The Bachelor star Ben Higgins has justified his desire to keep Lace Morris around in light of criticism he's making a big mistake.

"I know Lace and my decision to keep Lace has been the subject of a lot of discussion, but I saw in my conversations with her what a sweet and sincere woman she seemed to be. So despite some hiccups on night one, I viewed this as a new day and a fresh start with Lace," Higgins wrote in his People blog.

Viewers have basically been watching a trainwreck on television. Morris is always crying, swearing and complaining about how she doesn't get enough time with Higgins and therefore isn't able to show the Bachelor her true self. On Night 1 of the show, Morris called Higgins out for not making enough eye contact with her during the Rose Ceremony.

"I know everyone will want to talk about Lace. I didn't know that she was upsetting the other women as much as she was, and I get people criticizing her for being overly aggressive. I mean, she is a bit aggressive," Higgins began.

"But I think what a lot of people don't think about is that, from my perspective (and remember, I am not seeing her interactions with the other women until I am watching it on TV, just like you), she is also showing me that she really cares -- that she is not just here for a good time or a party, but that she is seriously interested in me and wants to make progressing our relationship a priority. I have a really hard time getting upset about that."

While The Bachelor viewers have seen countless red flags when it comes to Morris' behavior and dating approach, the Bachelor really only noticed one.

During the season's first group date at a high school, Morris and Jubilee Sharpe teamed up for a set of classes but they performed terribly together. Sharpe blamed Morris for their lack of success.

"I wanted the girls on teams so I can see how they work together, as teamwork is required in any relationship. Lace and Jubilee's struggles concerned me. They really seemed to be having a hard time coming together, and while I didn't want to put too much stock in it, it was definitely something I thought I should keep an eye on moving forward," Higgins admitted in his blog.

The next The Bachelor episode airs Monday, January 18 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.