, I will stand by her no matter what's out there, no matter what happens without question."

After hometown dates, Chris announced to his bachelorettes it was the toughest night of his entire life.

Chris then handed out roses to Whitney, Kaitlyn and Becca. Jade kept a straight face as Chris hugged her and walked her out. He apologized for hurting her and insisted his decision had absolutely nothing to do with Playboy. He called her an amazing person and noted that his other relationships were just moving faster. Jade didn't know what to say and then started to cry.

As Jade departed, Chris cried and second guessed himself. He worried that he could've made the biggest mistake of his life. Chris didn't know if he was making the right decision; He was just making the decision that felt right at that point.

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